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"Take another drink of water you might go dry." he told her as he gave her a bottle of water and she happily accepted. The two were in the forest taking having a picnic together and Gaara was currently teaching her how to scream. She told him that she wanted to learn because during the contest she had not seen any girl scream only sing so she had thought that it would add points in their score if the judges heard her scream. She drunk the water and then leaned down on the blanket they had brought; surprisingly it was a nice day in Kohona it was neither windy or super cold which shocked her because she was getting used to the cold. It was warm enough to wear a long sleeved shirt over a jacket and still be extra Suna warm. Gaara followed her and laid next to her after moving their basket out of the way. He took her hand in his and looked up at the sky enjoying the bright blueness it had.

"I can't believe that we made it to the fourth round, but most of the songs we played are old ones." she finally said as she turned on her side to look at Gaara. One thing Hinata had noticed about her boyfriend was that he always thought about different possibilities for any situation and then he would speak about it once the thought process was gone.

"We should be finished with the one we are working on now and everyone memorized their parts so we could practice at the studio."He replied, each of the bands had a studio assigned for each genre of music. During their three week stay in Kohona they still haven't been to the studio and they haven't met any other bands either. Alive was a close knitted group that never really enjoyed talking to people so they all decided to just stay in their apartment that Itachi had given to the bands that are still in the contest that were from great distances like Suna.

"We can practice after Nejis date!" Hinata said as she gave a small giggle. During their last show Tenten had actually showed up and everyone was surprised she did. After the show the two started talking and with Hinata's help they agreed to go on a date on Tenten's day off which was today. Hinata was jumping for joy because she thought that the two brunettes were actually cute together. Hinata's next mission was to find Kankuro a girlfriend.

"How about we start to write a new song?" Gaara asked as he sat up from the ground and crossed his legs grabbing his guitar that was set in the grass. He propped it up on his lap and started plucking strings to warm up. Hinata followed his actions and sat up crossing her legs sitting parallel to her boyfriend.

"I'm still trying to find lyrics so if you want you can add what you want. I came up with the melody when I was thinking about my mom, but the words aren't coming to me yet." he said as he started to play the song, Hinata clearly enjoying the tune it gave out. He then started to sing, Hinata closed her eyes and loved how Gaaras voice was low and calming when it needed to be and she had to agree with everyone Gaaras voice did compliment her own voice perfectly.

"I believe its time for me to move forward. So this time I'll make you proud, proud of who you raised up. Come back, so I can say thank you for this." he sang softly skipping some parts because they didn't have any lyrics yet.

"I hope, I hope you smile as you look down on me, I hope you smile." She added softly as Gaara stopped playing and looked at his girlfriend. He then wrote her line in his leather bound book he had brought just in case she did a miracle like she just did. He smiled and they continued to sing together occasionally adding lyrics here and there.

Sasuke was currently in his living room laying down on the couch, the band had decided that today would be their lazy day meaning that they kept away from everyone so he decided to stay home and do nothing. He guessed that Naruto was with his parents eating ramen or something; Sakura was finishing up on her homework and Sai was probably out painting god knows where. His father had gone to the office and Itachi was currently planning the next round with his colleges. It was just him and his mom today which he was perfectly fine with because he was a mommas boy after all. Mikoto then walked into the living room and watched her son as he was looking at his phone.

"Sasuke, do you want to go to the store with me?" the Uchiha female asked Sasuke who just looked up from his phone and nodded.

"Sounds fun, I'll go get my shoes." he said as he walked up to his room to get his shoes and socks. Sasuke had realized that he hasn't spent time with his mother ever since the battle of the bands started and it was bugging him because he would talk to her every day about whatever he did that day so he decided to go with her to the store and maybe help out with dinner. They then started to walk to the store which wasn't that far, he had to say that his mom looked very beautiful and was happy that she was his mother. Her eyes were black and her hair was long and shiny perfectly framing her flawless face which was quite surprising due to her working as a police officer for fifteen years. For a forty three year old his mom did not look like her age.

"So hows everything going?" She asked her son as they continued on their journey to the grocery store.

"Its fine, we made it to the fourth round and we should be having our show on Thursday. That should go well because we actually came up with some new songs that Sakura wrote." he replied as the made it into the store. Mikoto grabbed a cart and started to push it as they went into the produce section.

"Go and get some tomatoes, Okka, Nori, and Cabbage. I'll be in the meat section okay?" Mikoto told her son as she pointed at the produce. Sasuke nodded as she pushed her cart to the meat section a few isles away. Sasuke quickly grabbed what was told taking his time on getting the tomatoes, because he wanted each one to be perfect because he knew that they were meant for him. He realized that the okka was no where to be seen so he decided to continue to find his mother and find it later. Sasukes phone buzzed in his pocket and he quickly got it out holding the rest of the items in his left hand. It was Sakura.

Naurto wants to have a band meeting later, just thought I'd let you know because he forgot to include you in the group message. He read as he looked down the isle next to him, but his mom was no where to be seen. With his thumb he decided to message her back.

Thanks for letting me kno. Im guessing at his house? I'll head over there after dinner. Sasuke replied the placed it back in his pocket going to the next isle he went down it only to find the okka, he grabbed the biggest bag and continued to find his mother.

"Oh! Its nice to see you again!" He heard his mother say and paused, probably for a hug or something, cooly he walked over to his mother not really caring about the person she was interacting with, probably one of her old co-workers. His phone buzzed again as he took it out of his picket only to find that Naruto texted him about the band meeting that evening.

"Mom, I couldn't find the nori." he proclaimed out loud only to look up from his phone to see the lovely and beautiful Hinata in his eyes with a very bored Gaara.

After an hour the couple had gotten a text message from Temari, telling them both to go get some ingredients for a pot roast she would be cooking for dinner. They had agreed and headed to the supermarket closest to their apartment. The two walked hand in hand with Gaara holding his guitar on his shoulder and the empty picnic basket with his free hand. Once in the store they headed straight towards the meat section for the roast; a woman with dark hair came towards both of them and gave Hinata a hug causing them both to let go of each others grasp.

"Its nice to see you again" the woman exclaimed as she gave the Hyuuga a hug. Hinata was blushing bright red, but still managed to give the strange woman a hug.

"Mom, I couldn't find the nori." another voice came out only to reveal that it was Ssuke Uchiha. Gaara glared at the male before him and vise versa.

"Nice to see you too, Mikoto." Hinata said softly, who was quite embarrassed with the encounter. Mikoto then looked at Gaara with a wondering eye and Hinata grabbed his hand once again to show that they were together. Gaara smirked at Sasuke just as Hinata grabbed his hand.

"Grocery shopping as well? How do you like Kohona? Its much different from Suna isn't it? Did you make it to the fourth round too?" She said trying to get her son and the red head male to stop glaring at each other.

"Yes, It is nice. Neji almost freezed the first week we were here. Its different, but I think we could handle it until it is due for us to leave. Actually, we did; we are actually on the process of finishing a song and writing one." she said quietly to the older woman.

"Hello I'm Mikoto, this brat is my son, Sasuke!" Sasuke's mother said as she hit her son on the back of the head allowing the two boys to stop glaring and the other with a mild headache. Although, Gaara hated Sasuke, he couldn't be rude to the nice woman who obviously knew Hinata.

"I am Gaara, meet you Mikoto-san and Sasuke and I have met already." Gaara said as he gave her a polite bow. Mikoto was astonished to be talking to such a polite male; she blushed a little. Her son glared at her then rolled his eyes and continued his glare at the man in front of him. Hinata looked at her watch and gasped.

"Ah, Um, Mikoto, I'm sorry to keep our meeting short, but we are late. We were both suppose to bring food to our friend and we are late. We have to go, if we don't give that to her she will kill us." Hinata said quickly as Gaara nodded assuring the older woman.

"Aw really? Well, make sure to tell Neji and Shikamaru that I said hi and I still think about them. And make sure that you all come over for dinner sometime, I'll make sure Itachi will call you for dinner sometime." The older woman said as Hinata nodded and they continued to walk down the isle to find ingredients for Temari. Hinata was relieved to leave; not because she saw Mikoto, but because she still felt weird around Sasuke, after four rounds she finally seen him. He still gave her the same look ever since he'd left; even though, it he was glaring at Gaara most of the time. Hinata shook it off and smiled at Gaara because he was the one she was with and she knew she couldn't bother her mind about Sasuke. Maybe, just maybe she would take up Mikoto's offer. Once getting Temaris stuff and to the apartment; the two were able hang out and work on the song. Most of the song involved screaming, but with the help of Gaara they some how created chorus which they both liked.

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