Yet another writing prompt! I haven't done a short story about LyraxSilver yet, so it is time! This one has a sad feel to it, and is a little intense. The prompt this time is;

'You hide, but nobody seeks. Instead they leave you alone in the woods'

Hope you like it! I tweaked with the wording a bit in the actual story!

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"Champion Lyra, what's your take on this new development?"

"Miss Kotone, do you agree with the coming election?"

"Do you plan on trying to stop the vote, Champion Lyra?"

"Champion Lyra!"

"Miss Kotone!"

"Lyra Kotone!"

I sighed heavily, the bags under my eyes so prominent I could practically feel them, "I'm sorry, I'm not answering questions right now. If you would please come to one of my press mee-"

I took a step backwards by default as the paparazzi pressed forward, microphones forcefully shoved into my face and another barrage of questions assaulting my senses.

"Who do you plan on voting for, Miss Kotone?"

"Champion Lyra, rumours have been spreading that you are avoiding public?"

"What's your current relationship with the president, Ethan?"

I gaped like a fish at the last question, before stepping backwards into my house and forcefully slamming the door in the reporters faces. Muffled shouts came from behind the door, but I just turned around, grabbed a remote off the table and turned up my music, my head pounding insistently.

It was the first election for the President of Johto since I'd become champion, and it had proven that being champion meant that I could sway the whole vote, just with my say. For the last six weeks I'd been peppered with questions wherever I went and hadn't had a minute of privacy except when I was in my house, and even then I had to keep my curtains drawn.

I slowly walked down the long hallway of my house. When I'd become the champion I'd been provided with a mansion, with so many rooms I didn't even know what to do with them. Stepping into the beautiful bathroom, the porcelain tiles cold against my feet, I stopped in front of my mirror and stared at my reflection.

To put it simply, I looked more tired than I ever had. The bags under my eyes were worse than last time, I couldn't get any sleep lately because the televisions kept automatically turning on when there was a new development in the election. My skin was ghostly pale, any complexion I had once had having drained away from worry over Ethan. My hair was messy and limp, the brown locks falling just a little ways past my shoulders now and pulled back into a messy bun.

Where did that carefree little girl of ten go? I can't even picture my old pigtails.

After splashing some chilling water on my face I stepped back out of the bathroom, adjusting my dress pants and blouse, each perfectly pressed. At my door sat a little pair of black high heels to match my clothing. The only color on me was a bright tulip, pinned just above my left breast and over my heart. I was constantly expected to look perfect and ready to face the world.

Walking slowly down the hallway, I took a left, into my room. It held a childish quality, with my old outfit hanging on the wall and my hat plumped up on the edge of a chair. My six pokeballs were lined up in a row on my desk, but I knew for a fact that they were all empty. Kris had come and taken them out to Kanto for a little vacation.

That was the one good thing about the election. No challengers. A new champion at this critical point in time would throw the whole vote into disarray. I knew that my pokemon were as glad for the break as I was, but I couldn't help feeling lonely without their familiar company, especially Meganiums'.

For a moment my hand hovered over the phone. I was tempted to call my mother and unload my problems on her, but I knew that she was busy. Since Kris had gone to Kanto, mom had been left with the toddler for the week. Mom loved her, but I knew that the toddler was time consuming and constantly looked for attention. No more free times for anyone when she was around.

Sighing loudly to try and fill up the silence, I turned and went over to my desk, pulling the twin sticks out of my hair, letting my hair fall loose and free around my shoulders. Then, grabbing two elastics I pulled my hair into two ponytails, before plopping my hat over both. Looking up and into the body sized mirror in my room, I could almost see that ten year old girl. It was a good feeling.

Turning around, I walked out of my room, slowly moving down that hallway again. The champions' mansion consisted of one long hallway, then rooms leading in to other places on either sides. There were two kitchens, seven bedrooms, a gym, a battle arena, a living room, a baby room, six bathrooms, a little tiny pokemon center and then a flight of stairs that lead up onto the open roof.

Glancing back towards the main room of the Mansion, I could just barely make out the shapes of the paparazzi silhouetted around my curtains, probably trying to peek inside and get an idea of what I was doing. Crossing my arms, I turned and walked towards the end of the hallway, slipping on a pair of sandals that sat at the bottom of the steps, then up the stairs and onto the roof top.

The wind blew my pigtails back, the hair at the end tickling my chin. Pidgey flew overhead, crying loudly, but I wasn't here to enjoy the scenery. I just… needed to get away without being followed. Walking to the far edge of the roof, I peered over the side and down the fire escape, before swinging my legs over it ease. All the years of walking and climbing up mountains had paid off.

My sandaled feet slapped against asphalt as I reached the ground. I glanced to my right and left, making sure no one reporters had decided to sneak around the side of my home, before moving with long legged strides towards the bushes on the other side of the road. I tried not to rush, but in the end I found myself sprinting into the trees and into the only reprieve I could find.

It wasn't the first time I'd disappeared into the woods behind my mansion. No one went into them because of the strong pokemon that roamed around, but they never bothered me. Probably because I'd beaten the shit out of a few of them with my Meganium if they tried to bother me.

Leaping over branches and fallen trees, I followed a discreet and faint trail deeper into the trees, my arms crossed over my chest and my head ducked. My pigtails kept catching on branches, catching and pulling roughly, but I didn't let that stop me.

The clearing opened up before me and like always, it was just as pretty as I had thought from the beginning. Standing in the knee length grass, I took a moment to just close my eyes, listen to the noises of Pidgeys in the trees and just breathe. There were no reporters out here, no televisions to interrupt my peace, no paparazzi harassing my every move.

Moving into the very middle of the clearing, I slowly sunk down into the long grass, the stems tickling my bare arms. Leaning back, I fell onto the grass, effectively squishing a few flowers. I'm sure I looked like a mess, my face covered in tiny little scratches, my hairs filled with twigs and my clothing smudged with dirt, but I just didn't care. It's not like anyone was going to be taking pictures of me anyway!

I don't know how long I laid there. I revelled in the peace and quiet of this empty little forest. If I listened had enough, I could still make out the sounds of civilization, but it was nothing more than a quiet buzz in the back ground, not even worth my attention.

I hide, but nobody seeks. Instead they leave me alone in the woods.

And it was the best part of my life.

I would have stayed like that forever, just leaning back and enjoying the purity of nature, but something had to interrupt me.


I flinched, because the noise was close, practically right beside my ear. Slowly, trying not to make any swishing noises with my clothes or snap any twigs, I sat up, looking to my left wearily, where the sound had come from. While it was peaceful out here, there was pokemon and I had to be careful if something potentially dangerous came out of the bushes. For a moment my heart fluttered in fear, but I took deep calming breaths, scanning the forest rationally.


I flinched again, glaring into the shadows of the trees. The pokemon that lived around here didn't usually make that much noise. There was mostly normal and bug types in these forests, and while some of them could get pretty big, most of them were stealthy. Unless a rock or dragon type had wandered over from Blackthorn Town, then it must have been a pretty clumsy pokemon... or a human.

Was there any chance that someone was exploring the forest?

I'd never actually had that problem out here before and as I slowly rose to my feet I could help feeling anxious. If I got caught back here, it would surely end up in the news and then there'd be a bunch of trainers flocking here to try and get a glimpse of their recently elusive champion, all of them hungry for a battle. My best bet was to just head back the way I'd came, making no noise at all...

I slowly began sneaking across the clearing, not moving very fast because my eyes were trained on the ground, trying not to step on anything that could possibly cause a noise. I was doing pretty well, actually! As a kid, I'd been quite the klutz and there'd been no such thing as stealth. I'd gone stomping through every bush I could find, making as much of a racket as I could. Back then I'd blamed it on my desire to flush out pokemon to try and battle, but now I could see that it was just me being a clumsy kid.

I took the last step towards the path, letting out a silent breath. Once I was on the faint path, it would be easy going.


I jumped about a foot in the air, my hand flying up to my throat in shock as I spun around, eyes going wide as moons. It wasn't very often that I heard my name accompanied without the 'Champion' or 'Miss', but as I laid eyes on the person standing on the edge of my clearing, I relaxed, letting my face fall into an easy and open smile.


It seemed like forever since I'd last seen Silver and as he slowly walked up to me, eyeing me up and down and making me flush red hot, I couldn't help noticing just how much he had changed. He used to be shorter than me, but now he must have stood over my by a foot or more. His hair was cut shorter, but still as jaggedly and wavy as ever, with that oh so annoying cowlick. His eyes were the same intense shade that he was named after and his skin was just as pale.

He was wearing a form fitting black shirt, along with a pair of jeans, and I couldn't help myself from checking him out. I mean, Silver had gotten attractive over the years. He was no longer some little bean stalk, but had matured into a man, just as I had matured into a woman.

He stood right in front of me now, his arms crossed and an aggravated frown gracing his lips, "What are you doing out here, Kotone?" He was the only person that comfortably called me by my last name, all the time.

I smiled nervously, clutching my hands together behind my back and shuffling my feet, "Just... resting. Getting away from the pressure of the... you know... election."

I frowned then, because I'd almost been able to forget about the whole thing. Now it all came rushing back and my eyes fell to my feet as a hundred different worries raced over me. Ethan was the obvious and best choice for president again, he was the most rational and would do more good for the country than any other, but if I voted for him, would the people think I had rigged the vote by voting for a friend?

"Right, that nonsense. Don't know why we're even bothering with it. Ethan's obviously doing well for the country."

I looked up at Silver in surprise. Silver had never liked Ethan, not even back when they were just kids and had barely known each other. Then again, he hadn't liked me then either, so I guess it was only obvious that this certain cranky red head would warm up to both of us eventually. I mean, we ran into each other all the time. It would almost seem like fate, if I believed in fate.

"I agree with you there. It's just so pressuring... I'm so worried about it all!" I looked down again, biting my bottom lip, and I could practically picture the frown getting larger on Silver's face.

"Why would you be worried? You are voting for Ethan, right?"

I blinked in surprise, looking back at him, "Of course! He's my best friend! And the best choice for Johto!"

Silver nodded, uncrossing his arms and letting his hands hang loosely at his sides, "Good. I mean, he deserves to win."

I bit my lip again, "I just... don't know what the country would think if I voted for him..."

Silver sighed, "Kotone, what do you think they'll do? Mob you? I know you, Kotone and you don't let people sway who you are. Vote for who you want to vote for."

And there it was. That freaky knowledge and wisdom Silver always seemed to pull out of nowhere. For someone who acted like he never cared about anything, he sure did like to try and boost my spirits, even back in the day when we were rivals. It made me smile at the thought, and I directed that smile at him.

"Thanks Silver. You're probably right. I shouldn't be so worried."

"Why are you really here, Kotone?"

The question was so abrupt that it floored me and I just stared at him for a few minutes, before looking away, "I already told you. I wanted to get away from the pressure of the election."

"I think there's more to that pressure than you're letting on."

I considered glaring at him and giving him a piece of my mind, but decided against it, "I just wanted to get away from the paparazzi, they were harassing me."

Silver stared at me for a few more minutes, before shrugging and turning to walk away, "Whatever. I don't care anyway."

I blinked, standing there and feeling utterly shocked. I shouldn't have been, Silver had always been like that. He walked away when things got hard and it had always annoyed me. Then again, wasn't that what I was doing right now, by hiding away in the forest to escape my duties?

Yet I still couldn't fight away that bitter feeling, threatening to kindle into a flame of rage at the slightest prodding. A frown turned my lips down and I crossed my arms under my chest, tipping my head to the side and feeling very bitchy right at that moment. My tone matched my posture.

"Of course. You don't care about anything, after all."

My red headed past rival pulled to a stop, before slowly turning around to look at me. His eyebrows creased together, gathering lines on his forehead and in his eyes was a tinge of sarcasm, along with the smallest spark of anger.

"Don't you go judging me, Kotone."

I should have stepped back right there and then. I was only digging myself deeper into a hole, but my mouth felt horribly loose, and after months of holding in harsh comments against the paparazzi and reporters, I felt like having a true argument. I craved the heated battles of words I used to have with the very boy standing in front of me and I was oh so willing to take that spark I had seen and make it grow into a flame.

"Why not, Silver? There's so much to judge and I don't think you see that. You're were constantly judging me, back when we were trainers, and while I was working in the early years of being champion, and even now. I can see that in your eyes, Silver. You still think I'm a waste of time, so I'm going to go ahead and judge. I'm just gonna whip it all out. I think you are rude, cruel, a slob, mean, cranky, disgusting and, like I said before, abnormally uncaring."

He'd slowly turned to face me completely, his face turned into a closed off mask, his eyes like cold knifes that would slice into me and reveal all my secrets. His mouth was turned down into the smallest of frowns and his hands hung at his side, fingers curling up slightly into fists. He looked threatening, even scary, but as he slowly took a few steps forward, before moving towards me with purpose, I stared at him with a challenge in my eyes.

"Really, Kotone? Am I really all those things? Have you ever taken the time to consider us, just how alike we are? You hide it all inside, but in the end you are just a shallow, two-faced bitch. Always looking to aggravate someone, and constantly getting in peoples ways. You're selfish, because you can never consider the fact that someone else might be right besides you, and in your own way you're totally ruthless. I'm surprised your pokemon even follow you, with how much you push them."

He inhaled slowly at the end of hiss peal of words, and I gaped at him. I'd expected all the mean words against me, even hoped for it, but to bring my pokemon into this…

"Don't you dare try and use my pokemon as leverage for your argument. You have no right!"

"Why not, Kotone? I think your pokemon are your worst flaw. You are so all powerful in your mind that you can't even see any more when your pokemon need to drop out. You just keep ploughing ahead. Are you happy that you exhaust your pokemon? Does it bring you satisfaction to watch them get so powerful, but so weary? Do you enjoy dragging the enjoyment of battling from their souls and turning it into drea-"


My palm stung painfully and tears burned threateningly in the back of my eyes. I bit my bottom lip, staring up at Silver with a burning anger in my chest, yet despair filling everywhere else. He couldn't be right, just couldn't be! I never had pushed my pokemon to hard! He just… couldn't be right…

A red mark was forming on his cheek in the shape of the palm of my hand and his silver eyes were wide, filled with shock. I'd never struck him before, not when he'd cornered me that time, all those years ago in Bellsprout Tower, or when he'd grabbed my wrist in the Burned Tower, gripping so hard the bones rubbed together. Not even at the end of Victory Road, where I'd though he was going to hurt me.

Maybe it was because I could take all the abuse without feeling really affected by it. I'd grown up being judged by the people in my town, about how I'd never be as good as Ethan or Kris and when people said things against me, it was almost as if it went in one ear and out the other. Yet, when he started telling me I was bad to my pokemon, that I hurt them with my need to win battles… well, that felt like he'd punched me in the gut.

"You… you slapped me?" He sounded so incredulous and I couldn't help barking out a laugh, sharp and bitter.

"Yes, and I think you deserved it to, you jerk! I'm going to head back to my home now, but if I ever see you again and you ever judge me about the way I treat my pokemon, I swear to Arceus, Silver, I will kick your ass."

I spun around then, feeling defiant, but why were my eyes filled with tears? I felt at my most powerful, yet why were sobs threatening to choke me?

I didn't look back at Silver, didn't want to see his eyes staring into mine, probably filled with contempt for me, such a screwed up champion. Instead I just ploughed down my little path until I couldn't see, feel or hear his presence. My hands gripped my elbows and the tears overflowed, rolling down my cheeks, big, fat and ugly.

My mansion rose up in front of me and I sprinted across the open yard between the trees and forest, taking a leap and grabbing onto the fire escape, before hauling myself up. I stomped up the stairs, not caring if my noise attracted the paparazzi. Let them find out about my little escape route. Let the fucking world know.

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