Summary: if Elias couldn't dominate Aaron in mind, he would dominate him in a different way.

A/n: this takes place after run Aaron run but before mutant rain

Aaron laid down on his bed, after a hard day of saving Stan and Emma from Elias and 5 leisure games of hero rising, he was looking forward to a good and peaceful night sleep(little did he know he wouldn't be getting much rest)

He let his hazy half lidded eyes flutter closed, Elias's words and images haunting him even in semi-consciousness. He creased his brows annoyed and gently shook his tired head attempting to clear it after a few moments sleep found him and he drifted into unconsciousness.

He wasn't sure when exactly hed conked out, exactly as he wasn't sure now what had roused him from sleep, all he knew was that it was if something in his sleep ridden mind had screamed danger and his body had simply responded. He fought the hazeof his groggy mind, his senses slowly coming back to him , but the first thing he felt surprised him, a hand, a hand putting slight pressure on his chest just above the caged bird that was his heart.

At the thought of a stranger in his room his heart speed up in panic, sending a chilling chuckle through the room as it did so. "Who are you"? The hand pressed down harder into his chest at the question, as if it wanted to dig past the flesh and bone to the life giving organ beneath and snatch it away. "Aaron im insulted surly you haven't forgotten me already" Elias powers bone chilling voice cut through Aaron like a knife a thousand questions went through his mind at once how was he here? ,did he know who he really was? Had he done anything to his family? "Relax Aaron" Elias mock comforting voice brought him back to reality

"Your heart is beating so…fassst I never knew I intimidated you this much" Aaron had no question that if he were able to see Elias's face in the darkness a sick smile would have plastered it. "What do you want powers" he was in fight mode now and he didn't even try to keep the snarl out of his voice as it rose. Elias tsked him as if he were a small child "patience Aaron I just want to play a game with you, there's no need to get so excited, besides you don't want to wake up your lovely family do you"

"You leave my family out of this" Aaron found himself shouting unable to help himself as anger coursed through his vains. His fist went out in the darkness in hopes of hitting something, anything, but was stopped midair by a vice like grip a grip that in turn collected his other wrist and pinning both above his head, not a moment latter something rough that seemed to materialize out of no were was wrapped around them and tied to his head board effectively making his hands immobile

"now now Aaron if you want them unhurt you have to behave yourself" Aaron seethed at Elisa's tone it was that of a small child's who was scolding a dear pet, but his anger turned to utter shock as he felt a hand slid up his baggy t shirt and begin stocking almost affectionate circles in the area between his rib cage and hip bone "wh-what are you doing! Aaron sputtered Elias chuckled "as I said Aaron were going to play a game" Aaron seethed even more as the hand that was stroking his sides moved and began to trace each of his ribs as if counting them "hm im surprised Aaron for all your smarts and big talk your quit thin, you should take better care of yourself otherwise you might find yourself….vulnerable. Aarons eyes snapped open, he didn't realize hed closed them but he didn't like how Elias had emphasized the word vulnerable it sent chills down his spine and goose bumps on his skin, witch to his dismay only seemed to amuse his enemy more

"ill ask only one more time Elias what do you want from me"? Elias hmed and dug his hand into Aaron's side grinding against the soft flesh with enough force to buries, the sudden act caused Aaron to jump and Elias sneered "ill tell you what im here for Aaron, revenge, for far too long you and that lovely mind of yours have bested me in my own game, well now it's my turn if I can't beat you in mind games I'll do you far worse" Aaron cringed, as the hand that not a moment before had grinded against him ruthlessly, returned to caressing his belly. "what I want Aaron, is to twist you, to see you at your lowest, to put you beneath me once and for all, what I want boy is for you to submit to my will" Aaron growled an inhuman sound "I would never-" "you don't have a choice Aaron the game as begun". The hand withdrew replaced by something cold and metallic Aaron stilled, fearing the knife intended to cut him, instead in a moment his shirt was in tatters his arms and chest exposed.

Elias chuckled "and welcome to round 1" Aarons mind raced he didn't understand what was going on, his mind was unwilling to accept it "E.. E- Elias what are you doing? Elias smirked and ran his hand almost fondly along Aarons stomach until he came to the waist band of Aarons dark plaid flannel pants, slipping one finger beneath it and tugging slightly, Aaron jerked "stop, stop"! Elias merely chuckled again , then without hesitation took the blade slashing the thick fabric of the waistband in half so the pants dangled dangerously around his hips, he squirmed as Elias hands seemed to be everywhere on him at once generating heat and friction that was almost unbareable