A/N-This story is about Jonathon and Andy. The first part of this story will be mostly Jonathon at a young age, he never did talk about a brother or really any of his family so this is the background I am giving him.

A young boy of 13, maybe 14 comes out from the forest and the first thing he sees is smoke...not fog...smoke from cannons and guns. He heard the battle but he didn't see it and now the smoke was slowly disappearing and his young heart sank at what he saw. Bodies, all over the meadow and it didn't matter to him which one was wearing blue or grey, they were dead or near death. Somehow he felt his mother wouldn't want him to see these things or hear but he was.

As he was walking out of the forest, he began to hear moans of those that were still somehow alive, he didn't know what to do so he just walked by as tears streamed down his face but he was looking, looking for somebody and his heart sank as he walked through but as he looked forward, he saw a person coming out of the woods.

This person put his dirty and bloody hand on the tree beside him and he saw the young man and he asks in shock, "Jonathon?" The young boy sees him and with sweet relief clear on his face, he runs and throws his arms around the huge body of the young man and says, "Andrew!" They hug tightly like they will never hug again and it seems like a eternity until they seperate and when they do, the young solgier named Andrew asks his brother, "Jonathon, what are you doing here?". The boy wipes his tears away then he says, "I followed you, I remembered that your last letter home said you were fighting here"

His brother looks at him with love and worry and hugs him again then says with concern in his voice, "But maw and paw, they must be worried sick about you with me being here in the war and now with you up and following me, maw must be out of her mi..." Young Jonathon takes a deep breath then says, "Maw and Paw are dead Andrew" Andrew's eyes widen and color drains from his face then he says, "Good Lord Jonathon, how?"

His young brother looks around and sees the dead bodies and the few men getting up and walking around to try and get some kind of help and realizes that what he is going to tell his older brother is horrible but almost simple compared to what these men went through but he has to tell him and he looks at him and tries to fight the tears and opens his mouth to tell him... .

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