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Chapter Eighteen

"We've had coffee at the Lima Bean a million times. It feels weird to be doing this as a couple now," Kurt said, looking around as if he expected the place to look different too. He laughed and leaned forward, his elbows resting on the table. Blaine was looking at him with wide, eyes, giving him that dopey smile, his chin resting on the palm of his hand.

"Weird in a bad way?" Kurt shook his head.

"Of course not. It's just… months, Blaine – I spent months trying to convince myself that this could only happen in my head, and here we are."

"Believe me when I say I know the feeling." They both just grinned at each other, and Kurt took another sip of his coffee. "You know, kissing you had to have been the best mistake of my life." Kurt flushed.

"Mistake?" Blaine's eyes shot open, and he waved his arms.

"No, no, not like that! Just, I wasn't sure I was ready to come out, and I didn't mean to at the time, I just kind of ended up doing it because it felt right. It just was unplanned, and you saw how I ran away –" Kurt wasn't sure he'd ever heard anyone talk that quickly, and his voice was steadily rising in pitch.

"Relax, Blaine, I knew what you meant. It just sounded bad." Blaine seemed to deflate, and he bit his lip before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Three more days until dress rehearsals," Blaine muttered, his attempt to change subject obvious. Kurt reached out, laying his hand on top of Blaine's and squeezing.

"It's fine. I promise. I know you're glad that we're together. You are, aren't you?" Blaine nodded.

"Of course. I'm glad I don't have to hide it. And now I can do this –" he laced their fingers together and ran his thumb over the front of Kurt's hand, "– and you don't have to spend hours trying to decipher what it meant," he teased.

"I did not spend hours trying to figure it out." Blaine cocked an eyebrow, and Kurt looked right back at him, lips pursed.

"Sure, sure." When Kurt continued to look at him that way, he laughed. "You know I'm just teasing you, Kurt."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Still, what Blaine said was true. He had spent hours on end agonizing over the tiniest details, things that now seemed trivial and obvious. Of course, Kurt knew it had been anything but trivial and obvious when he had been going on, in any case. "You're really… cute when you bite your lower lip nervously like that," Kurt commented, the word cute felt foreign coming out of his mouth.

"And this coming from you?" Blaine laughed, his eyes softening.

"I mean…" Kurt felt his cheeks heat up, and Blaine shook his head. Kurt paused, taking another sip of his coffee, staring at Blaine. Blaine seemed to be in his own world for a moment, his eyes staring down at the table, unfocused.

He had no clue how this had all worked out. Everything seemed so surreal, and Kurt felt afraid that he would say something wrong, and everything would change. He knew that was absurd; Blaine wouldn't do that to him, but it still was hard to process.

Kurt was about to say something when his phone buzzed. Blaine's did a moment later. Kurt's brow furrowed as he took out his phone, looking at the screen.

"So, how are you two lovebirds doing?" The text was from Jeff. Kurt heard a groan from Blaine.

"Nick texted me," he muttered, showing Kurt the text. It was the same as Kurt's, and he showed him his own.

"They would say that," Kurt said, quickly writing back a reply. "We're not lovebirds. But good."

"You texting him back?" Blaine asked, and Kurt nodded. "I'll let you handle it, then. You're closer with them than I am, in any case."

"Well, they took me under their wings when I transferred. I don't know what I would've done without them. And they certainly helped me a lot with you." Before Blaine could respond, Kurt's phone went off.

"So, are you lovebirds able to give up some of your spring break to hang with two, lonely, unloved teenage boys?" Kurt snorted and quickly covered his mouth. Laughing, Blaine's eyes went soft, and he reached over, running his fingers down Kurt's arm.

"You're adorable." A blush spread across Kurt's cheeks as he looked up at Blaine.

"I don't think I'm ever going to tire of you saying that."

"You'd better not because I don't plan on stopping anytime soon." For a moment, they leaned together over the table and their lips pressed together. Blaine's hand moved up to Kurt's cheek, his thumb running lightly across the skin for a moment. Kurt's breath caught in his throat, and he shivered.

His phone buzzed again.

"Stop kissing and love usssss. Besides, you'll have plenty of time for that later." Kurt pulled back.

"What should I tell them?" Blaine paused for a moment, clearly thinking it over.

Well, I guess we could hang out with them. Besides, I have the rest of spring break with you. And rehearsals start up again soon." Kurt nodded, and Kurt picked up his phone again.

"Alright. What's the plan? It better be good."

"You want to start heading out?" Blaine asked, and Kurt nodded. Their hands fell together, and Blaine squeezed it lightly, his thumb running across the top of Kurt's hand. Kurt smiled over at him as they made their way out of the Lima Bean. As they waited for Jeff to respond, they leaned back against the wall. Kurt tilted over, curling against Blaine. His head pressed against his shoulder, and he looked up at him.

Blaine's phone buzzed this time, and they both laughed. "Somehow, I'm not surprised," Blaine commented as he took out his phone. "Uh, Nick says, 'Gotcha. So, it's that go kart place. Blaine, you remember, we dragged you there several times.' Oh, I do remember that place!" Blaine laughed as Kurt bit his lip.

"Go Karting? Don't you have to wear helmets for that?" His hand automatically moved to his hair, and Blaine grinned at him.

"Have an issue with helmets, Kurt?" Kurt flushed and shook his head, still smoothing down his hair a bit as if doing it in advance would somehow help.

"No, I'm fine. Tell them we can go to that –" Kurt's phone buzzed.

"Fifteen minutes. Be there," Jeff's phone read.

"There," Kurt finished, sighing. "I guess they already decided for us." He smiled and quickly typed back. "Sounds good. If my hair's an absolute mess, I'll kill you."

"Oh, uh, and Kurt?" Blaine said, suppressing a laugh.


"Nick says that they're bringing a camera."

"They're just trying to make this miserable for me, aren't they?" Kurt asked with a pout, though his lips quickly twitched back into a smile. As much as the thought of unruly hair bothered him, he couldn't stay angry at Nick and Jeff.

Kurt and Blaine made their way over to the car, and they got in. Blaine tilted over, leaning over and running his fingers through Kurt's hair. He pressed a light kiss to Kurt's temple and was about to move down to his lips again when there was a buzz from his pocket. He flushed and showed Kurt the text.

"Don't start kissing again or we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives for you," the text read, and Kurt shook his head.

"How do they even know?" he asked, and Blaine shrugged in response.

"They're Nick and Jeff." He pulled out of the parking lot, and Kurt got out his phone, texting Jeff.

"It's like you two bugged us on our date." He only had to wait a moment before he got a reply from Jeff.

"You never know. ;) Nah, I'm kidding, that's creepy, but we just know you and Blaine. And your affinity for kissing. Are you on your way?" Kurt quickly texted back that they were and slipped his phone in his pocket.

His eyes closed, and he smiled to himself. After a moment, he felt Blaine's hand fall on his knee, squeezing lightly. Kurt's hand went on top of his, and he ran his thumb across it, feeling the shiver that ran through Blaine. "Blaine?"


"I'm really glad I have you. I mean, not just like that, but – I'm just really lucky." He opened his eyes, resting his head against the cold window.

"I'm pretty sure I'm the lucky one." He squeezed one final time and lifted that hand to the wheel, turning a corner.

"Maybe we should have just gone home and cuddled," Kurt mumbled, his hand going up to his hair to straighten it as if that would somehow lessen the effects of wearing the helmet later.

"It'll be fun. I promise. Besides, you know Nick and Jeff when they get their mind to things." Kurt looked at his phone, Jeff's text lit up.

"Yeah, I think I know exactly what you're talking about." They chuckled, and Kurt sat up, looking out at the cars in front of them.

"But after this we can cuddle, right?" They pulled to a stop in front of a red light, and Blaine looked over at Kurt, grinning.

"Nah, I think I'm good," he teased. Kurt's hand moved out, nudging him lightly in the shoulder.


"Just kidding. We can cuddle as long as you want."

"Good. I'm going to hold you to that, you know," Kurt said with a slight nod. Blaine laughed, reaching out and running the backs of his fingers down Kurt's cheek. Leaning forward, he pressed a quick kiss to his lips before looking out in front of him as the light changed to green.

Kurt's fingers went to his lips, and he smiled, leaning back into his chair, completely relaxed. Blaine's hand reached out, and he turned the radio on softly, letting the music murmur in the background. They didn't talk much during the rest of the ride, and Kurt mostly hummed along to the music. The drive wasn't that much longer, and when they pulled into the parking lot, they saw Nick and Jeff waiting around.

They saw Blaine car and jumped up, chasing after them as they moved to a parking spot and parked their car. Kurt had barely gotten out of the car before Jeff was hugging him. They stumbled backwards into the car, and Kurt's eyes widened as he stiffened slightly.

"I missed you, Kurtsie," Jeff said, pouting.


"It was lonely without you," Nick agreed, coming out from the other side next to Blaine.

"Something tells me you two managed just fine," Blaine said with a chuckle, looking over at Kurt as Jeff pulled back. Kurt straightened his shirt and pants and cleared his throat as he glanced over at Nick and Blaine. Jeff bounced over to them as well, and he swung his hands from side to side.

"This is going to be so awesome," Jeff said.

"We're totally going to beat you in every race. We got this down," Nick said.

"Hours of playing driving video games will finally pay off." Jeff mimicked driving around, making 'vroom' noises. Nick joined in after a moment, and Kurt stood, arms cross, watching them zoom around in circles around the cars. Blaine moved over next to Kurt carefully and leaned his head on Kurt's shoulder, chuckling as he watched them move around.

"So, this is how they spend their spring break?" Kurt asked, raising an eyebrow as they swerved and nearly ran into each other.

"Something like this. Not that it really surprises me," Blaine replied with a laugh.

"Should we interrupt them or –"

"Nah, this is too fun to watch." Blaine laughed, pulling out his phone. "And perfect blackmail."

"You're horrible," Kurt said, though he had a wide smile on his face. Blaine pressed the record button, chuckling as they remained oblivious, moving around, pretending to drive.

A car turned into the parking lot, and Kurt jumped up. "Nick, Jeff, watch out –" The two of them turned their heads in response, but the car was only a few feet away. The driver seemed to be texting or distracted some way or another. Nick and Jeff yelped, jumping back out of the way as the car screeched to a halt in front of them. It honked and drove on, and Nick and Jeff pulled back blushing, their cheeks red.

"Well…" Jeff panted, out of breath, and he looked at Blaine and Kurt. "I guess… we should go in."

"About time," Kurt said, laughing and shaking his head.

"I can't believe I got that all," Blaine said, laughing as he quit recording and waved his phone in Nick and Jeff's faces.

"Hey!" Jeff snatched for it, but Blaine quickly pockets his phone, running towards the main entrance. Nick and Jeff chased after him, and Kurt followed behind, shaking his head at them. Boys would be boys. Still, he couldn't help but be reminded that he'd found a place. Dalton had become his other home, and the Warblers were like a family to him.

It didn't take long to pay the tickets and get inside. The instructions seemed long-winded and mostly obvious, but they listened all through them. Jeff and Nick rocked back and forth on their heels, and as they were handed helmets, and they slipped them on. Kurt was the only one who stared at his for a moment.

"It's not going to bite you," Blaine whispered, leaning into him as the instructor continued.

"I know, but just…" Kurt bit his lip.

"Personally, I'd imagine you'd be sexy with ruffled hair," Blaine said, winking. He put an arm around Kurt's waist, and Kurt leaned against him. "Though I am biased. I'm pretty sure you're always sexy." Kurt sighed and slipped his helmet on.

"Fine. Okay. Let's do this." Kurt put the helmet on, and Blaine reached out, buckling it for him. Kurt smiled and leaned forward, nudging their noses together.

"Hey, lovebirds, time to drive," Nick said, pointing at the go karts. Kurt and Blaine pulled back, and Kurt scowled.

"You two are ridiculous," Kurt mumbled, moving towards the go karts.

"Oh, shush. You know you love us," Nick said, laughing.

"Do you guys want to do singles or doubles first?" Jeff asked.

"How about doubles and then singles," Blaine said. That way I can help Kurt get used to it, and if he doesn't want to drive, he doesn't have to.

They nodded and got in, Blaine in the front and Kurt snuggled up right behind him. Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's waist. "So, we just drive around this track?"

"Pretty much. I'll do it the first round, and then you can drive after that, okay?" Kurt nodded, and they waited for the signal to start. Once it hit, they zoomed off, Kurt letting out a yelp. They could feel the wind in their face, and Kurt pressed into his shoulder, glancing out at Jeff and Nick. They turned the corner, making a larger arch than intended, and Kurt nudged Blaine. Jeff and Nick laughed and zoomed ahead of them.

"They're winning. Blaine!" Kurt cried, watching Jeff and Nick turn the next part with ease as well. Nick, who was sitting behind Jeff, glanced back and stuck out his tongue as they got even further ahead. "Blaine!"

"I'm trying, Kurt," Blaine said, laughing. "And I thought you thought this was stupid."

"Doesn't mean I don't want to win," Kurt said with a pout, letting out another yelp as they swerved. They made a few more turns, gaining only a little on Jeff and Nick. Of course, Jeff and Nick won, and as they pulled to a stop, Jeff pulled out, dancing around in a circle.

"Told ya!" he said, laughing.

"We are the champions my friend!" Nick sang out, and Kurt shook his head.

"I'm driving next time," he muttered, and Blaine laughed.

"Competitive, are we?"

"Shut up."

They still lost with Kurt driving that time, and they made it three more rounds, only beating Nick and Jeff once. It was fun, and Kurt completely forgot about how distraught he had been over the helmet hair. Even wanting to win, though, he still couldn't help but smile over at Nick and Jeff and feel completely happy. He couldn't remember when was the last time he'd gone out and done something crazy like this.

It was when they started the singles that his competitive side really kicked in. Jeff won the first round, and Kurt was absolutely determined to beat him at some point. As it turned out, second round they were head to head at the end. Kurt bit his lip, turning and getting barely ahead of Jeff. He won by a second or two, and as they pulled to a stop again, he pointed at Jeff, sticking out his tongue.

"Fine, fair and square, I guess," Jeff said, laughing at Kurt. "Glad to see you're having fun, though, Kurtsie." Kurt smiled at Jeff, not bothering to correct him this time. As Blaine pulled to a stop as well, right behind Nick, he got out, hugging Kurt.

"Congratulations." He chuckled, and Kurt tilted his head to the side.

"What?" he asked Blaine, curling into him.

"Nothing. Just… I'm glad to see you happy. Besides, it's fun seeing this competitive side of you." Kurt nodded and laughed.

"Just wait until sectionals. You might not find it so… fun then." Blaine shook his head, and they continued on.

It was dark by the time they finally decided to go home. Kurt had managed to win a few more times, and Blaine had pulled his records up as well, though he still had the least out of all of them. Nick and Jeff bought a slushie as the park closed, sharing it, and Kurt and Blaine laughed.

"I swear to God, they're the most couple-ish friends I've ever seen," Kurt said, watching as Nick leaned into Jeff's shoulder and Jeff ruffled his hair. Nick leaned down, opening his mouth and missed the straw, and the two of them burst out into another fit of giggles.

"Agreed. But, hey, they're fun. And I'm glad they can be that comfortable around themselves." Kurt nodded, and Blaine turned to him again. "So, cuddling… you still are up for that, right?" Kurt smiled and slipped his hand into Blaine's, nodding.


Blaine's hand hooked around Kurt's neck as he leaned forward. Kurt moved closer, holding his breath for a moment before he felt Blaine's lips against his. A low whimper left his lips. This was all still so new for him, and each time he could still feel the dip in his stomach, the warmth that ran through him. And each time he was surprised to find how gentle Blaine's touch was. As if reading his thoughts, Blaine's thumb ran along Kurt's hairline, sending a shiver down his spine. His lips parted slightly, and Blaine mimicked the action. Kurt let out an unsteady breath, his arms wrapping around Blaine's waist.

A small cough broke them apart, and Kurt pulled away from Blaine. "S – Sorry. Bill wanted me to tell you guys to hurry it up. Um, I'll just…" Kurt turned around to see William's cheeks flush red as his eyes looked anywhere but at Kurt and Blaine. He shifted his weight from foot-to-foot and wrung his hands. "Okay, yeah, I'll s – see you guys later." William turned around, quickly darting off.

"I have to…" Kurt began, looking from where William was standing over to Blaine, feeling his heart knot.

"No, don't be silly. My goal isn't to make him miserable, you know." Blaine gave him a small smile. Kurt nodded and ran after William, catching up with him and grabbing him by the wrist. William tugged to get free, his eyes opening wide. Kurt's hand slipped down to his, giving it a light squeeze.

"Hey," Kurt murmured, and he could feel William relax. His shoulders slumped forward, and he looked up from behind his bangs.

"Hey, Kurt." His eyes fell down after a moment, and he sighed, straightening his shoulders. "I didn't mean to freak you out. I just… It's just… weird seeing you guys together like that. I don't know." Pulling his hand from Kurt's, he slipped them into his pockets and they began walking towards the stage.

"No, it's fine. We just didn't think you'd walk in. I've already talked to Blaine about not kissing in front of you. He understands. I'm sure if he was in your place…" They walked in and looked up as Bill barked at them.

"Took your sweet time. C'mon, it's our last run-through before dress rehearsals."

"Sorry," they both said, moving up as they waited for Blaine.

"You really don't have t – to do that for me," William said, continuing the previous conversation. His hand reached up, nervously combing through his hair. "It's really fine. I'll deal with it. I don't want to… to be a burden or a bother."

"You're neither of those things. Promise." He looked at William, offering a reassuring smile. They looked away from each other, and Kurt's brow furrowed. There was someone sitting in the seats, looking up at them. He looked like he was their age. He had shorter black hair which was spiked up in the front, and he looked curiously at them. Was he here for the musical? That didn't make sense. Kurt turned to William to ask him whether he knew anything about it, but William beat him to it.

"Who is that?" Kurt shrugged, his head tilting to the side. Blaine made his way out as well, and Kurt smiled over at him. Blaine made his way over to Faith, and Kurt stayed by William's side.

"Alright, that's everybody then," Bill said, clapping his hands together once. "Don't mind that. That's my son, Samuel. There was a mishap at school, and he had to be picked up. Our house is a bit out of the way." Samuel offered everyone a smile and shifted a bit in his seat. Kurt could feel William tense up next to him.

"He has a Doctor Who shirt on!" William whispered excitedly. "I've… I've never met anyone else who watches it."

"Huh?" Kurt looked over at him, brow furrowed, but William simply shook his head, continuing to stare wide-eyed at Samuel.

"Okay, let's start with La Vie Boehme. A few of you are still having trouble with some dance moves." The table was set up for them already, and they got into position, William glancing behind him one final time at Samuel before sitting down next to Kurt. Blaine smiled at Kurt, and Kurt smiled back before their attention drifted to Jeff who began singing.

The rehearsals lasted an hour longer than they should have, and by the end Kurt's head hurt. They had gone over one part of La Vie Boehme B right after where Mimi and Roger kiss several times, and while he knew they were nothing but friends, it still bothered Kurt to see them kiss over and over again. He rubbed at his eyes and sighed, finally gathering everything together when they were done. His feet hurt from the heels Bill had made him put on halfway through just to make sure he could get everything down with them.

"Should I tell him?" William hovered around his shoulder, looking nervous.

"Tell him what?" Kurt asked, stretching and pulling out of his shirt to change into another one. William paused for a moment, and Kurt's brow furrowed. "Ask him what?" He turned around to see William looking at him wide-eyed. A blush fell on Kurt's cheeks, and he cleared his throat as he slipped on the new one.

"I – uh – Sam… Samuel. About his shirt." Blaine came around, standing next to Kurt, careful not to wrap an arm around him or be overly affectionate. William bit his lip, suddenly shifting his weight as Blaine smiled at him.

"Hey, William," Blaine tried, and William nodded and waved nervously.

"Hey, Blaine."

"Look, if you want to, tell him," Kurt said, laughing. "I promise he won't be offended if you compliment his shirt." William nodded, and as they moved out towards they lot, he paused next to Samuel. Samuel was picking up his backpack, and as he turned around, William moved his weight from foot to foot.

"I like your shirt," William said, offering a timid smile. A broad one broke across Samuel's face.

"Doctor Who's the best. Who's your favorite Doctor?"

"Ten," William said, biting his lip as his smile broadened. Kurt and Blaine walked past, not wanting to bother them or seem like they were intruding. As they opened the doors to move out of the theater, Kurt glanced behind him. William and Samuel were still stuck in conversation, William's hands moving about as he talked excitedly about something. Kurt smiled.

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