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I Never Knew

Pov: Isabella Swan

If you asked me how I felt right now at this moment I would say ecstatic, terrified and I am having a mind out of body experience. My boyfriend of nine years Edward Masen just proposed to me. I can remember the moment perfectly.


Edward has been acting strange for the past two months.
We've been living together for the past five years. It was strange and unusual for him to come home late. If he were to be late he would call , text me and bring home deserts from different restaurants.
He was a resident neurosurgeon at Forks Memorial Hospital.
It seemed that for the past two months when he got off at 6:00 pm he went to Seattle each and every night. On the day that I planned to confront him about it he sent me a text message that read. "Bella, Angel please meet me in the parking lot of our old high school and remember that you mean the absolute world to me."
After reading his text message I got in my 2011 Lincoln Navigator and got to our old high school within twenty minutes. When I got out of my car I saw flickering lights, so I followed the path and gasped at what I saw.
Their must have been a million candles and rose petals on the football field that spelled out Will you marry me?

With Edward playing the piano to the right of it. Edward was playing the song he wrote for me nine years ago. After Edward finished playing my song he turned around and said Will you Angel? Will you do the honor of being my wife? I could barley manage out a yes before I rushed to him and kissed the breath out of both of us. That leaves me standing here at this moment.

End flashback

I never knew that Edward would propose. I thought he was looking for another job to leave me, but I was wrong he was looking for an engagement ring for me. I never knew how happy I could truly be. I never knew how fabulous my life truly was.

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