Wally West and Dick Grayson walked through the streets of Gotham City.

Only a couple of days had passed since Batman and Robin were rescued from the Joker. Whatever had happened on the rooftop had caused Batman to go into a short coma. He is quickly recovering, but is still bed stricken in the Watch Tower. With Wayne Manor burned down, there was no place for either Bruce or Dick to go. Dick is now staying at Wally's house until the construction on Wayne Manor is complete.

Dick has been dead quiet for the past couple days. His burned arm had been bandaged and put in a sling, while all of his other cuts and bruises were also attended to. Wally has been trying to tell him Bruce is okay, but every time he brought it up Dick would either ignore him or walk away. He also refused to go to Mount Justice or let any members of the team come visit him- especially Aqualad.

The sun was high in the sky as Wally and Dick rounded the corner into the graveyard. Birds sang in the trees, and flowers and pictures were laid down next to various tombstones. After walking through walkways and turning a final corner, Dick walked up to the burial place of his parents.

The stones at once had said "John Grayson," and "Mary Grayson," but were now split in half. Spray paint covered the grass and gravestones, each one reading, "Hahahahaha." Wally stepped back in shock, but Dick just stared.

"I can't believe the Joker would do this." Tears were streaming down Dick's face. So many horrible things have happened to him in only a couple days…

"Dude…I'm so sorry." Wally whispered from behind. His red hair was ruffled and messy, his clothes wrinkled and dirty. It took a lot out of him to watch his friend become so depressed.

"I can't do it anymore…I can't." Dick dropped down to his knees and Wally was instantly by his side. "Not after this…I can't."

"Calm down," Wally soothed. Tears threatened Wally's eyes, but he had to stay strong. Stay strong for his friend.

"No, Wally. I think it really is over. I can't be Robin anymore, Bruce can't be Batman. Joker knows, Harley knows. I bet every other criminal in Gotham knows." His breath was quickening, and more tears ran down his face.

"There will be no more Dynamic Duo. We're done, and I know Bruce will agree with me."

There was silence for a long time as Dick sat staring at his parent's graves. For once in his life, Wally sat and was patient.

"Nobody else knows. Joker is in custody, Harley is in custody. All the robots have been destroyed. We are a hundred percent sure that they didn't tell anyone else." Wally's voice was soft and reassuring.

"Are you sure?" Dick whispered, looking up at his best friend. His blue eyes were puffy and red, but they were full of hope.

"Of course." Wally lied. He didn't know, no one did. But if someone else did know their identities, then the League would take them down. He was sure of that.

Dick looked away from the red headed boy. He knew Wally was lying, he's not dumb. But all he could do at the moment was trust him and move along with life. He stood up and pushed his black hair behind his ear, then turned around and walked away.

Wally sped up to catch him, and his heart flew when he saw Dick smiling. It was weak, but it was the best thing he had seen in a long time.

"So, did you guys miss me?"

The End.

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