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Summary: Kid Flash is captured by Cadmus. Torturing him in the name of science until he finally breaks. Forced to believe the lies they drill into his head to turn him agains the League, and everything he stood for. Can he be saved before the damage is permanent?

Warning: Uh...small Kid Flash abuse nothing to serious...

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Chapter One: Captured

Kid Flash stirred, his head throbbing in pain. He eased his eyes open, only to squeeze them shut as a bright light invaded his vision. Turning his head away from the light, he tried to move, suddenly realizing he could barely twitch his hands and feet.

When he finally managed to pry his eyes open, his vision was unfocused and blurry-and only after blinking a few times could he get his vision focused. Kid slowly lifted his head, noting that he was on a metal table with his wrists and ankles strapped to the table, immobilizing him. Shaking his head, his gaze drifted around the room. The room was reminded him of a lab because of the spotless walls and counters.

Kid tried to pull against the restraints, but it wasn't long before he realized that he wasn't going anywhere-they were too strong. Slumping back, closing his eyes, he tried to figure out how he got here. The last thing he remembered was that he was with Uncle Barry.

"Come on; are you afraid I'll beat you?" Kid smirked at his mentor.

Behind his mask, Barry raised his eyebrow at his nephew, the young speedster who was challenging him to a race around the world. "You're on Kid." Barry smirked, getting into the starting position beside him.

"1,2,3 go!"

Kid opened his eyes, staring at the light for a moment. That's all he could remember. He couldn't even remember how he got captured, or who had him.

The door opened, causing Kid to crane his neck to see who walked into the room holding him. Narrowing his eyes, he glimpsed a man in a lab coat walking in. He looked no more than six feet tall, his brown hair was greasy like he hadn't showered in months, and his dark eyes held a disturbing gleam.

The man didn't say anything, or even give a glance to the speedster restrained to the table; instead he opened a drawer and began to pull out medical tools, examining them before putting them on a small table next to the metal table Kid was on.

Kid lifted his head to see what was on the table, catching sight of scissors, scalpels, several syringes, and vials with different color substances inside them. Blinking a few times, he looked up at the man, who had just finished washing his hands and now turned towards the speedster.

"I'm glad to see you're awake, Kid Flash." the man said in a chilling voice. "You've been out for quite some time, I was beginning to think my men had killed you."

"Who are you?" Kid barked, pulling against the restraints that held him against the table.

The man let out a small chuckle, picking up a medical device and checking it over to make sure it was clean.

"Well, while I cut you open and run my experiments, you should have a name you can beg to, to make the pain stop." the man said, a twisted smile forming on his face, one that revealed his yellow teeth.

The color drained from Kid's face. Cut open? Experiments? "That's a good one, Doc." Kid said, letting out a small fearful laugh.

The man only raised his eyebrow at the speedster, his sick twisted smile only growing wider hearing the fear in Kid's laughter.

"Now seriously dude, who are you? Who do you work for?" Kid asked, again pulling against the restraints.

"My name is Professor Neal Roberts." Roberts said, picking up a vial of colorful liquid and filling a syringe, "And as to who I work for, the name should be familiar to you. I work for Cadmus."

Kid opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water, trying to find words and finally whispering, "Cadmus was destroyed."

Roberts let out a small chuckle, glancing down at the speedster. "My dear boy, you, your friends, and the League have hardly scratched the surface of Cadmus."

"We destroyed that building, Cadmus is gone!"

Roberts shook his head with that twisted smile still plastered on his face.

"Do you honestly think that Cadmus would only have one lab?" he asked the speedster who was glaring at him with blazing green eyes.

"I swear when I get out of here, the League will find every single lab and destroy just like we destroyed the first one!" Kid growled.

Roberts let out a small laugh. "Oh you won't be leaving anytime soon, I assure you Kid Flash. I needed a test subject, and your powers were perfect for my experiments. And perhaps I can get some information out of you as a bonus."

The green eyes narrowed. "I won't tell you anything!" Kid hissed.

"Oh you will, Kid Flash" Roberts said, as he pulled out a device.

Pressing the button on the device, his eyes blazed at the electricity danced on the top of the device. Kid's mouth went dry-it was a tazer. Kid hissed loudly as the device was pressed against his body, the current traveling through his body.

"This is only level one, keep opening your mouth and I can go higher." Roberts snickered.

Kid glared up at him, his body lightly shuddering at the electric current traveling through his body. "This is nothing!" Kid laughed.

Roberts grinned, and turned up the device to level eight. A scream ripped through Kid's throat as his muscles convulsed.

After a few moments ticked by, Roberts finally removed the device from Kid's body, sneering at Kid, who was trying to get air back into his lungs.

"Keep your mouth going, and I'll sew it shut." Roberts threatened. "Understand?"

Kid's lungs burned with every breath that he took, and looking up at Roberts, the look in the man's eyes sent chills down his spine.

Not getting an answer, Roberts picked up the scissors.

"Well then Kid Flash, how about we see just who is under that cowl of yours?" Roberts asked.

"How about not." Kid hissed, yanking his head away as Roberts neared his uniform with scissors in hand.

"So stubborn," Roberts said, roughly grabbing Kid's red hair while ignoring the yelp in surprise, holding the speedster's head still. Cutting away the cowl, he eventually revealed the freckled-sprayed red-head's face.

A feeling of nausea washed over Kid. This man knew his face-but at least not his name.

"So this is the real Kid Flash." Roberts chuckled, "Oh and what is this?"

Kid felt the man pull the com-link out of his ear, and his green eyes went wide-that was his life line, the only thing that could trace where he was at!

"The Justice League com-link," Roberts smirked, looking the small device over, "created by the Dark Knight himself, an impressive piece of technology." Glancing down at the speedster with a sneer touching his lips, "But you won't be needing this anymore, I'll make sure my men take care of it."

Swallowing hard, Kid craned his neck-glimpsing Roberts open the door and exchange words with someone outside before coming back in.

"So Kid Flash," Roberts said, "How long will it take me to get you to tell me your real name?"

"I'll never tell."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Try me."

"We'll see." Roberts said, picking up the tazer. "I can be very persuasive...shall we begin?"

Kid's muscles convulsed again, as yet another current of electricity coursed through his body.

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