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So here is the long over-do Chapter 9 of Breaking Speed

Summary: Kid Flash is captured by Cadmus. Torturing him in the name of science until he finally breaks. Forced to believe the lies they drill into his head, to turn against the League and everything he stood for. Can he be saved before the damage is permeant?

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Chapter Nine: The Ones Who Say They Love You

Groggily and slowly, Kid pried his pain fill green eyes open, snapping them shut when the flickering light above him invaded his vision. Cracking them open slightly, he continued to slowly open his eyes as they became accustom to the flicking light above, until they were fully open.

Blinking profusely, his vision slowly became clear. His heart slowly sank to his stomach getting the clear picture of the disgusting cell that he now called his home. He hoped that every time he closed his eyes, when he opened them again he would be home and all of this was just a horrible nightmare.

Even that small glimmer of hope was gradually starting to fade away.

His stomach churned at the thought of never seeing outside of this cell, these hallways, or even the building or hideout he was in again. Swallowing hard he tried his best to prevent the bile slithering up his esophagus from getting anywhere near the taste buds on his tongue.

The simple reflex of swallowing sent waves of pain pulsating down his throat. His mouth, his throat, as well as his stomach felt as if they were on fire. Heartburn? No, it had to have been what they poured down his throat. Just what exactly did they force down his throat?

Squeezing his eyes shut as he simply swallowed what little saliva he had in his mouth, he grimaced trying his best to grow accustom to the burning sensation. Every time he woke up it seemed that all he could do was grow accustom to all the pain he was in.

He desperately wanted to move, or shift position, even just moving one leg a few inches would suffice. But any movement irritated the dozens of poorly stitched wounds that littered his torso, and laying on his side wasn't helping.

His entire body was twitching, itching for him to move, to do something; but Kid could not find the strength within him to move. After a couple minutes of an internal battle with himself, Kid slowly pushed his weak body up with his skinned arm, and leaned his back against the wall, cradling his broken arm gently against his chest.

Hissing at the pain, he bit down on his chapped lips, gagging at the metallic taste that washed over his tongue. Swallowing down the taste, he pressed his teeth harder against his lips as he shifted his legs so they bent.

Leaning forward, Kid rested his forehead on his bent legs, letting out shuttering breaths in a weak attempt to sooth the pain. He choked back the tears that pooled in his eyes, dangerously threatening to fall down his cheek. Again, becoming accustom to the pain he was in was all he could do, he lifted his head and pressed his back against the wall.

Then he sat in complete silence. What else could he do? He knew almost every single inch of the cell, every crack, ever spec of dirt. He couldn't even draw in the grime on the wall anymore; it was covered with drawings, equations, and formulas. He was running out of things to keep him occupied.

Sitting in silence thinking about Flash and his team was the only thing he could do. Thinking about why they hadn't come yet. How long he had been missing for? Were they going to come? What if they weren't even bothering with searching for him? What if they thought he was playing some prank?

What if…

What if…

Shaking his head furiously, before hitting the back of his head lightly against the wall behind him, for even thinking about something like that. Of course they were going to come for him. Kid knew his uncle, he knew him better than anyone, he always had in the past, and this wouldn't be any different.

Kid lightly continued to bang the back his head against the wall repeatedly as the scenarios he created in his head started to play over and over again.

Flash would come busting in with some corny joke before taking down Roberts without any remorse. The pounding of his head stopped as a smirked twitched at the corner of Kids' mouth, watching Flash beat up Roberts in his scenarios were his all time favorite parts. Watching him get pounded, his bones snapping under the force of the hits..

Letting himself let out a weak laugh, thinking of how great it was going to be to see his uncle again.

Laughter got caught in his throat when he heard a voice inside the cell. He straightened himself a bit more to get a better look around the cell to find the source of the voice. But just as it was every other time he heard voices and looked around, he was alone, all alone.

Was he really starting to go crazy?

Had he been locked up so long that he was really starting to believe he was hearing those voices again?

More voices.

They sounded so familiar, almost as if he knew exactly who the voices belonged too, yet there was still no one there. Squeezing his eyes shut, he lifted his skinned arm and pressed his hand against one ear to block out the voices, even if it was with one ear.

He wanted so desperately for the voices to shut up, he could never make out exactly what the voices were even saying. The voices were always loud, but the words were always completely muffled.

Then as quickly as they started…

They were gone.

Hesitantly, he pulled his hand away from his ear, finding himself in completely silence. A silence he was growing used to, and was almost starting to enjoy. He'd rather sit in silence then hear the annoying disembodied voices, or Roberts and guards.

Slowly, Kid pried his green eyes open and slowly lifted his head, to give another look at his empty cell to make sure he was by himself.

Looking forward towards the door, the heart in his chest skipped a few beats at what stood before him. Reaching up with his good arm, he rubbed his eyes one at time to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Looking back they were still there…

His team.

His entire team, and even Red Arrow was there with them.

An enormous wave of relief and joy washed over the young speedster. They had finally come for him, they were there to save him from this hellhole and take him home. There was no stopping the smile as spread across his face.

"G-Guys…" his voice was so weak, so raspy from his dry burning throat, it made his words sound broken and pained.


The smile on the speedsters' feature only grew; he never heard a more pleasant sound to his ears. 'Kid', he couldn't even remember that last time he heard anyone call him that. It was always some wrong name, or Kid Flash, he missed being called just Kid.

"Y-You finally came to get me…" Kid was so relieved, he couldn't wait to get out of this cell, out of Cadmus He wanted to go home and take the longest shower of his life, eat until his bottomless pit of a stomach was somehow filled, and sleep on his soft bed for a couples days…or weeks.

Weakly lifting his skinless arm, he held it out towards them "C-Can you cut these off…?"

Instead hearing the quick snap of metal off his wrist, he heard amused snorts erupt amongst the small group of heroes. Their eyes were filled with nothing but sour bitterness along with no signs of sympathy. The looks made Kid shift uncomfortably under their gazes.

Licking his chapped lips, Kid looked at them almost pleading, "T-This isn't funny guys." Weakly shifting his position to try and stand up, putting pressure on his burnt feet he yelped, falling to his knees. Tears burned his eyes as his burnt feet scrapped across the ground. Lifting his head and looking at them with his pleading green eyes, "Please get me out of these things…please…"

When they didn't even react or answer his pleas, he fell onto his bottom looking up at them with pleading watery green eyes, but still they made no moves to help him. When a small desperate whimper escaped him, more snorts erupted amongst them.

Tears threated to fall from his eyes, but he blinked profusely to prevents them from falling.

Why were they doing this? Why were they looking at him with such bitterness? Why did they snort? Why weren't they helping him?

Something was wrong.

"We didn't come for you." Robin crackling laughter echoed off the walls of the cell.

Very wrong.

Kid stared at them with disbelief for a moment, "W-what?" His eyes slowly drifted to each of them, "Rob, that-that's not funny…please…"

Robin huffed a sighed, crossing his arms over his chest, "We only came here to tell you that Cadmus is keeping you, Kid."

"W-what are you…." Kid swallowed thickly, "What are you talking about, Rob?"

Artemis scuffed in annoyance, immediately get the speedster attention, "Are you really that brainless?" She hissed venomously, "You're staying here! We're not here to bust you out!"

Kid's eyes slowly widen in horror, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. They were just going to leave him? Just turn their backs on him, just like that. This had to be a joke.

A sick twisted joke.

"Cadmus and the League had come to agreement," Kaldur stepped forward, explaining in a harsh tone, "They agreed to the terms that if Cadmus was allowed to keep you, and they shall leave the League alone."

"Y-y-you can't….yyou can't just leave me here!"

"Sure he can." Red Arrow snapped, glaring down at the redhead, "It's better than having to deal with you and Cadmus."

Green eyes darted to every single one of his teammates. Looking, just looking for a smile to snake across their lips, to let him know they were just messing with him. But there were not smiles, not even a twitch of the lips, to give him the slightest indication that it was just a sick joke.

Kid shook his head, "You can't do this…"

Red Arrow stepped closer, pointing at him with a dark scowl, "We're tired of dealing with you and Cadmus! So why not get rid of both of you?" he spat bitterly as he held up two fingers, "Two birds; one stone."

It was becoming hard and harder to hold in the tears back. Turning his gaze; Kid looked towards Robin. He was the one who always had the most trouble keeping a straight face when he was playing a prank. But there was no struggle of keeping a playful smile off his face.

"You wanna know somethin', Kid?" Red Arrow asked darkly.

The green iris' darted back from the bird to the older archer. To Wally, Roy was considered to be the older brother he never had. The best, the absolute best big brother he never hard.

"The real reason I never joined your Junior Justice League; was because you were on the team."

The heart in Kid's chest slowly made its way into his throat, making it painful to speak, "W-wha…?"

"I can't stand being in the same damn room with you!" Red Arrow spat venomously, "I couldn't imagine being on the same team." A smile tugged at the archers' lips, "Now that you belong to Cadmus, I'll be taking your place, the team won't be held back anymore."

Kid stared at Roy in horror. Did really think that? He thought Roy didn't join because he was tired of the League ordering him around, but in reality it was him? He couldn't believe it; Red, no Roy was turning against him and leaving his little brother behind.

Swallowing the throbbing lump lodged in his throat, Kid slowly turned his head towards Robin, his best friend, no his baby brother, "Rob," he whimpered out weakly, "Help me bro…"

"Bro?" Robin let out a crackle, before a scowl slowly contorted onto his face, "Don't call me that, I really never you considered you as a friend, and most certainly not a brother."

Kid felt like he had just been punched right in the gut. Robin had been his best friend since he got his powers. Robin was also the baby brother that he never had. But the truth was, Robin/Dick was the first real friend he had ever had.

"I never like you; I never wanted to be your friend, or your bro. I only became your friend 'cause Flash asked me to; he thought you were lonely." A crackled erupted from the bird as he looked down at the distraught speedster, "It was all an act of pity; did you honestly think we were really friends?"

Kid stared at him, a single stray tear slowly dripped down the speedsters pale cheek.

"Your stupid jokes and annoying puns." Robin glared down at him, "I can't even stand being around you! I put up with you for Flash. If Flash hadn't asked me to be your friend, you'd still be the friendless loser you are back in Central!"


"B-b-but," Artemis mocked, sneering, "But nothing, Kid Idiot!"

Weakly turning his head towards his rival on the team, not only that, but the speedsters spitfire. Her cold eyes were glaring down at him, and she had the most cynical twisted sneer on her face, one so cynical that it made his skin crawl

"Do you want to know exactly why I was asked to join the team?" She asked stepping forward, and leaning towards him until her lips were right next to his ear, "It was to kill you off.


Artemis' sneer grew, "The team was so irritated with you, and the wanted Red Arrow on the team. So they asked me to join the team, to kill you off by… 'accident'" Artemis explained, making air quotations around 'accident' before continuing, "And do you want to know who plotted the whole thing?"

Kid numbly shook his head, not wanting to know the answer, afraid of what he would hear. "Stop it, just stop…" he begged quietly, "Please just stop…" he was gradually starting to wish his team wasn't there, not if they were going to talk to him like this.

To block out their voices, and their words, he squeezed his eyes shut and, silently recited the periodic table in his head. But their voices were making it hard to focus, he was sure that he missed about 16 elements, or couldn't even remember how to pronounce them correctly.

"The one who had plotted this entire thing," Artemis leaned in, whispering right in his ear, "Was Flash."

Kid's eyes snapped open almost instantly; he lifted his head and looked at his teammates with a look of horror. "Y-You lie!" Kid cried out weakly, numbly shaking his head, "That's not funny…Flash would never…"

"I am sorry to break this to you, Kid Flash, but this is the truth." Kaldur interjected, stepping forward, "Flash was the one who brought this plan to the team."

Kid could feel his heart crack in his chest at the sight of his friends nodding their heads, confirming what Kaldur was telling him. His chest constricted more, he didn't want to believe it, but in the back of his mind he was starting believe it.

"The team and I had come to an agreement," he continued, "We then brought the plan to the League and they also agree to the terms of the termination of Kid Flash."

Kid shook his head, "F-Flash would never do that…"

Kaldur let a soft chuckle escape him, as a sick smile tugged at the corner of his lips, "I am sorry, Kid Flash." He said calmly, "But clearly, you do not know your own mentor."

"You're lying!" Kid cried out as loud as his raspy voice would allow, it was almost pathetic how his voice squeaked from the strain, "Flash would never consider that!"

Kid knew Flash better than anyone. Maybe they had to make all this up to get him riled up, to get his adrenaline pumping so they could get out of the building faster. He told himself that over and over again, assuring himself that everything was going to be okay, and they were just messing with him.


Turning his gaze away from the leader to the rest of his teammates who had remained silent for some time. Perhaps they were staying silent to prevent themselves from giving him any hints of the prank.

"Supey, please…."

"Why bother?" Superboy rolled his eyes, crossing his arm over his chest in sheer annoyance, "You just get in the way, you never listen to order, you mess up missions and play pranks on everyone."

Kid swallowed thickly, "I-I won't…please I'll do anything!" Kid begged, he just wanted to go home, the joke should have ended by now, he didn't understand. He was starting to get desperate, he was willing to do anything to get out, even if he had to do something he didn't want to, "I-I'll quit!"


"I-I'll quit being Kid Flash!" he offered in a panic, "Just please…don't leave me here."

Superboy stared at him for a long still moment; it was almost as if he was considering Kids' offer to quit the team. The long silence gave Kid a glimmer of hope that he was going to get out of the clutches of Cadmus once and for all.


The cracked heart in the speedsters' chest slowly started to shatter into tiny pieces. A small whimper escaped him as he quietly cursed at himself, he should have seen that coming. Squeezing his eyes shut, trying to stop the tears from escaping his eyes, he knew he had one last shot of getting out of Cadmus.

Turning his head toward M'gann who had her head directed to the floor, she wouldn't even look at him. Maybe she was feeling guilty about what they were doing. One guilty soul was all he needed to convince that others.

"M'gann, please…don't leave me here."

She finally lifted her head and stared at him with sad eyes, "I'm so sorry, Wally." She said calmly, "But… I have to agree with the others, you belong to Cadmus now."

"You can't do this!" Wally yelled out, the floodgates in his eyes finally opening and sending tears pouring out of his eyes, "I'm your friend! …Please…"

M'gann only shook her head, "It wouldn't work, Wally."

"Why not!"

"We have enough members on the team." Kaldur told him, "With Red Arrow taking your place, and a few new members joining, we can't have to many to command."

"No! Please!" Wally begged, "I'll quit, I'll never be a hero again…just don't leave me in this hell…please…"

"Get it through your head, Kid," a familiar laidback voice said from behind the younger heroes, "They don't want you and neither do I."

Kid tried his best not to breakdown into uncontrollable sobs when he saw Flash standing in front of him. His mentor, his uncle, basically his father in everyway but blood, was right there in front of him.



"Please help me…" Kid whimpered weakly, lifting his shackled good arm towards his mentor in hopes that he would cut him out. He was sure to look up at his uncle with those giant green puppy-dog eyes his uncle always gave into, "T-They're going to leave me here…"

Even with the puppy eyes, Flash didn't even attempt to cut him free, he wasn't even engulfed in a bone crushing hug, all Kid received was a glare from his mentor. He shrunk back against the wall a bit, he had never seen that look on his uncles face before, it was almost scaring him a bit.

Then it finally hit him. Hit him like a ton of bricks.

"U-Uncle Barry, please don't leave me…"

Flash only narrowed his eyes to the point they were nearly whites slits on his red cowl, "Don't call me your uncle, we're not family."

More tears slowly slid down the speedsters face. He couldn't believe it, his uncle was going to leave him too?


"Why should I take you back? I didn't want you to begin with, you only held me back!" Flash hissed kneeling in front of his protégé, "I didn't want you as my nephew, and I sure didn't want you as Kid Flash."

"I'm sorry…"

"No, no you're not!" he spat bitterly, "I didn't want you, Iris didn't want you, hell your father didn't even want you."

Kid sewed his eyes shut, the tears leaving his eyes like a waterfall, while sobs wracked through his broken frame, "Please, Uncle Barry…dad…please."

"I'm not your uncle, and I'm sure has hell not your dad." Flash hissed almost venomously towards him, "Get it through your head. No. One. Wants. You."

Finally, he couldn't hold it in any longer. Sobs escaped Kid's lips; he just wanted to go home, that was all. He wanted to know why they were doing this to him. What had he done to deserve this?

"Please don't leave me." Kid sobbed, "I-I just want to go home…"

The door behind Flash and his team suddenly swung open and Roberts stepped inside. He casually walked passed Flash and his team; almost as if he didn't even care they were there.

Pressing himself against the wall, he tried to put a gap between him and the mad man, hoping the wall would simply swallow him whole never to be see again. He whimpered, looking up at Flash with begging eyes.

Roberts was right there, why didn't he take him? Why wasn't he beating him to a pulp like he imagined in his mind so many times? Were they really just doing to watch his mad man break him down?

Flash only sneered along with the team. They slowly turned their backs to him and trickled out of cell one by one, not even casting a glance towards him. "N-no!" He wanted to run after them.

Pushing himself up out of the sitting position, he yelped when he put pressure on his burnt feet and he fell forward, his jaw slamming hard against the ground. Gagging at the taste of blood in his mouth he looked towards the door. "Come back, please come back…"

He was tempted the crawl towards the door, when two figures stood over him blocking his way. He squeezed his eyes shut when hands reached for him, and pulled him right back into the sitting position against the wall.

Kid struggled with everything he had left in him, which wasn't much. His green eyes were glued to the door, "Don't leave me!" Kid cried, "Please don't leave me!"

"Who's the brat talkin' too?" Gus grunted, holding Kid still as Roberts shined a light into the speedsters' eye.

His pupils were almost fully dilated barely reacting to the light that was shined into them. The scientist glanced over his shoulder in the direction that the speedster was looking at calling out towards, but seeing no one there.

Roberts chuckled, "He's hallucinating."

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