Chapter 1

"Get off of me!"

As she turned to walk, well run, away from Brittany she could feel the tears coming. No one at this school had ever seen the HBIC Santana Lopez cry, she wasn't about to let it happen now.

She reached for her keys in her pocket and headed out the doors of Mckinley High. "I just have to get to my car" she thought. Right. Left. Right. Left. She concentrated on her movements to keep her mind away from what just happened. What had she done? She couldn't go back. Now everything was changed. She opened up the car door and threw herself inside the vehicle. She started the engine and put the car in drive struggling to see through the tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

She wanted to sleep. Sleep meant forgetting.

Santana pulled up to her house and got inside as fast as she could. She was relieved to find the house empty. She couldn't have dealt with her parents all up in her face asking questions. She ran up to her room, threw her things on the floor and sank into her bed. "Proudly so". The words taunted her. What was being proud anyway? Didn't pride for something mean wanting to be connected to something? So had Brittany still chosen Artie? Santana just lied there, hoping that some revelation would hit her.

"Of course I love you! I do! And I would totally be with you if it wasn't for Artie."

Artie. Artie was the only thing keeping Brittany from her. She needed to break them up. Santana was an expert at manipulation. She could pretty much get anyone to do anything; especially Brittany. She started planning in her head but it kept going back to the last time she saw Brittany. How could she want to be with wheel boy over her? Santana had always been there. They had known each other since elementary school. Santana could still remember the first time she met the tall blonde.

Santana followed the other kids outside to the blacktop unsure of what to do. She didn't really know any of the other kids. Her dad had just gotten a really important position at the local hospital and so she was new to Lima, Ohio, forced to switch schools in 3rd grade. She walked over to the swing-set and sat down on one of the swings. She looked around the playground. There was a game of tag, a few kids were playing foursquare, but then she saw an unusually tall blonde girl over by the stream that created one side of the school's property.

There were three boys downstream from the blonde that looked like they were about to do something typical of a young boy. Sure enough one of the boys spotted his target across the stream and threw a stone at a poor, defenseless duck. This did not escape the perception of the blonde. She walked over to the boy and told him to apologize to the duck.

"Why? It's a duck."

"It didn't do anything to you!"

"It's just a stupid animal. Jeez! Lay off you freak!"

Santana watched on, her anger growing by the second. She didn't even know the blonde but yet she somehow felt the need to do something. All the girl was trying to do was stop a little duck from getting hurt. She ran over confident in her ability to help the sweet girl. She felt all their eyes turn to her as she approached.

"Hey leave her alone! Why don't you do everyone a favor and throw those stones at each other!"

"Uh who are you ?" The boy spoke up.

"I'm Santana Lopez. Remember that when you tell your mommy who got dirt all over your clothes".

"Whatever, it's not worth it. Let's go guys"

Santana got a smug grin on her face as the boys walked away. She couldn't help but notice the smile that had been growing on the taller girl during the argument. She was definitely happy. Santana was good at reading people.

"Thank You. Those jerks were being so mean to that poor little guy. I guess I didn't scare them off as well as you did."

"Don't mention it. I couldn't just sit there and watch them be that annoying. I'm Santana by the way. Santana Lopez."Santana reached her hand out.

"Brittany. Brittany S. Pierce.

Santana sank back down in her bed.

"I love him too"

She couldn't break them up. Whether she liked it or not Brittany loved both of them. She couldn't manipulate this situation without hurting Brittany more than she already had. She had promised the blonde a long time ago that she would protect her, but now, who would protect her from Santana? She knew that feeding Brittany all that garbage that what they were doing wasn't cheating because the plumbing was different was not the best idea, but she couldn't help herself. I mean, have you seen Brittany?

She had put Brit in such a bad position. "Pendeja" She whispered to herself. Santana realized that for once in her life, she had to wait.

And patience was not one of Santana Lopez's virtues.