Author's Note:

This fanfic is something I randomly thought up because I was trying to explore the different avenues the girls could take as the future unfolded. I chose to set the timeline in the distant future so that would allow me more room to create more freely and hopefully steer away from all the stereotypical storylines. My favorite character, as you'll soon learn, is Edith followed closely by Margo. Despicable Me has quickly become one of my favorite movies because of its originality and other personal factors. This fanfic is constantly undergoing changes, tweaks, and adjustments for a fuller, richer story reading experience. I've put much thought into the plot and how the story will progress so I'm hoping that you readers will be thoroughly satisfied with the twists and turns this story will take. If I make any changes throughout the middle of the story be sure I'll post an update at the newest chapter so you don't miss anything! PLUS, this first chapter here will be an easy way to check for updates! As I add chapters, I'll add their titles to the list below so you only have to check this page for an update. Just to make this as convenient as possible.

Also know that for a better story I'm always looking for improvements, suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticisms. Flames don't fall into any of those categories. Also note that flaming and other derogatory comments don't help with anything so for the sake and sanity of myself and those around me; please refrain from posting them. Thanks!

Hiding in Plain Sight,



Set in the distant future; the girls are now grown. Gru's house is no longer buzzing with little feet running amok—it's quiet and almost lonely. Agnes is nearing the start of her first year of college and Edith has disappeared. After an explosive fight with Margo, she vanished. It's been over a year since anyone has seen or heard from her. And now that Margo's biggest plan ever is about to get underway, she needs Edith's help. But can the bitter sibling put the past behind her?

The quarrel between Margo and Edith should be the least of their worries.

If only they knew…

Chapter List:

Chapter One: Family Tradition

Chapter Two: The Letter E

Chapter Three: Criminal Advantages

Chapter Four: Normal Life and Sisterly Advice

Chapter Five: Understandably Frustrated

Chapter Six: Part One, Behind Closed Doors; Gru's Secret Soft Side for Christmas

Chapter Seven: Resolve, Intrigue, and Sweet Vengeance