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Chapter Seven: Resolve, Intrigue, and Sweet Vengeance

Margo felt like she was walking around in a dream. Everything seemed so surreal as she followed Edith into her home. It was quite stylish and modern, but simple. Margo was a little disappointed to see that Edith didn't display her exploits around her home as their father had for so long. Not that it didn't look nice and all; she had just been hoping for some clues about her sister's life over the past year. Margo hesitated in the hall as Edith disappeared behind a swinging door. She had caught sight of a collage of pictures that nearly took her breath away. It was filled with family photos, memorable event photos, and right in the center—largest of all—was the picture of the four of them pointing to the moon.

Why want the moon?

Those words were written boldly at the top of the collage. It nearly brought tears to Margo's eyes. So she hadn't forgotten about her family after all.


The swinging door whooshed open. Margo shot her hand out to catch it so it wouldn't hit her in the face. Edith peered around the edge of it, seeing where Margo has disappeared to. She noticed Margo standing in front of the family collage. Edith resisted the urge to frown and instead forced a half grin.

"Get lost Margo?" she asked, stepping out from behind the door.

Margo blushed, her mouth hanging open as she searched for a reply. Edith crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head, a smug grin now on her face.

"If it's exploits you're after, then you'll have to go to my lab," said Edith, "It's a small town so anonymity is everything."

Margo's mouth formed an 'O' and she nodded. Edith waved for her to follow and disappeared behind the swinging door once again. Margo followed as Edith began digging through the refrigerator. She pulled out a couple of bottles of water and set one in front of Margo. Edith adjusted her dirty gray beanie and took a generous gulp from her bottle of water. Margo looked at the beanie with disdain. It brought back memories she didn't care to relive.

"So…what makes Agnes bring you here?" Edith asked, despite knowing the answer.

Margo toyed with her bottle of water in silence. How was she going to tell Edith that Agnes had forced her here because of…well, because of her fear and leftover anger…

Margo adjusted her glasses and looked at Edith. The middle sister stared at Margo, expecting an answer at any second. Margo was sure she was just waiting for an apology.

"Well, Dad figured out where you were," Margo began, pausing to think for a second. "And…well, I need your help with something and Agnes just got frustrated with me…and…here I am…"

Edith studied Margo as the elder sister suddenly became interested in her bottle of water. It seemed that help wasn't the only thing Margo was seeking. Bitter thoughts of their past flooded Edith's mind making her glance away. She caught sight of the beanie she wore in the reflection of her microwave and froze. She now fully understood what Agnes had gotten frustrated about. She remembered her conversation with Agnes several nights ago and the sudden frustration that had surfaced when the topic had been brought up. It made sense why Agnes was so intent on fixing it. Not only was Edith being stubborn about it all, but so was Margo and being caught in the middle was no fun. Should she suck it up and just apologize or wait for Margo to do it first? Indecision was feeling she detested more than most, especially in moments like these.

Why is apologizing so difficult! Edith thought bitterly. Oh yeah, because you were wrong and have to admit it.

Edith swallowed, opened her mouth, and then closed it. Her throat was suddenly dry. She opened her water bottle and took a large gulp from it. As she tried to screw the cap back on, it slipped from her fingers and fell to the floor. Edith sighed and bent down to retrieve it. As her fingers clasped the little plastic lid, Margo's voice floated down to her.

"I'm sorry!"

Shock overwhelmed Edith and she stood up swiftly, banging her head on the underside of the counter. Edith attempted to stand once more taking a more careful approach, rubbing the back of her head.

"What?" Edith asked, still unsure if she had actually heard Margo apologize.

Margo took a deep breath. "I said "I'm sorry". That argument was so stupid and I handled it all wrong. I just didn't want you to go get hurt-

Edith held up a hand, silencing Margo. She closed her fingers so that she was holding only her index finger up. She needed a second to gather her thoughts. This whole situation was becoming way too emotional for her liking, but if she was to move forward with things she would just have to live with it and move on. Edith was just glad she wasn't the one to break the ice with the apologies.

"No, you were right to worry," said Edith, "We were both in the wrong. I overreacted too. Running off like I did was childish and immature. Besides, you were right to worry about me getting hurt."

Margo narrowed her eyes at Edith. "What did you do?" she asked accusingly.

Edith shrugged. "That's not the point. What did you need my help with? I know that's why you came-besides the making up thing."

The subject change hadn't gone unnoticed, but Margo decided to let it go. No sense in causing another argument so soon after fixing the first one.

"Actually, yes...let me just...get my folder..."

Margo dug through her purse, trying to locate said folder with her plans in it. She shuffled the contents around, her hand grazing something made of fabric. At first she was confused, but as she pulled out the dark blue beanie she realized what it was. At the same moment she realized what it was so did Edith. Her blue-gray eyes flicked back and forth between the beanie and her sister, clearly unable to hide her shock. Margo laid the hat on the counter, pushed it towards Edith, and offered a small smile.

Edith picked up the beanie. " kept it?" She raised her hand to rest on the dirty gray one on her head. The last time she had seen the blue one had been when she shoved it back into Margo's hands and declared she didn't want it anymore. She now realized that the hat symbolized more than just a gift between sisters; it was proof that her family really did care for her. And Edith found herself fighting another tumult of emotional waves.

"I held onto it so I could give it back to you when things were finally resolved," Margo replied, "And I suppose now is as good as ever. But that wasn't what I needed your help with..."

Margo dug in her purse once more and finally retrieved the folder she was after. She opened it up, turned it around, and set it in front of Edith. Slowly a devious smile overcame Edith's face which gradually spread into a wide grin bursting with joy.

"Why do you need my help disposing of Miss Hattie?" she asked wryly, "This isn't exactly rocket science..."

Margo rolled her eyes. "I've got all that figured out; paperwork, plans, vengeance-the whole nine yards. I just thought you might like to help and I wanted you to help me redesign the whole orphanage. And once Miss Hattie is legally disposed of, you can have your fun with her afterwards. Simple as that."

Edith nodded, pondering on the various possibilities that flashed into her mind. Just entertaining those few ideas got her excited about helping her sister.

"Question; Why take over Miss Hattie's? That seems so...Robin Hood," Edith asked.

"Well, simply put, orphan girls deserve better," answered Margo, "I want revenge on that horrible woman and I was going to use villainous exploits to fund the place. Where we came from weighs heavily on me and makes me appreciate Dad so much more. I'm not saying you don't, but I was older so it was much more impressionable on me than you or Agnes. And I plan on using the orphanage to launder some money, so there's that."

Edith nodded, smiled broadly, switched beanies, and then crossed her arms over her chest. "Sweet vengeance..."

Silence fell over the duo, leaving Margo a little confused. Edith seemed to be lost in her own thoughts, leaving Margo awaiting an answer.

"So are you going to help me or not?" she asked impatiently.

Edith smiled. "I just have one more question."

Margo rolled her eyes, mumbled several swear words under her breath, and then looked back at Edith expectantly. She grew a little more flustered as she noticed the mischievous smile on Edith's face. Apparently she was drawing this out just to irritate Margo.

Some things will never change.

"Get on with it, will you?" she exclaimed, throwing her hands up and then crossing them on the counter.

"When do we start?" Edith asked as she began laughing.

Margo dropped her head onto her arms with a groan. Maybe she should rethink asking for Edith's help.


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