Boost's Revelation

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A/N: humanized, slash, Boost/Wingo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Boost sat on the hood of his car, wondering exactly why he'd come here, to the parking lot of the Wagon Wheel motel, of all places. Sure, the view was great, but his thoughts weren't on the view. He was thinking about something that had much more meaning to him.

Someone pulled into the parking lot, immediately attracting his attention. Wingo. He'd recognize the color pattern of that guy's outlandish green and purple car and hair anywhere. Wingo parked next to him and climbed out of his car. "What's up?" he asked.

Boost shrugged, largely because he didn't know himself. "Not a whole hell of a lot," he said. Then he glanced over at Wingo and asked, "You?"

"Just that you never came back, and I just came to check on you."

"Why? I'm just fine."

"Like I said, you never came back after you said you were goin' for a drive."

"What, thinkin' about stuff's a crime?"

"No, it ain't." Boost sighed, leaning back against his windshield. "Whatcha thinkin', man?" Wingo asked after a moment.

Boost chewed his lip. This was one of the things he was afraid of. He didn't want to talk about what he was thinking, what he was feeling, and he certainly didn't want to talk about it with the one person these thoughts and feelings concerned. When he noticed that Wingo was looking at him expectantly, he just shook his head and looked away.

"You sure you okay?" Wingo asked.

Boost sighed heavily. There was no getting out of this. "I...I got somethin' to talk about," he said. Wingo nodded, waiting patiently for Boost to continue. "I, I ain't...I ain't exactly...straight."

Wingo couldn't help but smirk. "I always wondered why all your relationships fell apart."

"Wait, you get it."

"Well, it all makes sense, don't it?"

"In Wingo-speak, maybe."

Wingo paused and then asked, "So, why you tellin' me?"

Boost slipped off of the hood of his car and walked over to where Wingo was perched on the hood of his car. He leaned forward, propping himself up with his hands, his face inches from Wingo's. "This is why," he whispered, pressing his mouth to Wingo's. Wingo jumped and fidgeted some before relaxing with a moan and allowing Boost to slip his tongue into his mouth. He leaned back until he was lying across his hood and Boost was on top of him. Pretty soon, Wingo had stopped thinking entirely, surrendering himself to the strange, controversial feelings swirling around inside his head.

Boost pulled away, and Wingo followed him before Boost pushed him back onto the hood. "Don't," Wingo mumbled.

"Guess you ain't as straight as I thought, either," Boost replied with a laugh.

"Why'd you stop?"

Boost leaned in toward Wingo and whispered, "Want more?" Wingo nodded, and Boost tilted his head in the direction of the Wagon Wheel. "C'mon, let's get a room."


Boost's eyes fluttered open, only to find that he was in a motel room. At first he thought that he was alone, but this room didn't look like one at the Cozy Cone, where he typically was alone. Then he rolled over and found Wingo lying next to him, still sound asleep, and that sight removed all doubt.

He smiled, rested a hand on Wingo's cheek, and kissed him on the forehead. He didn't have any regrets whatsoever.