As Juli and I pat down the dirt for the tree, my hand falls on to her's a take a grip on it. Her eyes look into mine.

" What are you doing?" She asks in an innocent voice.

" The one thing you didn't let me do earlier." I say smiling. I know it's now or never. She flashes her perfect smile and moves her face towards mine. I watch her close her eyes. I close my eyes too and lean towards her. I feel pure bliss as our lips touch. Her lips so soft and the kiss so sweet. I just stole her first kiss, and my first kiss.



As my hand lies on the dirt, Bryce places his hand on mine and takes a grip. I swear my cheeks just turned crimson.

" What are you doing?" I ask in this stupid innocent voice. I didn't even know I could make that tone of voice.

" The one thing you didn't let me do earlier." Bryce replies. Oh my gosh. I've been wanting this moment this I've meet Bryce. I look into his deep stunning eyes. This is the moment Juli, don't stop it. Don't try to ruin it. I move my face towards his and close my eyes. I've sadly read a woman's magazine telling me, I shouldn't stare during a kiss. But how am I supposed to remember it? I think it's supposed to be the feelings that I'm supposed to remember. Then I feel his lips to mine and I fall into pure bliss. I start to count down the seconds as it happens. I feel his lips pull away and I open my eyes. I can't help of flash a smile and pull my hair back.

" I know that we're only in the eighth grade but, I think, no, I know…that I love you." Bryce says.

" I love you too. And I've liked you way longer than right now." I say.

" How long?"

" Since the first day I met you. Not to mention I've always wanted you to kiss me."

" I actually think we'll be having a lot of those more often." Bryce says and smiling. He leans again and kisses me.

The second kiss to many kisses.