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This is X-men from the live action movie series, I usually do my homework and read and watch everything to do with the series, but to tell you the truth there is more stuff for x-men than I care to read. I'm taking a short cut. I have read the comics and done my research that way, but I haven't gone through every single one and I don't know enough to do them a justice. This way I can know what I'm talking about.

This story was actually not brought on by the new x-men movie, but it is a plot bunny that finally threw my notebook at me with a pen and handcuffed me to a desk. The first few pages were drafted out in my notebook.

Also, in the last x-men that didn't go back in time and reveal character's pasts or what not, Rouge gave up her powers by taking the mutant cure, for the sake of this story THAT NEVER HAPPENED. She couldn't do it or whatever.

And lastly, please don't ask me what happened to Danny, I'll be giving it away soon enough with flash backs and dreams.

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"Gotta keep moving." Trip, fall, back to feet, run, Run, RUN! "Look out." Jump over person tying shoe, keep running, "Keep moving Fenton." Gasp, "keep moving." RUN!

"Halt!" Jump, grab, swing, roll, back to feet, run keep moving, keep running, can't rip you apart if they can't catch you, running, almost there, away, no wait, hands. Twist, jump, airless, flip, feet, run, skid. Stop.

Blend in, no, right there, they see you, jump, grab the ladder. Fire escape.

"Stop him." Climb Fenton, climb. Run, open window? Duck in, look… AAAHHH dog, run, open door, hall way. Stop.

People, run, stairs, they can trap you between floors in an elevator. Run up stairs, window, stairs, window, stairs, window, stairs, window… stop.

Pant, stairs… door, exit! Top floor, roof, no one there. Floors back, look. Run, Jump.


(Ok, the pervious was sorta Danny's internal rant to himself, disjointed, so if it makes no sense there is a reason. Hang in there ok?)

"Bobby stop it." Rouge smiled her boyfriend smiling at her.

"I can't because you're just so BEAUTIFUL." Bobby smiled back. Rouge blushed. They leaned together.

"I…" Rouge started.

"You won't hurt me." Bobby assured. Rouge hesitated.

"Would you too stop it and kiss already." A wall of water headed toward the couple on the beach, Bobby held his hand out the water freezing and dropping to the ground shattering and melting. Bobby smiled.

"Oh come on Kitty." Bobby teased, "Does the fact she can stop my heart just my touching me mean nothing to you?"

"Thanks Bobby." Rouge rolled her eyes.

"I'm sure it won't happen but still." Bobby smiled, "Leave your pranks out of it." He laughed. Rouge sat up straighter.

"The romance in dying over here." Rouge joked.

Up by the picnic tables an African woman with white hair and a scruffy looking man watched.

"You were right." The man said looking over at the woman.

"And what exactly was I right about… Logan?" Storm smiled.

"This trip is good for the kids." Logan sighed, "You're good with these things."

"So… you gonna stick around?" Storm smiled. Logan chuckled.

"I don't see a reason not to, besides you need another teacher right?" Logan smiled.

"I don't see you teaching physics." Storm smiled. Logan rolled his eyes.

"I meant the other position." He sighed.

"Right." Storm laughed, "Because you in a suit and tie… strange image." Storm laughed.

"I've seen stranger." Logan said looking out at the mutant children playing on the beach. Bobby came running up to Storm.

"Can we go ice skating?" Bobby asked standing in his swim trunks.

"Did you bring the ice skates?" Storm asked Bobby nodded, "Well then go make sure it's ok with the others." Bobby beamed and ran off.

"Somehow, everything seems normal." Logan smiled watching a thin sheet of ice cover the private lake. Storm smiled.

"That's because it is."

(Yeah, they'll meet soon enough, just two sections here, please don't leave me yet.)

"Breathe…" Danny gasped for breath clutching a tree trying to recuperate. His hands trembled; his breath came out in a puff of blue tinted fog. He looked wildly around. Nothing. He made his way slowly through the trees his body aching from the effort, a non-stop flight to only god knows where had resulted in him being not only exhausted but unable to go ghost. This was not a good time for a ghost to find him.

And he was in pain, his chest hurt where… the painful memory of it caused Danny to close his eyes against it. Not now, this was not the time.

Stumbling through the faux forest he came to a clearing where the trees thinned out and opened to the side of a huge frozen lake… except it was summer. Danny frowned wondering if he was hallucinating.

"You're not going crazy if that's what you think." A man said, Danny jumped doing everything in his power not to charge an ecto-blast in his hand.

"Who are you?" Danny asked the bald man. The man looked at him.

"I am Professor Charles Xavier." The man smiled, "I'm not going to hurt you so please don't attack." Danny took a step back.

"Can you read my thoughts?" He asked the Professor confused. The man laughed.

"No, but your face is a surprisingly open book, it makes up for not being able to read your thoughts."

"So you can read thoughts?" Danny asked puzzled. The man smiled.

"Yes, you see, we aren't ordinary."

"Yeah… I'm not exactly either." Danny chuckled, feeling companionship toward this strange man. Professor X smiled.

"Hey, Professor." A woman waved, Danny looked at her, she was taken aback, behind Danny's back Prof. X shook his head.

"Yes Jean." Prof. X smiled. Jean regained her composure. Danny shivered slightly looking at the woman, jumping, his fists clenching reflexively.

"Uh… Scott wants to know why we are staying here." Jean said, "He's not partial to Logan either." Jean smiled looking down briefly then looking back up.

"Tell him we are here for the kids, for as long as they need us." Prof. X said, "Any of them." Prof. X then gave a pointed look at Danny who was looking off into space.

"For now, we stay." Xavier said with finality, Jean nodded.

"Of course." Then she looked at Danny again, and walked off. Danny looked to Prof. X for an explanation.

"That was Jean Grey, she's not normal either."

"Well, that really doesn't bother me." Danny sighed, "being normal is over rated. At least that's what my friend Sam kept saying." Danny's face darkened.

"Well, perhaps you'll be interested in a 'not normal' school then." Xavier smiled. Danny looked up at the man.

"I'm listening."

(TA DA! Line break.)

"Logan?" Rouge said trying to get the attention of the man. Logan however was sniffing the air suspiciously, it smelled like blood. He sniffed again.

"Logan." Rouge tried again, then she sighed walking down to the beach. Logan was sniffing the air like a dog and wondering where the smell of blood was coming from when he was doused in water.

"WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA!" He growled snapping out of it. Storm laughed. Rouge held a bucket of water and was also laughing. Noticing his distracted mood Storm put a hand on Logan's shoulder.

"Hey… What's wrong?" She asked. But before she could get an answer she was distracted by a commotion on the beach.

"Sorry!" Bobby said Storm and Logan looked up; Bobby was looking at a fourteen-year-old boy who was sprawled out in the sand.

"Dude!" the boy said getting up with a wince, "Watch where you're going."

"I'm so sorry." Bobby insisted. The boy dusted himself off, his wince slightly more pronounced; Bobby looked at him, "Are you ok?" He asked. The boy looked up shaking out his raven black hair and blinking his bright blue eyes.

"I'll heal." He managed.

"Look, we have a first aid kit if you want to…"

"I'll heal." The kid said more forcibly, Bobby backed off getting the point.

"Well at least let me make it up to you." Bobby insisted leading the boy over to Storm and Logan, Logan sniffed again, the smell of blood getting stronger.

"I'm Bobby." Bobby smiled, the boy nodded his name slipping out of his mouth.


(Line break only because I'm shifting perspectives. K?)

"Danny." As soon as the words were out of his mouth Danny mentally face palmed himself. Why hadn't he given him a fake name? At least he hadn't given him a last name. Danny thought angrily at himself.

"We have ice cream." Bobby smiled, "Along with other food, you look like you are hungry."

"I…" Danny's stomach gave a growl even though he was about to protest, "I guess I am." He laughed rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. They approached a small group of adults; an African woman that was laughing at a wet man, the man was sniffing the air suspiciously. Behind them a clean shaven guy with red tinted sunglasses, and Jean who was talking to the man with the glasses. Danny half waved. Jean waved back, glasses looked at her weirdly. The African woman who had white hair started waving at Danny too.

"That's Storm. She's one of the teachers at our school, and that's Logan he… well, he helps out around, he hasn't officially become a teacher yet." Bobby informed, Danny nodded not giving it a second thought which spiked Bobby's interest.

"You seem to be taking this all without question." Bobby said looking at Danny. Danny looked back raising an eyebrow completely oblivious to Bobby thinking Danny was normal. Which Danny was anything but.

"What would I question?" Danny asked, the frozen lake barely registering a blip on the weirdness scale. Bobby looked at him. Danny of course paid no attention to the strange looks he was getting having lived in Amity Park and being Danny Phantom, having seen much weirder things.

"So… you're not even going to question me?" Bobby asked confused, "Or run screaming, or call me a freak?" Bobby asked. Danny shrugged indifferently.

"Why would I do that? You're still a person no matter how weird." Danny looked out over the lake.

"Do you know what I am?" Bobby asked. Danny stopped, looking at Bobby he raised his eyebrows.

"Do you want me to be afraid of you?" Danny asked, "Dude, I know what you are, and I could care less, where I live I've been chased down, shot at, and attacked with boxes, so I don't care if you are half monkey, ghost, Vampire, or werewolf, hell I don't even care if you're a werecat. I lived in Amity Park, and compared to that, I don't think much can weird me out now, surprise me yes, freak me out no."

"Amity Park?" Bobby asked confused, "You mean the ghost capital of America." Bobby said recognizing the name.

"That's the place." Danny smiled, "Mutant or not, you're still a kid right? Somebody's son, it should be their job to protect you from everyone, not judge you."

"Wow, you sound way older than you look." Bobby laughed, Danny joined in.

"Tell that to my sister." A dark shadow passed over Danny's face as he remembered his sister. She didn't even know where he was and was probably worried sick.

"Bobby, who's this?" Storm asked as the two boys came up to the woman.

"Danny, He's from Amity Park." Bobby said, "Danny, Strom, Storm, Danny, Logan, Danny, Danny Logan." Bobby said. Danny held his hand out.

"Nice to meet you." Storm took his hand shaking it. Danny prayed she wouldn't realize how unnaturally cold he was.

"He has manners." Storm smiled Danny blushed, "I'm just kidding Danny, it's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you to." Danny smiled almost happy to have met someone. Maybe they could help him. But Danny wasn't sure what he needed, where even he as, and asking those questions was bound to turn some heads.

"How did you get here, I thought this was private property." Storm asked confused. Danny grew nervous. He didn't know, he had just woken up here after passing out.

"I got turned around, I'm not sure." Danny mumbled looking at his feet.

"Don't worry about it, it's no big deal." Storm smiled.

"Sorry." Danny said. Then without warning or anything whatsoever Danny found himself enveloped in a world of white. It took him a minute to realize his shirt had been forced over his head.

"Oh my god." Storm gasped. Danny fought to get his shirt down, but someone was holding it above his head his arms sticking straight up in the air.

"Oh my god." Storm repeated. Danny's chest had then deep gashes in it; down his chest the gashes mirrored each other. Then his torso was burned up the side, though the people who were looking at it had no idea, the burn was from an ecto-blast. His back was incredibly bruised, a long gash went down his back was barely trickling with blood; you could almost see his spine. The mutants looking at Danny's mangled body wondered how he even dealt with the pain and was able to stand, much less walk around talking like he hadn't been hurt.

"It'll heal." Danny insisted as his shirt was wrestled from him. Logan looked at Danny in near horror.

"Kid, that isn't normal." He said, Danny grabbed for his shirt, barely wincing as the severed muscles in his back contracted.

"I've had worse; it was worse an hour ago." Danny insisted wishing the stupid injuries would heal already. But the weapons that caused them had not been made with the intent of letting them heal quickly.

"That's sick, what did this to you?" Bobby asked eyes wide.

"No one… nothing… it's not that bad." Danny insisted.

"Danny, you can see your spine practically, it's a wonder you're not gushing blood." Storm said gingerly leading the boy to the table.

"Well that's a first and I'm sure it looks weird, but honestly it's nothing." Danny insisted remembering what it was like hours before when he first go the injuries, barely able to keep up his ghostly form he had fled.

"Bobby, ice." Storm said, Bobby nodded. Danny winced as a cold block touched his back. Logan will you hold that there. Bobby, go get the first aid kit, and bring Janette over here." Danny sighed perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to have his wounds covered.

"Danny, what happened?" Storm asked. Danny closed his eyes against the nightmare images.

"It was so stupid." He whispered, "I didn't even get to explain." His throat seemed to close, "It's nothing." He said.

"Danny, we aren't going to hurt you." Storm said soothing the boy, "But we need to know what happened."

"Storm." Asked a little girl scared, Danny opened his eyes.

"Hey, Jan can you try and heal this?" Storm asked.

"It'll be fine, it'll heal." Danny said firmly, "It will heal."

"I'm sure it will Danny, Janette can manipulate matter, she can help heal you to a point where you can continue to recover at your own pace." Danny thought about this, and then nodded.

"I guess knocking a couple hours of my recover time wouldn't be that bad." He sighed relenting. Storm nodded.

"Good." Janette set to work Danny didn't say anything, in truth the entire time since he woke he'd wanted to scream profanities at the top of his lungs, but he'd restrained himself from doing so and walked around like nothing was wrong like he had thousands of times before.

When it was finished they bandaged him up and gave him his shirt back. Danny sat calmly, the other young mutants had been told to give him some space so Danny was alone, and Storm and Logan were talking, probably about what to do with Danny so Danny just sat there.

"Hi." Danny looked up startled by the voice.

"Hey." He said, "Jean right?" The woman nodded.

"How are you?" she asked.

"Been better, been worse…" Danny shrugged. Jean smiled.

"Does it hurt?" she asked.

"Like a particularly bad word." Danny laughed. Jean smiled.

"So, you said you had worse?"

"Yeah, living in a ghost town has its risks."

"So a ghost did this to you?" Jean asked. Danny stayed quiet.

"Danny?" Danny looked over to see Prof. X.


"It's ok to tell us… we want to help, not harm." The Professor assured.

"Well, I've been stabbed in the back a lot so…" Danny trailed off, the man with the sunglasses nodded. Danny cracked a smiled, stabbed in the back, how ironic, he thought to himself.

"You don't trust easily do you? We don't even know what you can do, all we know is you're not normal." The man smiled, "What is it that forced a young man such as yourself to grow up so fast?" Prof. X asked.

"Long story." Danny said, "And I'm not sure I can trust any of you… though I admit I'd like to."

"So trust us Danny." Jean said putting her hand on his shoulder gently.

"I can't… I can't talk about it." Danny's eyes misted at the thought. Storm came up to him.

"We're going to take you back to the school alright. We have a medical facility there that we can help you more there. Ok?" Storm said looking at him.

"I don't do hospitals well." Danny grimaced.

"It isn't a hospital, no one will know you are there. But where are your parents."

"They uh…" Danny's eyes fogged up and he hastily wiped them ashamedly, "they… they died." He lied. Storm nodded.

"Do you have any other guardian?" Storm asked.

"Just an evil fruit loop." Danny said sticking to the truth as much as possible, "I don't want to go back." Danny said, "I…" his throat seemed to close up, "I can't."

"Ok, well we'll take you to the school, and if you want to call anyone you can." Storm said.

"When do we leave?" Danny asked.

"Now." Storm said, "Logan is taking you."

"Jean." Prof. X said, "Go with them." Jean nodded.

"I… uh…" Storm put her hand on Danny's forehead.

"Well you seem to be at a normal temperature." She observed. Danny gulped, normal was not good for him, "Our doctor will take care of you." Storm said with an encouraging smile.

"Ok, I'll be fine." Danny said, "It'll heal."

"I know, but just to be on the safe side," Storm said, "alright?" Danny nodded.

"Let's get you in the car." Storm smiled. Danny got up and walked to the car on his own, even though Storm offered to help, he ignored his pain and walked as if nothing were wrong. Logan was leaning against a sports car.

"Figures he gets my car." The guy with the glasses said. Jean laughed.

"Calm down Scott." Jean smiled.

"Be careful." Scott said.

"I will." They two kissed Danny looked away getting to the car.

"You ready to go kid?" Logan asked. Danny nodded.

"Let's go." Danny turned looking for Jean but was surprised to find her already in the car.

"Ok." Danny said slightly confused as he opened the door and climbed in. Logan nodded gruffly before sliding into his side. Jean was in the back.

"Whatever is after you kid, I hope you have the strength to outlast it." Logan said, then with a glance at him added, "or else." This caused Danny to give him a strange look.

"Logan may seem distant and rough, but he's god a soft side." Jean smiled. Danny gave a short humorless laugh. Logan gave him a weird look.

"You gonna tell us what's after you?" Logan asked as he peeled out.

"No… you wouldn't believe me anyway." Danny shrugged.

The rest of the ride continued in silence, but at least the mansion that served as a school wasn't that far away. Logan pulled up in the drive way parking and getting out. Danny crawled out of his side closing the door. Jean was already near the school.

"How'd you do that?" Danny asked confused. Logan looked at him.

"Do what?"

"Nothing, I'm just…" Danny gave Jean a weird look, "Nothing."

"Whatever kid, let's get going." Logan pulled open the doors revealing the inside of the school. A couple kids ran around, one of them was flying.

"Hey, bub, no flying in the school." Logan glared, the poor kid almost ran into a wall, Logan looked down at Danny, "Freaked out yet?"

"I've seen freakier." Danny shrugged, "Try a dragon bursting out of the girls bathroom holding my date to the dance and I'll bat an eye." He shrugged. Logan led Danny down the hall.

"I have to admit kid for a human, you aren't half bad."

"Human." Danny laughed; you're only half way there. He thought amused. Logan led him down the hall, Danny was starting to sweat.

"Stupid fever." He mumbled to himself. Logan opened a wall, a white elevator inside it.

"This is pretty cool for a school." Danny said stepping in with the bigger man.

"Strangest school I've been to." Logan smiled.

"I doubt your school was infested with ghosts." Danny shrugged. Logan looked at him.

"What?" Danny asked.


"Yep, and not the kind you see on TV either. Where they just moan, or move stuff." Danny said.

"So did a ghost hurt you?" Logan asked. Danny was once again quiet, "I see you don't want to talk about it, I can understand…"

"No." Danny said.


"It wasn't a ghost, well not all of my injuries, but I guess it was because of a ghost." Danny sighed.

"What happened." Logan asked breaking out of his hard shell a bit concerned for the kid.

"I…" Danny fell to the floor gripping his head, the elevator opened. Logan hastily took the kid in his arms and walked down the hall.

"Come on kid…" Logan said as the door to the infirmary section opened.

(Line break, nuff said.)

"Mom… Dad?" Danny looked around the living room, "Hm…" he said to himself, "I guess they are hunting the ghost boy or something." Danny turned his back walking upstairs to his room. Flopping on the bed and pulling his back pack to him he looked through his homework he hoped he could get done. But with his life Danny was sure the possibility of that was next to none. Danny chewed on the end of his pencil as he started to sift through his homework.

"Danny!" Danny looked up to see Jazz in his doorway, "Run… it's mom and Dad… they saw something."

"Saw what?" Danny asked getting upset.

"They are talking about Phantom." Jazz said.

"Did they find out?" Danny asked standing up.

"I don't know, but they were saying they were going to rip Phantom out." Jazz said frantically.


"Freeze spook."

"Oh no."

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