Author's Note: This story starts after Fifth Year ends and Sirius has passed through the veil. It will more than likely contain not only m/f but also m/f/f. It is a Harry/Hermione primary pairing but will add others. This is something I began writing for myself after reading so many stories on here that I was running out of favorites. This is my first and probably only story. I will definitely finish but can give no promises as to how long it will take. I plan on a rather long story. There is no beta so I'm sorry upfront for any errors I miss.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. JKR gets all the credited for her work, I am just playing with her creations.

Chapter One - Unanswered Questions

The day was finally coming to a close, but not soon enough for the lone teen boy sitting in his room staring out the open window. The room was unbearably warm making him all the more uncomfortable. He was longing for any form of a breeze to come cool him. No, he'd decided nothing would give him any form of comfort any time soon. He felt the weight of the past few weeks all around him. Whenever he tried to find something to ease his mind, he only kept coming up with more damn questions he didn't know the answers to.

Things just didn't seem to add up to Harry Potter. No matter how he approached the questions more problems seemed to come to him. That warm miserable evening, he came to a decision that would either aid him or confound him further. He was going to make a list of all his exploits and adventures so far that kept giving him all these run around questions. Yes, that's what he'd do, that's what Hermione would do and to him if anyone could find the answers it was his best friend Hermione. If she could forgive him for all the trouble he placed her into recently, he may even show her the list and get her input.

He hoped she wouldn't hate him forever, because he felt much closer to her than anyone he ever had before. Not sure why he never noticed her unconditional support until he almost lost her during the battle at the Department of Mysteries, but that was something else for the list to work out for him. Grabbing a piece of parchment and quill he headed to his three legged desk and using one of Dudley's old broken baseball bats as a forth leg he sat on the crates he used for a stool and began his list.

He began with first year.

Why was it Hagrid who was sent to retrieve him and not Professor McGonagall? He had overheard some other muggle born first years later discussing her introducing them to Diagon Alley and Kings Cross Station Platform 9 ¾. Was it so that when he heard about the vault they visited being broken into it would raise his interest in the stone, or because Hagrid introduced him to his biased opinions of the separate houses?

How did Voldemort possess Professor Quirrell all year without Dumbledore knowing? The man is supposed to be the most powerful wizard alive and a master Legilimens.

Why hide the stone at the school if you believe an evil dark wizard is trying to steal it? Not to mention putting it behind tasks that three first years bypassed with little difficulty.

Staring at his parchment he decided to stretch his legs and think about that year some more. He paced the floor in front the window and paused when he caught a flash of something by the bushes close to the drive. He saw what he believed to be the shape of a person but blurred some how. Wondering if this was his guard from the Order that was trying to be sneaky or just his own imagination getting to him, he decided to skip to the next year in his questioning, second year.

How come it took Hermione to figure out a basilisk was the monster travelling through the school? Dumbledore could've easily questioned Moaning Myrtle about her attacker. He always seems to know everything going on in the castle but somehow misses a 60ft bloody snake running loose. Plus he just happened to be gone when Ginny was taken into the Chamber. Besides the fact he failed to notice another possession by the evil dark wizard.

Things just didn't seem to add up to him. He was also developing a pattern. Questioning Dumbledore seemed be his one problem. Who'd believe him if he was right and things were off as he suspected? Dumbledore was practically worshipped in the wizarding world. He was the esteemed Head Master, the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, and the Supreme Mugwump of the ICW. After all, he was just Harry, who would listen to him he wondered. However, back to the impossible list and onto third year he went.

The only year Voldemort didn't play a direct part. NO my innocent Godfather, who was supposed to be after me, ended up on the wrong side of the dementors that Dumbledore let onto the school grounds for safety, which is ludicrous in itself. They seemed to hurt me more than help me. Which brings up why no one ever looked into Sirius's imprisonment before? Dumbledore had to know who the secret keeper was and as the Chief Warlock should have been able to re-open his case. Why let us use the time-turner and risk something else going wrong when it could've been avoided to start with? Plus, the RAT aka Peter Pettigrew, hiding in his animagus form for years at Hogwarts and the Burrow as a family pet. How does that go undetected for so long?

Jump to fourth year.

Why on Earth did Dumbledore agree to a tournament that was cancelled due to the contestants being killed? Why allow me to compete even when I was underage? Why not call a tie and draw the champions again? It's allowed, I checked later, but only after I was already magically bound to compete. How did Barty Crouch Jr impersonate Mad-eye all year when he was supposed to be such close friends with Dumbledore? Why not offer up pensieve memories as evidence to Voldemort's return? Not to mention letting me be slandered all summer as a deranged attention seeking brat.

Laying down his quill, Harry stretched his wiry form. Looking around his summer cell, he wondered what else had been done to him that he hadn't questioned until now. Seeing his four sizes to large and thread bare clothes, he decided he'd find out what all he's been subjected to that could've been helped. A determination he hadn't felt before developed in his chest that burned him to his core. He needed answers to his life. So he pushed ahead to fifth year.

What were Dumbledore and the school board thinking allowing that horrible toad woman to enter the school? She tortured me with that damn blood quill, not to mention who else. She definitely was the worst teacher for DADA so far (and that's saying something after Lockhart the fake). She used veritaserum on underage school kids and tried to use the cruciatus curse on me. Not to mention Snape's so called Occulemncy lessons. What a joke that was. Clear your mind. Yeah right. If it was so important why not teach me himself instead of the one Professor that can't stand me. Why did it take the Order so long to get to the Ministry whenever Snape should have notified it hours ago? Why tell me that damn prophecy so soon after seeing Sirius go through the veil of death? Not to mention give orders for me to be locked away from those that care about me at this god awful place with my relatives. Why should the blood wards still be working anyway? Voldemort used my blood for his return ritual, shouldn't it've negated the blood protection?

Harry sat there gazing at his parchment. He was sure he was missing things of great importance. He knew he needed another point of view. He needed the only person he knew he could trust with his life, which he had in fact many times already. He needed Hermione to be at his side once more. How he wished he could figure out exactly what the feeling was he always had near her. It was a warm, safe and whole feeling he got whenever she was near. Just the opposite happened whenever she was hit by Dolohov's curse. He felt empty and scared senseless. He was ready to give up then and there until he heard Neville say she was still breathing. That gave him the power to continue fighting for her. To make sure she would get out of there and to the help she needed. None of the others had affected him so when they'd fallen. Harry was drawn from his musings by the faintest of pops.

"Who's there?" Harry called out while reaching for his wand.

"I'm Senior Accountant Manager Bloodtooth, young sir. I'm here on orders from your late Godfather Lord Sirius Orion Black," stated the Goblin that stood before Harry.

Harry noticed immediately that Bloodtooth was a regular sized goblin but there was something powerful about how he carried himself. Like he could definitely take on his opponents with little effort, maybe he was a retired warrior Harry thought.

"Senior Bloodtooth forgive my appearance I wasn't expecting any contact from the outside world, even the wizading one. I was under the impression that I'd be separated from everyone this summer." Harry bowed politely to the Senior Goblin. Who only watched him with a raised eye-brow?

"Well, young sir, I'm here on orders from your last LEGAL guardian and not someone who just assumes he can be. Now that we're introduced time is essential. I need you to listen to me carefully. The late Lord Black setup a pre-will. My being here is part of his requests as I stated before. He was worried you wouldn't be notified of the actual will reading. Am I correct to assume this is the first you are hearing of a reading?"

"Yes Senior Bloodtooth, it is." Replied a thoroughly confused Harry. "How was I supposedly notified before your visit?"

"You were sent an official announcement from the Inheritance Department at Gringott's. We'll be looking in to this matter with many others later young sir, now however, I need to give you this portkey that is set to the time and location of the pre-will. We know you are being watched and have taken precautions so your absence is not noted. Friday at 10 am the portkey will activate and take you to a secure location within Gringott's. Only those requested to be there by the late Lord Black will be in attendance."

Looking at the goblin carefully watching for any signs of being deceived Harry reached out and accepted the portkey. He felt no ill intentions from the goblin and it had the Black family crest and the goblin seal on the portkey parchment. This just eased his mind more knowing Sirius wouldn't harm him or send anyone he didn't trust himself.

"Thank you very much Senior Bloodtooth. I'll be prepared at the required time." Harry stated bowing once more to the goblin.

And just like he entered, he was gone. Harry staring blankly to the spot he once stood. Not really knowing what he was doing or thinking Harry looked around and called "Dobby".

"Master Harry Potter calls for Dobby?" asked the excited little elf as he seemed to bounce on his heels.

"Yes, Dobby, I called. Why is it that no one can tell you are here? I mean, I know the Order is watching me, so….how come you can enter the wards around me?" Asked a bewildered Harry. This was the second visitor in the past few minutes that has went unnoticed by the Order apparently.

"Well great Master Harry Potter Sir, Dobby can come to you wherever you are. It's the magics of the house elf's bond." Dobby was now very worried Harry would be wanting more answers and that he'd get mad at Dobby for those answers.

Noticing Dobby's nervousness Harry began carefully by reaching out and placing his hand on the little elf's shoulder. "Dobby, what do you mean house elf's bond? I thought you were a free elf."

"Harry Potter sir Dobby was being a free elf until Dobby bonded to Master Harry Potter sir without him knowing. I is so sorry. I be's a bad elf. I will go punish me for Master Harry Potter sir," cried out Dobby, while Harry just stared at him. Hermione was going to kill him he thought.

Suddenly remembering hearing about punishing himself Harry spoke. "Dobby you will not punish yourself. If you think you are bad and need punishment ask me first. Now, why did you bond yourself to me? I thought you liked being free."

"Dobby like being free of old bad master, but house elfs be needing to bond to stay healthy and sane. Without the bond we waste away till our magics are gone and we die, Master Harry Potter sir. So when Old Whiskered one tried to bond Dobby to the castle and told him to stay away from Master Harry Potter sir, I used old house elf magics that let Dobby bond to the wizard that be freeing Dobby, and just pretend to be bond to castle for the old whiskered one."

Harry was staring slack jawed at Dobby now. Why did Dumbledore not want Dobby around? This was just another thing to add to his suspicions. But what he really needed was to figure out what all having Dobby bound to him entailed.

"Dobby, can you tell me exactly what your bond to me means? What you're allowed to do and not allowed to do, as well as, what's detectable by the wards here and detected at the ministry?" questioned Harry, thinking this may be more useful than he thought.

"I can be doing many things Master Harry Potter sir. I can use house elf magics here an house elf travel without being detected by anyone. I can also be going to Master Harry Potter's vaults at the Goblin Bank and picking up anything in the alleys for you's as well," stated Dobby proudly beaming up at his Master. Dobby was glad his great Master was not mad at him. "I will be doing whatever's the great Master Harry Potter asks. Dobby thinks he is the luckiest house elf to have such a great wizard for a master."

"First off Dobby, please call me Harry. I want to be your friend not just your master. I expect you to tell me if you ever feel uncomfortable doing anything I ask you to, as well as, if you just can't do it. OK?" asked a smiling Harry. He always had a soft spot for this odd little elf.

"Yes Master Harry. Dobby is understanding. Is there anything Master Harry be needing from Dobby?"

"Well, can you tell me if goblin magic is detectable by the wards here? And if you can bring in someone without them being detected by the order member watching me?" Harry hoped this was going to help him.

"Goblin magics are great. They can move through these wards undetected Master Harry, if they mean you no harm. I can bring in people's that I know and keep them from being noticed by the old whiskered ones nosey order," stated a happy Dobby. He was looking forward to helping his master finally.

"Great Dobby, can you take a letter to Hermione for me and wait on her response. If she asks to come you may bring her, do you understand?" asked Harry as he hurried to his broken desk searching for a new parchment and his quill.

"Yes Master Harry I can and will, do as you ask." Smiled an over excited Dobby.

Harry found what he needed and scratched out a quick note to Hermione asking her if she was feeling any better, telling her again how sorry he was and if she'd consider meeting with him sometime soon to go over a few things if she still wished to be his friend. Hoping beyond hope that she'd at least respond to him, he turned back to Dobby.

"I'm not sure where she lives Dobby. Take this to Hermione Granger for me and wait on a response from her. If she says she will not send a response, then just come back. Understand?"

"Yes Master Harry." And with that he was gone, leaving a confused and anxious Harry behind. What if she won't even open it, thought Harry. What will I do without Hermione, he worried to himself. I can't even think of a future without her in it. Maybe I need to ask her about all these confusing feelings I have if she agrees to meet me.

Yes that was something else he was going to do. Talk to Hermione and figure out his life and why he always felt like she was so important to him. He knew she was his best friend and that made her important but so was Ron and Harry sure didn't feel the same way about the two. Hermione was so much more. But what?