Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading and sharing this with me however, since I had to take a break for those

14 months when I took care of my dying father on hospice I never really got back into the mood

for this story. I have the outline to the end but not the interest that I had in the beginning

unfortunately. I may surprise myself and you all by getting bitten by the inspiration bug again in

the future but I can not make any promises to when. I thought about pulling the story completely

but then I realized that there are some stories that are incomplete that I love to re-read anyway

and have experienced the disappointment when one of them disappear so I can't do that to

anyone. Hopefully, I will get my groove back but if not I can't express the love that I have for this

story and the thanks that I have for those who have reviewed or messaged me in regards to it

and I apologize for the disappointment this may bring to some since I definitely feel that deeply

as well.

Thanks for the support and time,