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Chapter Four - Blessing from the Gods

The lunch went by quite well. They had a nice conversation about the Granger's dental practice and the bouts of accidental magic Hermione displayed as a small child. They steered clear of Harry's early years for now. They all knew they'd have to discuss his life sometime, but he had enough to deal with the next few days already. The group laughed and joked for most of the meal. They ate at the island bar in the kitchen, nothing formal. Just as they were putting away the last of the plates and glasses they heard a knock from the front door.

Hermione jumped up and rushed through to the front door in the foyer. She pulled open the door with such enthusiasm she almost fell over. Next thing she knew she was being squeezed by her two best girlfriends while they shared a chuckle at her entrance.

"Steady there Hermione, we're glad to see you too but we don't need you hurting yourself all over," chuckled Susan.

"Yeah easy girl, we're here now it's going to be ok. No sense getting injured just to see us," said Daphne.

Unnoticed by the three friends Harry and the Grangers had reached the foyer in time to see the display. Smiles spread across their faces at seeing Hermione so happy. They could see the exhilaration the girls caused in each other.

Speaking up Dan said, "Ok, Hermione let them in the door good, so we can have proper introductions, shall we? Unless you three are spending the next few days here in the foyer Harry, Emma, and I'd like to greet your guests as well."

Suddenly realizing they had company the girls released their holds on one another. Daphne and Susan shared a glance at the mention of Harry and then both look perplexed at actually seeing him standing there with the Grangers. Well this is something new, both girls thought at the same time, looks like 'Mione has some things to share.

Walking forward Harry reached and entwined his long fingers with Hermione's delicate ones and replied, "Well, Susan, Daphne, it's a pleasure to see you. Susan, I know we've met in the DA before but it'll be nice to get to know someone who's so close to 'Mione. Daphne, we may have not met before but the same goes for you as well. Anyone my 'Mione cares for is someone worth the time to get to know."

Both girls noticed the interaction between the two and noted the use of my 'Mione. They'd definitely have to speak to Hermione soon, preferably alone.

"Thanks Harry," they voiced in unison.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I'm Daphne Greengrass, thanks for letting us visit. We won't be any trouble we hope," Daphne said coming up to greet the Grangers.

"And I'm Susan Bones, it's a pleasure to meet you," continued Susan.

"Please, call us Emma and Dan girls I've a feeling we'll be getting to know you both quite well," voiced Emma, "now follow us to the sitting room and then we can get you settled in for your stay. Leave your bags here in the foyer until we can get you settled."

Walking back to the sitting room, that was adjacent to the downstairs study, the teens followed behind the elder Grangers entranced by the size and comfort of the home they were in.

"Harry, do you need to return to your home to retrieve anything for your stay dear," asked Emma, noticing at her question Susan and Daphne shot Hermione a curious look.

"Well, I haven't thought about it Emma, but I'm sure Dobby would be glad to help later," barely getting the words out before they all saw Dobby pop in with Harry's trunk and owl cage.

"Master Harry Potter sir, Dobby be's knowing you need you's things and have taking care to pack all your belongings. Dobby also sent Hedwig out to you's here. I's can get you settled here if you's be telling Dobby where you be needing you's things and Master Harry's Misses Grangey's friends things as well. Dobby also be's taking care of nosey order so as they not be missing you's," let out a bouncy Dobby, he was happy to help his master and misses.

Harry looked stunned then turned to Emma and said, "Seems I'll be fine. If you let Dobby know where we'll be staying he'll take care of it I believe."

Emma took the moment to get over her initial shock before letting Dobby know that Harry would have the room next to Hermione's on the second floor, while Daphne and Susan would share the third floor.

At the looks from the girls Emma explained, "The third floor is actually like a communal room. It has an open floor plan we set up to include several comfy beds, an entertainment center with several recliners and long loungers in one sitting area, a private bath of course, and a small study at the opposite end from the sitting area, with several tables and plush chairs. It is rather spacey, so you won't be cramped. We use it as a guest room, mostly."

The girls stared open mouth for a moment before recovering with a, "Thank you we should be more than comfortable there," from Daphne and from Susan, "Yes, thank you. Dobby, thank you as well."

Dobby had reappeared by Harry and was waiting to speak to him. "Master Harry, Dobby also delivered you's letter and Senior Bloodtooth said he will reply personally this afternoon, sir."

Looking down at Dobby he replied, "That's great Dobby. Thanks for all your help, if you need anything let us know, ok?"

Dobby beamed up at Harry then said, "Master Harry, Dobby would like to be staying and taking care of you and you's new family sir? I can helps and not get in you's way. I can clean and cook and help Misses Grangey's parents too."

Looking to Hermione, receiving a nod of acceptance he turned to Emma and Dan.

"That's fine with me Harry, as long as he wants to help, I see no reason to not allow it," stated Dan after getting Emma's silent consent.

"Dobby you are welcome to stay and we'd like to be your friends as well," added Emma.

A smiling Dobby thanked them all and cried out about the great master Harry Potter having a nice family now and that he's happy to be considered friend, before vanishing off again. All around chuckled at the little guy's enthusiasm to help the great master Harry Potter, before all the attention was returned to the adults by a single throat clearing from Dan.

"Hermione, we've a sort of surprise for you sweetheart. Your mother and I have cleared our schedule at the practice for the summer. We hardly get to see you all year so we decided to take the time off to spend with you. We are glad you have friends visiting as well; we want each of your input for summer activities. After we've put Friday past us we can plan some. What do you think?" asked Dan while seated next to his gorgeous wife whom everyone thought was just an older version of their daughter.

"Really, the whole holiday, that's wonderful. I've missed you guys a lot. Now, you'll get to be around my friends as well. Thank you both so much," squealed Hermione while launching herself to them for a group hug.

The others watched on with smiles as their friend hugged her parents, until she cringed some from the slice of pain that crossed her chest from her injury. Soon the smiles turned into worried faces all around. They knew she must've been pushing herself today. They all were aware of the fact she was still on the potions from Madam Pomfrey.

"Hermione," called Harry, "you need to rest for a while. How about we get you back to your room to rest then we can all spend some time together, alright?"

"No Harry, I'm fine really I just need to sit for a while. I over did the hugs is all, and well, I put on a bra today and it's just rubbed and irritated my scar," blushed Hermione, "I'll go change and take my next potion and then see you all back in the living room to relax."

Hermione stood and was grabbed by the hands on each side by Daphne and Susan.

"We'll make sure she's ok Harry. She can show us her room and some of the house while we make sure she takes care of herself," said Daphne as they dragged Hermione towards the foyer then to the stairs. Harry watched them all leave the sitting room with an amused expression before turning to Dan and Emma.

"Well, I believe they have it under control so shall we head to the living room to wait?" asked a smiling Harry.

"That's fine Harry follow us. We'll chat some more while wait we on them," replied Emma as she and Dan rose hand in hand to head to the living room.

Meanwhile the girls had followed Hermione upstairs to her room and practically pushed her through the door. They sat on the bed silently watching her take her potion then disappear into her bathroom for a few minutes before emerging looking slightly nervous.

"Ok, spill it Girl," started Daphne, "we saw enough to see that things have changed since last we talked. How is it that we were expecting to find you moping around here worried over Harry but, instead find him here with you holding hands and calling you my 'Mione?"

Looking between her two best girlfriends she sighed then stepped up and sat opposite them on the bed, so they were sitting in a triangle with their legs folded and knees touching. She took in their expressions and then launched into her summer so far. How she had been moping and worrying over Harry. How she was retrieved by Dobby and then brought to Harry's room. She explained everything from them confessing their feelings down to the kissing. She told them all about his questions and what she and her parents thought about it all. They spoke vaguely of the prophecy and finally about the pre-will. She covered everything with them as usual. They were supportive and held her hands offering help and stating they'd be with them both through it no matter what.

Back in the living room, Harry was shooting glances to the door every few minutes. Emma finally took pity on him and said they were probably just catching up some on what had happened and that Hermione was more than likely being questioned about his presence. Harry relaxed knowing she was probably right.

They talked about many things. Including what his thoughts were now after everything they'd discussed. He admitted he was nervous about Friday and not having the proper attire for an event like it. He let them in some on his life at the Dursley's then. Letting them know he's only ever had hand me downs and how he was basically a house maid. They told Harry not to worry. They'd take him shopping the next day and cover his cost until Friday when he went to the wizarding bank.

The group in the living room looked up when they heard another knock on the front door. Standing up Dan headed back to the foyer to answer the door. Harry shot a curious glance to Emma who seemed just as bewildered. Soon Dan entered and said, "Harry, I believe you have a visitor."

Harry looked and noticed that beside Dan stood Senior Account Manager Bloodtooth.

"Ah, Senior Bloodtooth, I wasn't expecting a visit in person from you. I was merely hoping for maybe a letter at best," said Harry as he gave a bow to the goblin.

This human definitely is not like most wizards, thought the goblin. "Please young sir, this is a scheduled trip by the late Lord Black as well, being able to talk to you in person is just a bonus. Now, could you please ask the young Ms. Granger to join us, I've official business with you both. Then, I'd like to speak about the other items you mentioned with those you want present," replied Bloodtooth.

It was about this time the girls entered the living room to come to an abrupt halt in front of Bloodtooth.

"Ah, perfect timing Ms. Granger. If we may move this business to a private area with you and the young sir, we can get back to your friends and family sooner," commented Bloodtooth before making a sweeping motion with his arm towards the foyer.

Hermione shot her parents and friends a look before proceeding with Harry and Bloodtooth to the downstairs study. Upon entering the room Bloodtooth raised his hand, sealed, and sound proofed the room.

Turning back to the teens he said, "Sorry about the spells but some things I have to say you may not want to share just yet but, first I have something for you Ms. Granger. Your presence is requested Friday at 10 am at a pre-will reading for the late Lord Black; that's a portkey that'll take you. Now, I'm also hear to notify you about a change that's occurred in our records department. It seems that you've started a soul bond with young Mr. Potter. It registered yesterday afternoon and only needs the oaths to finish the bond. I'm qualified to help with that today if you'd both like."

The two teens looked ecstatic at the news that Hermione would be at the reading. Then their looks changed to a curios mix of anxiety and peace that was complicated just to see.

Hermione always the quicker on the uptake asked, "Senior Bloodtooth, what exactly is a soul bond and what does this mean for Harry and me?"

Harry was just gob smacked. What? a soul bond, was the only thought in his mind.

"It means that once the bond is sealed, the two of you'll become essentially married in the eyes of the wizard laws. You'll be both considered legal adults, since you're both over 14 years of age, and will be subject to the laws that govern your people. You won't be restricted by the underage magic law either and will be able to take your apparition tests. You'll also be able to receive any inheritances and titles you're entitled to. The only thing you won't be able to do is seat your spot on the Wizengamot until your 17th birthday," stated Bloodtooth to the slack jawed teens.

They'd been staring at him dumbfounded since he said the word married. Unconsciously, they'd drifted closer together and were holding hands. Both very nervous about what the other was thinking and whether the other was wanting this as much as they were.

Harry turned to Hermione and looked into her chocolate orbs, "Um, 'Mione what do you want? I'd love to marry you. I would've liked to ask your father for your hand first. If you want we can see if the bond can be removed, however, I'd love to have you as a wife and the mother of my children, when we get older of course." Blurted out Harry while trying to keep his composure; he was scared she'd want to run for it.

Looking at the sincerity in his eyes she replied, "Oh Harry, of course I'll marry you. I can't think of anything I want more. As for my parents, we can tell them after the sealing; they'll understand trust me. They know we were going to marry one day. Mum, asked me already if that's what I wanted. I tell her everything. I only ask one thing, Harry. Can you promise that I'll not lose my closeness with Daphne and Susan by excluding them from our lives? I can't explain it really, but they're important to me, Harry?"

"Of course 'Mione, I see they mean a great deal to you. I trust you with everything so if you feel they're important then I understand," answered a very happy Harry. He could tell she was nervous at losing her friends and was just overwhelmed that she actually wanted the same as him. "Well, Senior Bloodtooth I believe we'll accept your assistance with the sealing. Could you explain more to us about it and what if anything we need to be ready for?"

"To complete the bond is rather simple. You just repeat an oath to each other similar to wedding vows before a magical being. I'll act in that capacity as the witness and give you the words to repeat to one another. You may experience some effects after you've consummated your bond. For example, it'll unlock any and all blocks and spells that may have been placed over you in the past, it'll unleash any dormant magical powers you posse, and some couples share a form of mind magic that includes occlumency and legilimency. You can take an inheritance test at the bank Friday that'll show your family line, as well as, list any and all new abilities you posse," listed Bloodtooth.

Hermione blushed a deep shade of red when she heard about consummating, glancing at Harry she realized he was wearing the same shade. She knew this was what the feelings she'd been having since their kiss had been about. This was right. She knew he saw it as well.

Almost as one they grasped hands firmer and turned to look into the others eyes and looked back toward Bloodtooth, "We'd like to complete the bond," they said in unison.

Bloodtooth stepped forward and smiled(which look disturbing on a goblin). "Repeat this to one another while remaining physical contact. I give myself to thee in heart, soul, mind, and magic to have and hold forever and beyond," said the beaming goblin. He knew this was a monumental step towards achieving many of the things the late Lord Black had set out to do.

Staring deep into the emerald eyes she loved so much Hermione began, "I give myself to thee in heart, soul, mind, and magic to have and hold forever and beyond."

Their joined hands began to glow and pulse at her words. Silver and gold ribbons appeared around their hands swirling with the magic.

Harry, feeling the overwhelming love coursing through him from Hermione as she spoke, was sure his heart would beat right out his chest as he began, "I give myself to thee in heart, soul, mind, and magic to have and hold forever and beyond."

With his words spoken aloud the glow intensified and began to grow until is seemed to implode upon itself. As that happened the ribbons wound tightly around them and finally merged into their joined hands sealing them magically forever as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. The senior goblin had never witnessed a more powerful bonding in years. He knew to look for great things from this couple.

"As witnessed before magic, your bond is complete and unbreakable by any known power or deity since a soul bond is a blessing from the gods. You are hereby known as Lord and Lady Potter throughout the goblin nation and the wizarding world," said Bloodtooth. Seeing the looks of shock on their faces he continued, "I'm sure you were unaware of your title Lord Potter but things will be made clear soon. Now, as to the wizarding world, am I correct in assuming you'd like this to remain private for a short time."

After seeing the affirming nods he said, "Your marriage, being witnessed by a goblin, will automatically record it at the bank. However, until you make a public announcement of your marriage in an official setting the DOM records department can't release anything about your soul bond. So until you stand in front of a crowd of hundreds or more and declare it, the wizarding government is officially blind to you. This'll come in handy over the next few days I assure you."

To say they were overwhelmed was an understatement. They'd essential married and became emancipated in span of 20 or so minutes. Their minds were spinning with the possibilities this opened for them. They definitely needed to speak with Bloodtooth some more.

"Senior Bloodtooth," said Harry "if all our private business is done may we have a few minutes alone before joining the others."

"Please, Lord Potter, call me Bloodtooth from here on, I think we'll be working closely together for some time and you may have a few minutes alone with your wife if it's ok that I go ahead and see this list you mentioned."

"You may see the list and speak with the others at your leisure until we join you and please call me Harry, just Harry," said a grinning Harry, "Ask Emma for the list and feel free to speak with them about anything. I completely trust the four people in that room."

With that said Bloodtooth turned away, removed his spells, and headed to join the others. He couldn't help but feel close to the young man. He'd shown nothing but respect towards him and as far as he could tell treated his elf as an equal and friend. He was going to definitely stir things up. Plus, all the time he spent with his godfather setting the stage for the young man to gain what was entitled to him made him feel closer to him, as well. He smiled at the memory of Sirius saying the young lady was just what his godson needed. How right he was mused the goblin. Reaching the others, he schooled his facial expressions and entered the room.

"Harry and your daughter will join us shortly. Until then he has asked that I look over the parchment with the four of you until their return," stated Bloodtooth to the group that was watching him.

Settling in beside them he perused the scroll. It seemed the young man was already starting to have his doubts about Albus. That would certainly make things move somewhat smoother on Friday. They were afraid he'd be unwilling to part from the manipulator. He needed to for his own safety as it were. He now could see things going just as Sirius had hoped.

Looking to the Grangers Bloodtooth asked, "Is there anything else, they or anyone of you, have noticed?"

Hearing his question and knowing he was here to help Harry, the four began to tell him about the suspicions regarding the Weasley's and the Headmaster. Bloodtooth listened to them with a straight face but was practically beaming on the inside. This was more than he or Sirius had hoped for.

Meanwhile back in the study the teens were a little taken aback. Harry turned to Hermione and said, "Merlin 'Mione, I've never been this happy in my life. As soon as the bond was complete, I felt like I was whole. Like nothing could ever part us. I love you so much. I'm glad I decided to question you about my feelings, if I hadn't there's no telling what would've happened to us."

All the while he stood there holding her in his arms. She was pressed flush to his body and felt like her very skin had been hit with lightning. She was almost purring; she was tingling at his contact.

Looking into his eyes she whispered, "I know love. I feel the same, like I found a missing piece of myself. I can't explain it really but just being this close to you, in your arms, has me feeling like my body is lit up. I wish we had more time to be alone but we have to join the others soon. We owe them an explanation for all this. But for now…"

That was all that was said as she captured his lips with hers. His hands drew her even closer to him. She could feel him run his hands up her back to tangle in her hair. His hands left a trail of fire in their wake. They'd not kissed with this type of passion before. It seemed to consume them and drive them on. Letting a moan escape into his mouth Harry felt the swell of her breast against his chest and thought of all the wonderful things he'd like to do with her. He was sure she was becoming quite aware of his growing arousal for her. His cock was almost rock hard and he knew they had to part soon or they'd be pushing what they should be doing in the study.

Hermione however, was lost to the feelings he was creating in her. It felt like he'd set a small blaze in her lower stomach that was spreading the warmth through her body. She became aware of his erection beginning to strain against his pants as she rolled her body into his. Then she caught sight of a picture on the wall and remembered she was only in her parents study. Slowly she came back to her senses and began trying to cool down some. Harry could tell she'd finally caught onto their surroundings as well and accepted that they needed to cool it some.

Pulling away from her inviting mouth he groaned out, "Love, as much I'd love to continue this, your parents are waiting along with our other guest, and I need a few minutes as it is. They'll see exactly what you do to me if we left now."

Hermione pulled away to get control of herself as well.

"I understand Harry, they might not be able to see my arousal for you but I won't be able to think clearly if we don't stop for now," breathed out Hermione.

"Let's take a few minutes to think non-sexy thoughts so we can join the others, like oh I don't know, say potions with Professor Snape," Hermione cringed as she spoke.

Harry cringed as well, "That's definitely an erection killer 'Mione," choked out Harry. "Are you sure you're ready to tell them about the soul bond?"

Staring at him with gleeful eyes she replied, "Definitely my husband, if you think I'm going to not sleep in the bed with you on our wedding night you're wrong. I wish to never be parted from you again Lord Potter, understand me?"

Harry grabbed her hand and led her to the door, "I understand love, let's get this over with then."

Hand in hand the made their way to the others. They entered the living room to see the four seated around the room, were all paying attention to Bloodtooth who was thanking them for their input.

Clearing her throat Hermione got everyone's attention, "Well, I see you've started on some of our concerns about Harry here. Now, before we get into what else happened I need to let you, mum and dad, know that I've received a summons to the pre-will on Friday. I'd like you both to, at least, accompany us to the bank," turning to Bloodtooth she continued, "Bloodtooth will they be able to use the portkeys and wait for us during the reading at the bank and what do you have to advise about a solicitor?"

"Well as to the Grangers, they may indeed accompany you and we'll take care of them while you're disposed. To the advice, that's another reason for my visit. I'm actually a goblin solicitor and I'm certified through Gringott's as a wizarding solicitor. That way I can better serve my clients, the family Black. I'll be more than agreeable to work with Harry. In fact, Sirius has already seen to it that I handle his affairs Friday," spoke an amused Bloodtooth. Friday will be interesting for sure mused the goblin. "Now as to your concerns Harry, be patient and enjoy the next few days. Friday will reveal many of your answers. Take the time until then to relax and let's not worry over things that won't happen until then, shall we? Besides, I'm sure you've other things to tend to until we meet again. So, with that in mind, I'll take my leave and look forward to seeing everyone Friday."

With that the goblin headed for the front door to be off. As he retreated they all offered up their thanks and appreciation for his visit.

Once the door was closed behind him Harry looked to Hermione with a grin that could light the night sky and said, "Shall we my Lady?" while making a sweeping bow in her direction.

"Oh, we shall my Lord," she said returning his bow as they joined hands and turned around to face their family and friends.