Kurt climbed into bed, his mind troubled. Hearing the digital clock on his nightstand click over another minute he reached automatically for his phone. 11:58. Blaine had said he'd call "Later", later didn't mean tomorrow, it meant later, he had 2 minutes. It wasn't that Kurt demanded this sort of precision, just that he had come to expect it from Blaine's exacting personality.

He really wanted to talk to his anchor of a boyfriend anyway because Blaine could always calm him when his fears got the better of him. One more click and the phone vibrated in Kurt's hand, the screen lighting up with an image of Blaine, smiling like a crazy person and holding up the fish he'd caught while camping with Kurt's family.

Kurt answered with a voice more light than he felt, "Almost missed it."

Blaine laughed, "Almost. Would I have been punished?"

"Why does it sound like you're in your car?"

"I am, and before you say anything you're on the Bluetooth car speaker, my hands are on the wheel."

"Why aren't you home yet? I got home and hour ago." Kurt frowned into the darkness of his room.

"Had to go back in to punch out and a bunch of the kids asked me to stay and hang out."

"Hang out and drink?"

"People were drinking, yes Kurt."

"People were, or you were?" Since Rachel's party Kurt noticed that while Blaine didn't seem to seek out opportunities to drink he also never turned them down. The loss of control didn't interest Kurt and he felt worried and left out when Blaine drank.

"I had one beer. Can we not fight please? I wanted to tell you what an amazing time I had with you today, and …tonight."

"You never have just one beer. I can't believe you're driving right now. Where are you?"

"I never have just one when I'm with you because I know I'm safe. I promise honey, it was one." His voice was soft and in control, not sounding like drunk Blaine at all.

Kurt sighed, "Okay, I trust you, just be careful please. How close are you to home?"

"About 20 minutes away, you want me to ditch it and head your way?"

Kurt was surprised at how tempted he was to say yes, but cooler heads prevailed, "No, but I want to talk to you about something."


Turning his radio to cover any trace of their conversation from being overheard he began, "I think there's something wrong with me."

"Believe me Honey, there is NOTHING wrong with you."

"No, listen," his heart was pounding. He didn't want to talk about this, didn't want to say it out loud even alone in his room but he knew he had to and Blaine had been so patient with his resistance to the more physical side of their romance. Together they had built a trusting, safe relationship that Kurt would need to get through this.


"Kurt, just say it. You're what?"

He was barely audible, "Leaking."

Blaine bit his lip, he felt bad that Kurt was scared but now all he could think about was Kurt, penis in hand, tip glistening. He had to shift in the drivers seat and remember to concentrate on the road.


"Still? Or just earlier on the roof?"

Kurt's hands started to shake, "You noticed?"

"I wish you'd read some of the links I sent you."

"I read the pamphlets. Really though, you noticed? What if the others saw?"

"No honey, I didn't notice and those pamphlets do a great job of teaching you about staying safe from disease and all but they're clearly not giving you the whole story. My next day off we're looking at some of this stuff together."

"I'd like that, but no…movies, just information, okay?"

"There will probably be some photos but yeah, I promise."

"I don't want to look at anybody like that, except you."

"I feel the same way but Kurt you have learn what's normal so you don't freak out over stuff that's natural. It's pre-cum, it's lubricant to get you ready for sex. It just means you got excited, which, as the guy who loves you, I gotta say is pretty good news cause tonight was exciting for me too."

Kurt's body reacted to Blaine's words without his even thinking. He slid his hand against himself staying outside his pajama bottoms. He closed his eyes and pictured Blaine, driving, his strong hands on the wheel at ten and two. "So has this happened to you?"

"Pretty much every time you and I make out. What can I say, I'm in love with a sexy beast."

Kurt heard a horn and then a very loud bang followed by the sound of scraping metal.

"Blaine?" no answer, "BLAINE?"

The line was gone. He redialed and went straight to voice mail. Frantic he pulled on shorts and a shirt and ran to his parent's room. He knocked lightly and when no answer came he let himself in. Shaking Burt he whispered "Dad, get up, I need you, get up."

Burt sat up quickly, "What's wrong? Is the house on fire?"

Kurt was crying, "No, Blaine was in a car accident, I know it."

Burt ushered his son to the hall so as not to wake Carole , "Calm down, what happened?"

After getting the details Burt called the police and asked them to check the most likely areas for the crash.

"Dad, I have to go."

Burt knew his son would not be dissuaded, "Wait here, I'm driving."

Soon they were on the road, Burt behind the wheel, Kurt texting and redialing as if his life depended on it.

"I'm sure it's okay, maybe the police are with him and his phone is in the car." Burt attempted to reassure the boy.

"If he's not okay…Dad, how did you…after Mom… how did you just keep going?"

"I had you, and let's not get ahead of ourselves, the odds are Blaine is fine, don't lose your head here."

Kurt was sobbing, "He was drinking, he said it was just one and I believed him but…oh God Dad, he has to be okay!"

"We're gonna talk about the drinking another time, this is the second time you've told me Blaine's been drinking and I'm not okay with that. I think he's a great guy, and I know he really cares about you but I'm concerned at HOW close the two of you are. I think you should slow down. This is high school, I know it feels like forever Kurt but Blaine's probably the first in a line of guys that…"

Kurt cut him off, "Timing Dad, not good. Besides, I can't imagine trusting anyone else with the things we share."

"Something you need to tell me son?"


"Well, you can talk to me, I want you to know that, but I want you to take your time, there's no rush. I know this is new for you both and that can be exciting and it's easy to get carried away but you should enjoy this time, you don't get this back."

"We are, we're not rush…STOP THE CAR!" Kurt had the door open before the wheels stopped rolling and tore down the roadside embankment where Blaine's SUV was smashed head on into a tree. It was clear from the damage to the drivers side that he had been hit by another vehicle before ending up in the ditch but there was no other around.

Burt yelled to Kurt to wait. If Blaine was still in the car it had been too long to be good news and he didn't want Kurt to witness that, but Kurt continued to run. The only sound in Kurt's ears was the pounding of his blood, fear wrapped it's cold fingers around his heart and squeezed hard.

"Blaine!" his voice echoed in the night. "Dad, bring the tire iron, he's inside!"

Burt grabbed it from the trunk and dialed 9-1-1 as he made his way down to the boys. Too impatient to wait for his father to finish the call Kurt took the iron and smashed the rear passenger window, using the space to open the doors and climb in and kneel over Blaine.

Blood ran from under his hair and covered the left side of his face. He didn't move, didn't respond to Kurt's begging him to open his eyes. Kurt sat back on his heels and took a moment to calm himself. He watched the chest he'd kissed only hours ago and reeled with relief when he saw the tell tale rise and fall of breath.

He stroked his fingers along Blaine's cheek and then gently through his hair. His voice was intimate and calm, "You're going to be okay. I'm here, and help is on the way." Burt watched in silence as Kurt continued his caressing anywhere he could reach, "You just relax, we're gonna get you out of here in no time. We didn't get to see much of those fireworks tonight, not that I'm complaining, but I'd like to go back up on that roof and see them. Next week we're gonna spend your day off at the lake, I'm making the chicken, apple and walnut salad I promised you and you're gonna eat your words about walnuts."

He lifted Blaine's hand and kissed his palm before pressing it to his cheek. "They'll be here any second, you'll see, and everything is going to be okay. I love you, I don't think I told you today, but I do." He let out a sob and felt his father's hand rub his back.

Kurt sat on the hood of h is father's car and watched as a crew used the Jaws of Life to extract the man he loved from twisted metal. When they took the seat belt off his left arm hung at an unhealthy angle and his legs were clearly trapped under the dash. When they finally loaded Blaine into the ambulance Burt didn't wait for Kurt to ask, he went to the driver and insisted his son be allowed to ride with him.

"Are you family?"

"They're boyfriends."

It was obvious the driver wanted to say family only but equally obvious Burt wasn't taking no for an answer so Kurt found himself seated next to Blaine who looked small and broken under the sheet. As the ambulance sped away Kurt rested his hand on Blaine's calf and watched at the EMT got vital statistics and started an IV.

"Is he…there's hope right?" Kurt's voice sounded far away, even to him.

She smiled at him kindly, "There's always hope, hope and prayer."

Kurt decided not to share his personal feelings about prayer just now. He just watched Blaine's eyelids hoping for movement that didn't come.