Kurt managed to visit Blaine twice more in the hospital, bringing him pictures (only one of the two of them together which Blaine hid away so it wouldn't get taken on his parents rare visiting days), and mementos to remind him that he was loved and they would soon have their lives back in order. Blaine seemed to be okay, taking everything in stride, looking forward to Kurt's stories of what trouble Finn and Puck got into or how Kurt and Mercedes ended up getting her old car stuck in some mud out at the lake. He also seemed to be making some headway with convincing the therapists there that he had not been raped, that he was gay, had a boyfriend and a father who could not accept the truth. Kurt started to relax, to see his friends and almost enjoy his summer.

It was a Sunday morning when Burt knocked on his door, asking him to come downstairs so they could talk.

"Kurt your grandmother called."

He grabbed an apple and groaned, "Let me guess, Nana Hummel is coming and I get to give up my room."

"Not Nana Hummel. Kurt, sit down."

He did and looked at his father expectantly. He had met his maternal grandmother only a handful of times, when he was too small to remember much beyond her lemon yellow coat and honey blonde hair. He remembered her at his mother's funeral, how squarely she kept her shoulders while tears fell down her cheeks in torrents. She hadn't been able to bear being in Lima after her daughter was gone and though she sent Kurt books, gifts, letters, cards and money she nearly never called and absolutely never visited. Burt told his son that he was so like his mother that his grandmother could not bear the loss when she looked at him.

"Your Grandma Moran called me last night. Apparently she retired and sold her real estate business. She wants to take some time to get to know you."

Kurt was nervous but not sure why. It was a chance to connect with a piece of his mother, but what if he didn't measure up? "When is she coming?"

"She isn't. She wants you to go to her and stay until school starts."

Kurt sat back, "In Tacoma? Dad, I can't spend a month in Tacoma with a woman I don't even know." He couldn't add that he wouldn't be able to visit Blaine from Tacoma because no one knew that he'd seen him. When people noticed that he'd stopped looking he told them that Blaine had managed to send him a text saying that he was in a hospital but okay, and not allowed to say where.

"She's not in Tacoma anymore." A smile played around the edges of Burt's mouth. "She moved to Manhattan about a month ago. She's always loved Broadway, your mother did too, you get that from her, so she decided that with the money she made from the business she was going to move and see all the shows she could. She didn't say, but I get the feeling her health is failing."

"And she wants me to come…to New York?" Kurt's mind was reeling. Was this his Grandmother or fairy Godmother? Blaine would understand his going, of course he would. Right? "When?"

Turned out she wanted him to fly out the next day. Kurt had to think fast. He agreed to go; he couldn't pass up this chance, but knew he'd have to find a way to see Blaine before he left. He told his dad to set it up with his grandmother and that he had to go figure out what to pack. Upstairs in his room he grabbed his cell phone and dialed the number of Matthew, the night intern who helped Blaine reach out to him. They had met on Kurt's last trip and he had been nice enough to tell Kurt that if he ever needed to get a message to Blaine he could call.

He spoke quickly to Matthew, outlining his plan to the intern who agreed to try to help.

The day flew by with so much to do. Rachel came to help him pack and figure out what he'd need for all those nights on Broadway. While she chatted endlessly about which shows he absolutely had to see and which she thought he would skip if he had to skip something he busied himself in the kitchen. At 8 he told his father the gang was having an impromptu going away party for him and that he shouldn't wait up. He packed up the snack's he'd made "for the party" and jumped in his car.

By 9:45 the gravel driveway of the hospital crunched under his wheels. He texted Matthew letting him know he was there and Matthew texted that he should park around back in the employee lot, he'd be out in a minute.

"He's pissed at me that I wouldn't let him take a painkiller at 9 like he usually does but I didn't want him falling asleep on you. I don't think he needs them as much as he says he does, he forgets all about them when we sit up half the night talking about you."

"You didn't tell him I was coming though right?"

"No, you want help with that? What the hell did you bring?"

"Just some snacks, a blanket, y'know. Do you think we can get him from the wheelchair to the ground and back up?"

"He doesn't need that chair, he can walk on the cast now, at most he needs a cane, but yeah, we can help him. Let's set up first, and then I'll go get him."

Kurt started to have second thoughts, "Do you think we'll get caught?"

Matthew spread the blanket on the lawn under the stars in a small cove of trees away from the building. "Everybody loves Blaine here, and I think they've worked out who you are. Legally if you say you're Kurt Hummel we have to remove you, but other than that I think people see the truth. He's gonna miss you, but I'll let him call you at night when I come in, or before bed or whatever. It'll be fine. You ready? I'll go get him."

Kurt fidgeted in the moonlight, unable to keep still.

Inside Matthew shut off Blaine's tv. "Let's go for a walk."

"Sure, get me a painkiller and you got a deal, my chest hurts and if I walk with you my leg will ache."

"New deal, get your lazy ass out of bed and walk with me. When we get back if you still want the painkiller I'll get it for you."

Blaine sighed and swung his legs out of the bed. They started their normal walk route but Matthew veered toward the employee door. "Let's go outside, it's gorgeous out there."

"Isn't that a little far?"

"Man up Anderson."

They walked a little, Blaine moving slowly on his cast, cane in hand, until he saw a figure ahead. Even in the darkness, and at a distance he recognized the tall silhouette of the boy he loved. He looked questioningly at Matt.

"He wanted a picnic under the stars; we had to wait until all the bigwigs were gone for the day. Go on."

Blaine broke out in a grin as Kurt ran up to meet them.

Kurt wrapped himself around the other boy reveling in how strong Blaine felt, how good it was to stand next to him again. Blaine nestled in and kissed Kurt's neck and whispered, "Best. Surprise. Ever."

Matthew stayed until they were settled on the blanket and told Kurt to text him when they were ready to go inside.

"Hi." Kurt said shyly when they were finally alone. Blaine didn't bother responding, he leaned over and pushed Kurt to the blanket, enjoying the look in his love's eyes as he took back the reigns of control. They kissed themselves breathless, hands all over each other. When they broke apart they lay back Kurt's head on Blaine's chest, both panting slightly.

Blaine kissed Kurt's soft hair. "I'm ready to get out of here. I miss being with you every day."

"We need to talk about that." Kurt slid a few fingers into the waistband of Blaine's sweatpants, stroking his thumb along his skin.

"Uh oh."

"No, it's a good thing. At least I think it's a good thing. I just, won't be around for awhile."

"What's going on?" Blaine's tone was conversational but his muscles had begun to tense.

Kurt sat up and looked at him, "My Grandma Morin just moved to New York, she wants me to come and spend the rest of the summer with her going to Broadway shows and getting to know each other."

Blaine sat up too, the light in his eyes sparkling with excitement, "Wow, Kurt this is amazing! I mean, I know you're probably excited about the shows and all, but it's going to be so good for you to get to ask questions about your mom when she was little and see pictures of her growing up..." He kissed him softly and laid his head on his shoulder, "I'm so happy for you Baby,"

Kurt smiled, "I was nervous you were going to feel abandoned."

"You always make me feel loved; it doesn't matter where you are."

"Speaking of…I know it's late but, are you hungry?"

Blaine was perpetually hungry. "Starving the food here is terrible."

"You're just spoiled after my cooking for you for so long."

"Whose fault is that?" Blaine was already picking at the Tupperware filled with goodies.

"Yours for being irresistible I suppose."

They ate and talked about what shows Kurt was most looking forward to and speculating that if Blaine's dad found out that Kurt was in New York maybe he'd let him out of the hospital. Blaine finally set the food aside and raised his eyebrows at Kurt, "That was good, but I need dessert."

"Dessert? You had two brownies and a chocolate macadamia nut bar."

"Not what I had in mind." He kissed Kurt's neck, and then moved to his mouth, practically devouring him as he eased him back onto the blanket, his hand behind Kurt's head so he wouldn't hit the ground. "I love you." He said it staring into Kurt's eyes, their noses practically touching he was so close and then in a flash he was gone from Kurt's vision. He lifted Kurt's shirt and began kissing his chest, running his fingers over his flat stomach. "You're so beautiful, I love your skin, you practically glow in the moonlight."

Kurt stroked the back of his neck, "Hey! I actually have a tan, you just can't tell in this light."

Blaine trailed his mouth down Kurt's side muttering into his flesh, "Too…many…clothes…"

Kurt felt Blaine's fingers at the button of his jeans, "Hey, what're you doing, we can't…here." But it was hard to be convincing when Blaine's mouth was leaving hot pathways along his abdomen and his jeans were becoming too tight for words thanks to his growing hardness.

Blaine lifted his head and grinned at him "I don't know what you're talking about, I'm just checking for tan lines." He slid Kurt's jeans down to his knees and trailed open kisses up his thighs. When Kurt bucked his hips upward and breathed out "Please Blaine." He palmed the bulge in Kurt's underwear and sucked a deep bruise to his inner thigh. This just sent Kurt further over the edge; something Blaine was really enjoying watching. He put his mouth over the tight dark fabric covering Kurt and breathed heat over him before trailing his tongue over the outline of Kurt's cock.

"Fuck..Blaine, stop teasing, I don't know when someone might come out he…re…fuck"

Mid sentence Blaine had indeed stopped teasing and had freed him and taken the tip of him into his mouth, rolling his tongue, tasting him, sucking him in further, then sliding his strong hands down his shaft, followed by his mouth until Kurt was completely covered in Blaine's hands mouth and tongue. It wasn't easy with the cast but Blaine found a way to stay comfortable and work a rhythm that was clearly working wonders for his boyfriend until Kurt started to grasp frantically for Blaine's hair and groan for him to move, he couldn't wait anymore. Blaine only sucked a little harder, pulling Kurt out of his throat until he could trace patterns on the sensitive underside of his head with the very tip of his tongue before plunging him back into his throat as he came with shuddering power.

Blaine cleaned Kurt with a corner of the towel and helped him back into his jeans. Then he lay next to his darling boy and pulled him close. He hugged him hard and pressed soft kisses into his hair, neck, cheek and finally mouth. "This is how things should go after. We can lay here and look at the moon and the stars and I can tell you that I love you and that my life is so much better because of you, and, hey, are you crying?"

He was. "I don't want to go."

"Stop it, it's only a few weeks and Matthew will let us talk to each other I bet. You're going to have a great time." He ran his fingers through Kurt's hair. "And look, when you miss me just look up at the moon and remember we're both looking at it, the same moon that watched us love one another and knows we belong together. In fact, when we get married I want it to be at night, in the moonlight."

Kurt looked up at him, "When we…"

"What, you don't want to marry me?" Blaine teased.

"Of course I do. I just didn't think you thought about our wedding."

"I spend a lot of time thinking about us, and our future and yeah, that includes our wedding day, or night."

Kurt lifted himself over Blaine and kissed him delicately. "You aren't wearing white."

"Of course not. You wear white, I'll wear black."

"You think I'm still going to be able to wear white on our wedding day?" Kurt's hands were shamelessly exploring inside Blaine's sweatpants now.

"If I didn't have this cast on you wouldn't be able to wear white tomorrow." Blaine growled.

"Is that a fact? Then you'd better not have that cast on when I get back from New York because I have news for you Blaine Warbler." He curled his fingers around Blaine and gave a firm stroke while he leaned down to whisper in his ear, "I'm ready."

"Unghnnn" Blaine lost control of the English language. Kurt didn't care; he kept his fingers busy and continued to whisper, licking at Blaine's ear and neck between words. "You better be well, and out of this place, and out of that cast because the first day back to school I'm going to wait for that bell, get in my car, drive to Dalton and sneak into your bed. When you come upstairs in that fucking blazer I'm going to undress you slowly, maybe I'll leave you wearing the tie, we'll see, and we're going to kiss until our lips are raw and you are going to put this beautiful, thick, juicy cock in my ass."

"Jesus Kurt!" Blaine was louder than he expected but seriously, who was this boy? He took Kurt's hand, encouraging him to stroke faster but Kurt just laughed, "You're so impatient. Work on that while I'm away because you're going to have to go slow when you're inside me." And with that he disappeared below Blaine's waist, taking his sweatpants out of his way with no ceremony and dipping his mouth over Blaine quickly. He barely got the tip between his lips when Blaine made an animal noise in the back of his throat and grabbed Kurt's head, forcing him to take all of Blaine at once. As soon as he did it Blaine regretted the move but he was just so turned on by Kurt's aggressive words he couldn't help himself. "I'm so…rry, Kurt, honey, I'm sorry." But Kurt only took Blaine's hands back and placed them back on the back of his head, lightly stroking the backs of them and then replaced his hands at Blaine's hips pulling him up and even further into his throat.

Satiated the boys dozed, watching the stars, occasionally kissing, wrapped completely in each other's bodies. "Hey Kurt?"


"Don't fall in love with some sexy, sophisticated New York guy okay?"

Kurt gave Blaine his eyes, "How could I fall in love with anyone when my heart stays right here," he touched Blaine's chest, "with you."

The End - Keep an eye out for "It's a hell of a town" The next story in the Summer of Klaine Series