-From the Diary of Usagi Tsukino-Chiba

June 30, 2009

Today I turn 31, I celebrate from our home (such as it is) with my darling Mamo-chan. When we came to Macross Island for Shingo's wedding, we did not think that we would end up as permanent residents. I must admit, even though Shingo was a brat as a child, he has grown to become a handsome young man. Anyway, how did this all start?, Well it happened 10 years ago over a week before my 21st birthday. Ami-chan described it as a "strange flash of light and an explosion followed by irregularities in the gravitational field" whatever that means. I guess it had something to do with that UFO that crashed on that island.

Prior to this event, I had been secure in the knowledge of the rise of Crystal Tokyo and our ascension as King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity, but since that fateful day and the events that followed, I'm not so certain. The UFO even caught Setsuna off-guard. A lot has happened in the 10 years following. Everything seemed simpler when we were Senshi. We had all remained in Tokyo through most of it. Mamo-chan and I got married shortly after he completed his Master's in Engineering. He had gotten a job at the newly built Robotech Research Center. When civilians started to emigrate to Macross Island, both Ami-chan, and Mako-chan moved there to pursue new opportunities; Ami-chan as an ER doctor at Macross General Hospital, and Mako-chan
opened up her own restaurant.

Minako-chan became an actress, The last picture I saw her in starred the famous actress Jan Morris. Minako said Jan reminds her of Beryl ha ha. Rei-chan of course took over Hikawa temple after her grandfather passed on, and married Yuuchiro. And of course my bratty brother (of all people) became a Veritech Pilot in the Robotech Defense Forces. I kept in touch with him while he was away. When he wrote though, he really couldn't say much because much of what he done was classified. Having to keep my identity secret from him, I can understand that.

I wasn't the only one he kept in touch with, Mika, his childhood sweetheart, stayed in touch with him since they went to grade school together. In fact those two eventually got together and was married on
Valentine's Day. All of us (those of us who weren't already there, came to the island with the intention of staying there until after the scheduled launching of the SDF-1 (as the rebuilt UFO was called) on March 1st.

However, Fate took a turn for us (and boy, what a turn that was). Two days before the scheduled launching, The aliens attacked the island. Fortunately (In more ways than one) we were evacuated to the shelters. While we were waiting it out, They huge spaceship attempted to take off twice. The first time It only got off the ground a few hundred feet then crashed back to the ground. Ami-chan had her computer scanning what was going on outside, she had said that the anti-grav generators had failed. Mamo-chan was with me, but at the time I was more worried about Shingo. He and his fellow pilots (Including the well-known ace, Roy Fokker, whom we had seen at the airshow earlier) were doing for the people on Macross Island, what we had done some 15 years ago when we faced up against Galaxia (has it been that long?)

On the second attempt, the SDF-1 used its booster rockets and blasted its way into space. I had went outside the shelter, and I saw the Valkyries flying up to meet the ship. I prayed that my brother's plane was among them. Suddenly, Rei-chan cried out. She saw in her mind what would happen next. I informed the Shelter Officer, who then promptly resealed the entrance. We had been tempted to call upon our own powers, but we could not because there were too many others present. Even Luna advised against it.

After a few minutes, What Rei had seen was now happening. We were floating as if we were in space. Ami confirmed that in fact, we were. What she told me next caught me by total shock. The ship and the island was teleported to Pluto's orbit (The planet!). We were very fortunate to be in the shelters, but it wasn't long the military personnel start recovering the shelter modules. I was relieved when I saw Shingo assisting with the recovery operations.

Over the next few months the city was reconstructed inside the ship. Mamo-chan volunteered for RDF duty and was assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer. We've had some bumps (Including the ship performing a little "henshin" of its own. Can we say "Macross Power, Make UP!" he he.) but so far life seems to be slowly returning to normal, although I must say, I'll be so happy once we get back home.

I guess it's just something to do to pass the time, but I'm working in Mako-chan's restaurant. She re-opened about a week after she found out that the White Dragon restaurant had reopened. I've heard that there are plans for a TV station onboard, but that's probably a few months off.

Well, diary, I'd better finish this entry or I'll be late for my birthday party


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Post-Sailor Stars
after Robotech episode #6 "Blitzkrieg"

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-Author's note-

I originally wrote this in 2002 on the alt fan sailor-moon newsgroup and thought I'd post this with plans to expand

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