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Warning: Clingy-ness ahead

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Sunday 1:30PM

"Kippei-onii-chan! Don't leave me!" yelled the five year old. She raised her arms up for him to comfort her for him to stop the tears. For him to hold her close, and not leave.

"Yuzuyu, I'll be back before you know it." the orange-haired teen told her.

Ignoring the reply Yuzuyu kept her arms raised, and her crying continued. "Don't leave Yuzu! I'll be a good girl. Please!"

She heard footsteps. Then she was lifted up into her Aunt Misako's arms. "No Yuzuyu," the woman started, "Kippei has to go, but he'll be back. So you can calm down.

No!" Yuzuyu yelled as she struggled in Misako's arms. "No, no! Kippei-onii-chan! Come back!"

"Go Kippei, she'll be fine." Reiko, his sister, said from the kitchen doorway.



"Just hold on." he said. Kippei walked over and took Yuzuyu from his mom. "Calm down, Yuzu."

"Don't leave Yuzu…" she wrapped her arms around his neck, keeping her grip tight.

"Yuzuyu I'll be back in three days. I promise, and you have Okaa-san and Nee-chan to play with. Okay?" he kneeled on the floor trying to set her in front her of him. But Yuzuyu wouldn't allow it.

"Let Yuzu come!" she wailed.

He looked at his mother and sister. After seeing his mom shake her head 'no' he sighed and pulled the kindergartener away from him. "No, you can't Yuzuyu. Anyway you have school. Yuzu likes to play with Ken-kun and Marika-chan right?"


"Then you'll have plenty of fun!"

"No, Yuzu wants Kippei-onii-chan more!"

"Kippei!" Reiko yelled. "If you don't leave now you won't be able to go on the trip at all!"

For a moment Kippei considered staying. But, Kokoro…she was excited about the ski trip. She had been talking about it for the last two weeks, he had to go.

"I'm sorry Yuzuyu, I have to leave." he started to stand, but she put her armsa round neck once more.


"Yuzuyu-chan that's enough." Reiko said stepping in. She quickly pulled Yuzuyu away from Kippei. The surprise 'attack' caused the child to fuss more and let out a loud yelp.

As Yuzuyu continued crying in his sister's arm Kippei, with a from on his face, made his way out the door.

"No!" Yuzuyu wriggled more and more. Reiko couldn't control her so sat down and tried to hold her still in her lap.

"Mama!" Everyone paused. Kippei had just gotten the door open. The cold air was like a slap in the face. Yuzuyu continued, "Mama don't leave Yuzu! Yuzuyu will be good. Please don't go!" she reach out toward the teen. He had shut the door and watched how she struggled. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. "Please!"

That last word was all it took. Kippei quickly ran back and took her from Reiko. "Shh…shh Yuzuyu, it okay."

Yuzuyu continued to cry louder as she grabbed at him. Scared to let go.

"Kippei!" his sister started to argue with his decision but stop stopped when Kippei looked at her.

He looked like he, himself, was going to cry. "Don't even start! Look at her! Nee-chan, do you really expect me to leave her like this?"

"I thought you wanted to go on the trip."

"Sure, of course I do. But I can't go without Yuzuyu."

Kippei took Yuzuyu to their room. He held in his arms as they laid on his bed.

She wouldn't stop crying, while they were walking up the stairs he had to stop and pat her back, she was crying so hard. Even at this moment he was patting her back, she was still coughing. He rubbed and patted, then rubbed some more. Trying to sooth her.

It wasn't working very well.

Yuzuyu, he believed, couldn't seem to get a good enough hold on him. Her grip on his shirt tightened more and more every few seconds. And every time she though she needed a better grip on him her cries got louder.

Kippei moved her up higher and laid on his back. Yuzuyu's head was now in the crook of his neck and her hands rested on his shoulders.

After he carefully covered the both of them with his blanket he repeated soothing words, still attempting to get Yuzuyu to relax…to trust him.

"It's okay Yuzu."

"I'm not leaving you."

"Go to sleep."

"Calm down."


The only reply Yuzuyu gave while dozing off was, "Kippei-onii-chan…stay…"

"Kippei will always be with Yuzuyu." he whispered.

And Yuzuyu was asleep.


It had almost been an hour since he got to the front door. He didn't know Yuzuyu would take this so hard. He discussed it with her every night for the past week- she knew he was leaving. Yuzuyu knew he would be back soon after as well…so this reaction. He didn't think she would have this bad of a response when the time actually came. Kippei thought Yuzuyu would have been fine with him leaving, just for a few days. But his judgement had been way off. The news didn't seem to frighten her as much as it did the moment he was about to walk out the door.

He hadn't realized how important he was to Yuzuyu, until now.

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