Title: His Princess (1/1)
Author: youngerdrgrey
Pairing: Alex/Izzie angst
Summary: Izzie was Alex's princess, but that doesn't mean she was his happily ever after. Season Six; after Izzie leaves.
Rating: T
Warnings/Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All rights for the characters and the world go to their owners (like Shonda Rhimes and ABC). I, in no way, believe – or would lead others to believe – that I own Grey's Anatomy. I am merely a fan of the television show who has ideas for things that Shonda could do/could've done.

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All of my life, I have been messing shit up, but not with Izzie. Izzie was the one person who things worked with. Sure, we were all bickery and annoying and tense in the start, but we got over it. We got through Denny and Rebecca and everything with O'Malley and the cancer. We handled everything. Of course, it's my life though so it all just had to burn to shit.

She was my princess. I always thought it was corny when guys said stuff like that. Then, I met her, and all I wanted was to take care of her and not fuck it up for once. She got hurt too many times. I let her too. I ignored her. I focused on myself and my career and blew off stuff I really should have paid attention to. I'm not a prince, okay? I'm a lame, regular guy who just wants to be a surgeon and excel in the one thing that he is actually good at. Izzie, though, she was a real treasure. I loved her. I truly, honestly, and as much as I possibly could loved that girl.

She was my princess. But, fuck if I'm going to let the Disney fairytale bullshit stop me from getting my happily ever after post-it perfection. I deserved better. I'm hoping it comes around soon.

Short but it's Alex. Thoughts?