Naruto's Return

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The story of Naruto of how I think it was supposed to be told. This will include a strong naruto so please tell me if I make him to god-like.

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It was a beautiful day in Konoha as the sun rose. The chirps of birds and the busy sounds of merchants opening up could be heard. As the two guards looked to the gate you could barely see the faint image of two people walking.

"It's great to be back isn't it gaki?" the taller of the two said and they walked.

"Yeah ero-sennin it is…" the other said.

The two guards at the gate quickly noticed who it was. It was none other than Naruto and Jiraya of the Sannin returning from their 3 year training trip. Jiraya was wearing his usual clothes but Naruto nearly gave them a heart attack. No longer was he wearing the kill me now orange jumpsuit but something much more built for a ninja. (ok I'm sorry about this but I'm not a really good describer)

He was now wearing an identical outfit that as worn by the Yodaime Hokage Minato Namikaze except for the cape/cloak (I think its that) and the whisker marks on his face. Instead of it being white with red flame at the trim with the kanji for yellow flash it had some differences. It was black with silver flames at the trim and it had the kanji for Storm.

Other than his outfit he grew up some more as well. He was now a bit taller than Jiraya and his hair looks exactly like his father's. The guards at the gate could only think of one thing when they saw him. "Yodaime?".

"Alright kid let's report to Tsunade before she blows a gasket looking for us." Jiraya said as they began jumping from roof to roof.

"Yeah alright then" Naruto said as he followed his sensei while he failed to notice the pink haired person on the ground below.


At the Hokage Tower

"SHIZUNE WHERE MY SAKE!" was the only thing they heard as they approached the window.

"I see things never change" Naruto said while chuckling to himself.

"Hey baa-chan I see you haven't changed a bit."

Before he could say anything else the sake jar was thrown a him but he ducked at the last minute.

"DAMMIT GAKI I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT!" Tsunade yelled at him.

"Okay okay I'll stop calling you that... or maybe not." he said as he ducked under a punch.

After the teasing was over everything turned to normal as it could get.

" You look just like your father you know " taking notice of the new Naruto. "So how did the training go brat?"

"It went pretty good actually got a whole lot stronger I'm pretty sure I could take you on." Naruto said while giving one of his usual foxy grins. "so I'll let you and ero-sennin go over the rest of my training because I'm going to get some food and see if I could find the others."

As Naruto leaves Tsunade and Jiraya begin to go over his training. Naruto begins to climb up the hokage mountain before landing on his father's head.

"Hey dad I finally came so I could protect the village, I know some people still hate me but I don't care I make them think other wise." he began to say while looking over Konoha.

In one quick motion he jumped off heading for Ichiraku's Ramen. Now don't get me wrong Naruto still like ramen and everything but he's learned to cut it down (a lot!) and enjoy it every now and then, As he neared the ramen stand he jumped down and sat down.

"Hey old man can I get a large bowl of miso ramen!" Naruto yelled while anxiously waiting. I know Naruto has cut down on ramen and everthing but nothing can compare to Ichiraku's ramen.

"Sure thing..." he went silent as he looked at Naruto. "Na Naruto... is that you?" the old man asked questionably.

" Of course who else would come to the best ramen stand in the elemental countries?" Naruto said happily.

"Don't worry dad I got it done her you... go... Naruto..." stuttered Ayame as she gave Naruto his order. When she looked at him again there one only one thing she could think of. HOT! STEAMY HOT!. As she began blushing up a storm while thinking of some unmentionable things about Naruto.

" Thanks Ayame-chan!" said Naruto while he began to eat his meal. As time went on Naruto only had two bowls while catching up with the two Ichiraku's. As he began to leave he bumped in to someone on his way out.

"Sorry it was my fault miss?" he said while apologizing.

"Na.. Naruto?" said the person he bumped into.

"Huh? oh hey Sakura-chan how have you been?" he asked happily.

But before she could answer and anbu appread telling them that the hokage has called for them. They both nodded as they went to the Hokage tower. As they walked in they could see Tsunade, Jiraya, and their old sensei Kakashi. They closed the door as Tsunade began to talk.

"Alright lets cut to the chase you two are to face Kakashi in a sparring match to determine how far both of you have come in your training" Tsunade said calmly.

They both nodded as they turned to face their old team sensei. "Naruto its good to see you."

Aaaand cut. So what did you think? Was it to short or to long? Or anything else you want say? Oh and if you want to know Naruto abilities I'll give you a brief summery because I'm such a nice guy.


Affinities are wind, water, and lightning.

Bloodline for Storm Affinity.

Good number of wind, water, and lightning jutsu.


Fully mastered rasengan.


Wolf summoning pack (this instead of the toads even though I do like them)

And a few surprises (if I can think of any haha)

That's pretty much it. If you want anything please tell me and I'll consider it cause I have most of it planned out.

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