Okay, kids…I'm going a different route this time. Romance AND humor. I like to think that I have a quick wit and good sense of humor, but does it translate to fiction? We'll have to see.

Anyhoozle, none of this belongs to me. It belongs to that famous writer chick. Stephenie Meyer. I just love playing with Edward and Bella because their lives are SOOOOOOOOOO much more interesting than mine.

So, here we go…

A Nerd Story of Love

Chapter One: Edward: A Brief History

Chicago: Wheatlander Elementary School Fourth Grade: 1990

"Four eyes! Four eyes! You are a four eyes!" children taunted.

"Ooooh, look behind the glasses. His eyes are freaky!" a short girl with pigtails pointed.

"His shoes don't match!"




"Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!" they chanted. He groaned and curled up tighter in a ball. He felt tears begin to fall down his cheeks and he wanted to hide. Run away. Never see these hateful children again. Why do they tease me? He wondered.

"Leave my TWIN alone you miserable brats," a forceful voice yelled. The cowering boy looked up and saw his pint-sized twin run up to the mass of huddled children. "What has he done to you? Stolen your lunch money? Given you a wedgie? WHAT?"

"He looked at me funny. His eyes are weird," a burley boy said as he scowled.

"And you're fat. Go away."

The kids grumbled and began heading away from the twins. They resumed their play on the playground. The small girl turned to her brother. "Edward?" she whispered as she put her hand on his shoulder. He sobbed and pulled away. "Twin? What happened?"

"Leave me alone, Alice," he groaned. "I just want to disappear." He looked up at his sister, gazing into her hazel eyes. Alice was so pretty compared to him. Tiny, like a doll. Long black hair and porcelain skin. She looked like an elf and moved like one too. It was amazing that she and Edward shared a womb.

Edward wiped his nose with the back of his sleeve and got up. His tall, lanky frame was awkward for a fourth grader. He had his growth spurt early and that prompted more teasing. Alice watched her twin warily. His bronze hair sticking up in irregular tufts. His topaz eyes were filled with tears and red-rimmed behind his thick glasses. The only trait the two of them shared was their porcelain skin. "I don't want you to disappear, Older," Alice said as she linked her arm with her older brother. Older brother by three minutes. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Younger," Edward grumbled. "Why do they tease me?"

"Because they're assholes," Alice replied.

"Alice. Mom'll kill you if she heard you say that," Edward hissed.

"Admit it, it's true."

"It is, but that doesn't mean you should say it."

"They tease what they don't understand. You're so smart, Edward. I mean calculus? We're nine."

"I can't help it that I understand math and science," he shrugged. "That doesn't mean I don't have feelings."

"And Edward, your shoes don't match," Alice giggled. "Get dressed without the glasses?"

Edward scowled at his sister and began to stomp away. Alice latched onto his arm and pulled him back. "I'm sorry, Older. You are so serious."

"Am not."

"Are to."

"Am not," Edward said as he arched a brow over his thick glasses.

"When was the last time you ran around and acted silly?"

"I've never run around and acted silly. I can't breathe when I run. Asthma," Edward said as he rolled his eyes. "I'd rather read or play on the computer."

"Or play your stupid piano."

"I'm good at it."

"Edward, you act like you're 107 years old. We're NINE. When we get home, play with Emmett. Perhaps have him teach you how to throw a baseball," Alice suggested.

Five hours, two bloody rags and one pair of broken glasses later, Edward was safely ensconced in his bedroom. Doped up on pain killers for his broken nose that his older brother, Emmett, had caused. Emmett did not like his younger brother. Too skinny. Too much a mama's boy. Too much of a pansy. He started his throws as soft gentle lobs. But he increasingly built up his strength and speed of his throws. Edward had a hard time with depth perception and didn't realize until too late that the ball that Emmett had thrown was so close to his face. He fell to the ground with a resounding thud and blood starting spurting out his nose.

Esme, Edward and Emmett's mother, saw the whole event unfold. She screamed at Emmett to go to his room and cradled her unconscious son in her arms. When Edward came to, Esme took Edward to the emergency room to get his nose set. His topaz eyes were glazed over and he was already beginning to bruise.

Suffice it to say, that was the last time Edward played catch.

Chicago: Assembly Junior High School: Seventh Grade: 1993

"Cullen, you are so fucking skinny," James sneered as he tugged on Edward's towel wrapped around his waist. It was PE and all of the classes were required to shower. It was hateful that the teachers made them do that. Edward clung to his too small towel and glared at James. "What? Are you pissed?"

"Leave me alone, Hunter," Edward said as his voice cracked.

"Ha! Cullen is going through puberty as we speak! Let's see if he can get it up," James roared as he tugged forcefully on Edward's towel, exposing his naked, 7th grade body. Edward curled up and reached blindly for anything to cover himself. "Your bitch of a sister can't save you now!" James grabbed all of Edward clothes from his locker and darted out of the locker room. Edward blushed furiously and ran into one of the stalls in the bathroom, tears running down his face. Edward stayed in the stall until he saw the worn sneakers of his teacher, Mr. Clapp, stand outside the stall.

"Mr. Cullen? You need to go to class," Mr. Clapp said sternly.

"I can't, Coach," Edward said in a broken voice.

"Why not?"

"James Hunter took my clothes," Edward whispered.

"Let me get you a towel, Cullen," Mr. Clapp said in exasperation. He swiped a towel and tossed it to Edward in the stall. Edward opened up the stall and looked at the tiled floor. "Do you know where he put your clothes?"


"We'll get a spare gym uniform."

Edward wrinkled his nose. Those uniforms were rentals. Washed once a year. The thought of other boy's germs on his body made his sick to his stomach. Coach handed him a pile of black and gray. Edward pulled on the disgusting uniform and went back to his locker. His books were strewn all over the locker room and his new book that his mom got him. Einstein's Dreams was trampled and stuck in the sink. "Cullen!"

"Yes, Coach?"

"Come here," Mr. Clapp said. "Tell me what happened."

Edward blew out a breath and recalled the entire sordid tale of James and his sick fascination with seeing Edward naked. Perhaps he liked boys as opposed to girls? Mr. Clapp's face grew redder and redder as Edward explained what happened. Halfway through the next period, Edward was excused and he went to his next class. After he stopped by the office and calling his mom for new clothes.

After that fateful day in seventh grade, the administration never made the students shower after PE. James was expelled and Edward was excused from PE for the rest of the year. He took an extra computer class, instead.

Chicago: Bradley High School: Senior Year: 1998

"Older! You were awarded to be Valedictorian! You get give a speech!" Alice screeched.

"Alice, I hate speaking publicly," Edward said in his silken voice. His topaz eyes stared at his tiny sister. She bounced on her toes, making her cheerleading skirt bounce along with it. "They don't care what I have to say. I'm just the nerd they teased all through school."

"Edward, you are not a nerd," Alice said as she put her hands on her hips.

"Alice, half of my classes are college level courses. I could have graduated when I was a sophomore. I wear glasses and I play in the band. Epitome of nerd," Edward said as he waved his hand over his tousled hair. "If gave a speech, I'd probably get so nervous that I'd vomit on the podium."

"Puke, Edward. You'd puke."

"Vomit, Younger," Edward chastised. "I refuse to use the vernacular."

"What the fuck are you talking about, Eddie?" Emmett boomed. He had grown and was nearly the size of the Sears Tower. His hazel eyes were glaring at his annoyingly smart younger brother. "Vernacular? Are you speaking in tongues?"

"No, Emmett," Edward sighed. "I thought you weren't coming home for the summer. When did you come back?"

"Late last night. I had to say goodbye to my girlfriends," Emmett said with a suggestive waggle of his brows. "All those hot college chicks. Besides, I wanted to be here for Little Bit's high school graduation."

"Little Bit?" Alice squeaked. "I'm not that small."

"Yes, you are Little Bit. I can fit you in my pocket," Emmett laughed.

"It's my high school graduation, too," Edward said quietly.

"I don't care about you," Emmett said. "You are…you are…not worth my time."

"Emmett, be nice!" Alice admonished. "Edward is our brother and we should love him. I do."

"You have to. You shared the damn womb with him. You have that freaky twin thing going on," Emmett said. "I only have to be somewhat civil around the parentals."

"Excuse me," Edward said as he brushed past Emmett and Alice. He ran up the stairs and into his room, slamming the door shut. Tears fell down his cheeks. "I hate you, Emmett. One day… one day… you'll understand what it's like to be teased and hurt."

His classmates he can handle. He could get through the day without crying now. He just focused his attention on his studies or his music. He took an overload of classes. The whole James debacle in seventh grade got him exempt from PE. He lived in the library or the band room. He played the oboe or the bassoon. He was bored one day and picked it up. He taught himself how to play and auditioned for the band. He got into Wind Symphony, the top band as a freshman, with no band experience. Edward still played the piano. When the choir room was open, he would be in there.

However, his family. His BROTHER, he could not handle. When his brother would tease him, Edward would change into that scared little boy. The scared boy who needed his little sister to defend him.

Edward wanted confidence. In certain aspects, he was confident. He could speak well and was extraordinarily polite. However, his classmates teased him about his respect for his teachers that he had. Edward scoffed at how his classmates treated them. His teachers were the saving grace of school. They managed to make Edward feel special. They challenged him with their class work. He was a diligent student. Earning straight A's. He also earned acceptance into MIT with a full ride scholarship. He dabbled in computers and built his own. Another thing he taught himself. Being a freaking genius has its bonuses. He wanted to major in computer technology and computer programming. Something he could do from the privacy of his own home. The program at MIT offered the opportunity and Edward was going to take it.

Edward was also confident in his music. Classically trained in piano and self taught in bassoon, oboe, guitar and mandolin. Edward can also sing, but he'd rather not.

Edward flipped the lock to his room and padded to his piano. He began playing Rachmaninoff. A perfect choice when you're not happy. When you're pissed off.

MIT: Freshman Year: 1998

Edward followed his mother up the stairs to his dorm room. He had requested a single but his request had been denied. He pleaded with his parents to let him get an apartment, but Carlisle, Edward's father was adamant that Edward live in the dorms. At least his freshman year. Why? Oh right, Carlisle wanted Edward to have the FULL college experience.

Right, like getting drunk and high is educational?

I don't think so.

"Are you excited, Edward?" Esme asked as she ruffled Edward's hair.

"Sure, Mom," Edward said with an appropriate bright smile.

"You better be excited, Edward," Carlisle said gruffly behind him.

"Of course, Father," Edward said with a smile. He clutched his computer in his arms. "I am excited. But nervous."

"Man up," Carlisle said as he breezed past his son. Carlisle was so fed up with Edward. He was so bright. But his shyness and inability to have a spine pissed him off. He would have made a fantastic lawyer. Like him. If only he had the balls to do it. But no, Esme coddled him. She made him like this. A pansy. A pussy. A mama's boy.

Edward heaved a defeated sigh and finished climbing the stairs. He pulled out the keys that the resident advisor had given him and walked to his new home. Room 617. He unlocked the door and pushed it open. Inside the nondescript room was two beds, two desks, two dressers and one tall blond man with a lot of stuff.

"Howdy! I'm Jasper Whitlock. Are you Edward?" Jasper asked.

"Yes, I am. Nice to meet you," Edward said as he shook Jasper's hand. "These are my parents."

"Pleased to meet ya'll," Jasper drawled as he pulled his hand through his blond hair. "Do you have a preference to what side?"

"No. Whatever you want is fine," Edward said shyly. Carlisle grabbed Edward's shirt and dragged him back to the rental car to get the rest of his stuff. After two more trips, Carlisle told Esme that they needed to go. Edward wrapped his arms around his mother and held her close. He easily dwarfed the tiny 5'2" woman. But being held by his mother cured all the wrongs in the world. He felt safe. Protected. He needed that before his parents flew back Chicago. Carlisle grunted and rolled his eyes. Esme kissed Edward on his cheek and left his dorm room after saying she loved him. The door closed and Edward was left with his roommate.

"So, Eddie," Jasper said.

"It's Edward."

"Sorry. Where are you from?"

"Chicago. You?"

"Born and raised in Houston. I actually started at Rice University but I wanted to come to MIT for the IT program."

"You're into computers?" Edward asked.

"Yep. I built my baby," Jasper said. "You?"

"Yes. I built mine too," Edward replied. The two men fell into an easy conversation, discussing code and computer lingo. As they finished setting up their room, Edward realized that this might not be so bad after all. He also realized that he made his first friend besides his sister.

The school year went by quickly. Jasper and Edward were very close. Until Jasper started dating this girl named Maria. She was always at their room. Edward was always kicked out so Jasper could have sex with Maria. Whenever he saw the small wreath hang from their door knob, Edward had to find elsewhere to go. It seemed like all Maria and Jasper did was have sex. For a guy who had never been kissed, it was torture. It caused a strain with Edward and Jasper. When the school year ended, they decided to get an off campus apartment. Carlisle was against it, but Edward explained the positives of an apartment and he reluctantly agreed. They signed a lease in May and moved in the following weekend. Esme came out and helped the boys purchase furniture and decorate it. By the time she was done, it was sleek and resembled a nice apartment for two single men.

However, Esme was more proud of her son for standing up to his father and for finally making a friend.

MIT: Eve of Graduation: 2002

"Edward, you know that security program I wrote for Advanced Web Design?" Jasper asked.


"I put in for a patent and it was approved. I'm going to try and market it," Jasper said. "I was wondering if you would want to work with me? You have such a brilliant mind and I could never understand the nuances of the recursive algorithms. I already have a space in Boston that I'm scoping out. I'm also looking in Chicago, too."

"What about Maria?" Edward asked, pushing up his glasses. His golden eyes looked at Jasper warily. "What does she say about all of this?"

"That's another thing I want to talk to you about, Edward. I proposed to Maria the other night and she said yes. Will you be my best man?" Jasper asked, his bright green eyes sparkling with excitement.


"You just need to wear a tux, carrying the rings and give a brief speech at the reception. Dude, you're my best friend. My compadre. My brother from another mother. Please, Edward?" Jasper begged.

"Brother from another mother?" Edward asked. A crooked grin spread over his matured features. Edward had finally grown into his gangly body. Standing at 6'2" with bronze and copper hair that stuck up in every which direction. No matter how he tried to comb it, it always ended up looking like Einstein's. His slender body had some muscles, but not overly so. He found a physical past time that he enjoyed. He discovered it freshman year while Maria and Jasper were in their humping phase. He took up running. Edward still wore glasses, but managed to get them thinned down with polybicarbonate lenses. He looked at his best friend. Jasper looked pitiful. His lower lip was jutting out. "A BRIEF speech. Like 'Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Whitlock.'"

"Yes! Thank you, Eddie!"

"It's Edward, Jasper."

Jasper pulled Edward into a hug and clapped him on the shoulder. "Now, about the job?"

"Boston is good. However, Chicago is better," Edward said, his mind working a million miles an hour. Together, they devised a business plan for Whitlock Technologies and started researching investors and other necessities to get their budding technology security company off the ground.

Chicago: Whitlock Technologies: 2007

Edward was working at his desk, writing the program for the latest security update for Whitlock Secured Web. His fingers were flying over the keyboard in technological dance. Edward was struggling with the firewall. Certain cookies were being let in and he was trying to close the gap. He growled lightly when his door slammed open. Jasper was red-faced and his normally coiffed blond hair was in disarray. "What's wrong?"

Jasper fumed and slapped a stack of papers on Edward's desk. Edward picked them up and they were divorce papers. "Maria's divorcing you?"

"She accused me of cheating," Jasper spat.

"When would you have time to cheat, Jasper?" Edward asked. "You're here all of the time."

"That's it. I was never home. Stupid bitch," Jasper grumbled. "I should have seen this coming."

"I'm sorry, Jasper. At least you don't live with your parents," Edward teased.

"You can fix that, Edward. Get an apartment. Move out. Get laid."

"I get enough of that from my sister. I do not need to 'get laid,'" Edward bristled.

"Edward, how long have we known each other? Eight, nine years? In all of those years, you've never had a girlfriend. Have you been jacking off all of this time?"

"You don't need to be crude, Jasper," Edward said, a blush covering his pale feature. He pushed up his glasses and turned back to his computer screen.

"Edward, have you ever?"

"Ever what?"

"Jacked off? Spanked the monkey? Had a date with Rosie Palmer?"

Edward's blush deepened and he began typing again. Jasper walked around his desk and pulled his hands away from Edward's computer keyboard. "You haven't."

"No. Never dated. Never kissed a girl. Unless you count Suzie White in kindergarten," Edward sighed.

"Are you gay?"

"What? Hell no!"

"Oh, you cussed. That's not a good thing," Jasper laughed. "Dude! We need to get you some pussy."

"Jasper Whitlock," Edward hissed. "Please, don't! Shouldn't you be worried about your impending divorce?"

"I should but your lack of sex life is much more interesting," Jasper deadpanned. "Why haven't you?"

"Had sex?"

Jasper nodded and scooted on Edward's desk. "It's not like you're not attractive, Edward. You probably have girls falling at your feet."

"Even if I did, I wouldn't know what to do. Jasper, I was teased relentlessly as a kid. I have zero self-confidence. You were my first friend besides my twin sister," Edward answered. "Besides, I don't want to arbitrarily have sex with someone without feelings."

"That's highly romantic, Edward," Jasper snickered. "Sometimes you need to fuck."

"I wouldn't know. I've never 'fucked.'" Edward's cheeks deepened in color when he said the word fuck. He never liked using such language. "I don't want to 'fuck.' It should be reverent and loving."

"Stop watching Lifetime," Jasper guffawed. "It's fun when it's a good fucking. Pounding into a tight pussy. Damn."

"Jasper! Please stop," Edward said as he took off his glasses, rubbing his face. "Before we get me 'laid,' let's get me moved out. My sister is moving back to Chicago from New York. She doesn't want to live alone. I may move in with her."

"It's not like I don't pay you enough. How much did we bank last year?"

"Nearly $25 million. I'm just not comfortable living by myself," Edward said as he stared at his friend. He put his glasses back on his face and arched a brow. "I've always lived with someone and I don't know if I can do it on my own. And you are so deflecting."

"Your problems are much more entertaining than mine."

Edward glared at Jasper and he snickered as he left. Edward's cell phone chimed from his pocket and he pulled it out. On it was a text from his sister.

We're moving in together, Older. - Alice

Yes, Younger. – Edward

Alice was freaky. She had this uncanny sense of what was going to happen. It was like she knew that Jasper and Edward were having this conversation. Perhaps it was the whacky twin connection they shared. However, Edward was nearly 27 an he was still living at home. His mother still did his laundry and cooked him meals. Though, Edward did want to do it. His mother was just sneaky and took it upon herself to make the laundry appear cleaned and ironed in his closet. It was definitely time for him to leave the nest.

Chicago: Present Day


I will not kill Alice. I will not kill Alice. I will not kill Alice.

"Oh, OLDER," Alice sang. "We're going out for drinks tonight when you come home from work."

"Why, Younger?" I asked, gritting my teeth. I will not kill Alice. I will not kill Alice.

"Because, I have this photographer friend who would be perfect for you," Alice said as she laid her hand on my forearm. "She's about 5'6", red hair and blue eyes. Her name is Victoria."


"Did Jasper put you up to this? Is he still on the 'get Eddie laid' kick?" I asked, removing my glasses. Perhaps not being in focus will make my life easier. "I'm not interested. I'm perfectly content to stay single."

"Edward, you're 31. And a virgin," Alice said as she grabbed my ears. Ow. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Nothing is wrong with me. I just…back off, Younger," I said as I put my glasses back on.

"You're going out tonight."

"No, I'm not!"

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not!"

"I remember us having this exact same argument when we were nine, Edward. When was the last time you did something fun and silly?"

"I'm not going out tonight. That's final, Mary Alice," I said.

"Oh, breaking out the big guns. The full name. I'm shaking in my Jimmy Choos."

"You're what?"

"Shoes, Edward." Alice pointed to her feet and the insanely high heels on them. "I'll let you off tonight. BUT, the next time I say we're going out, you will come. Or Boris gets it."

Boris – my beloved computer. NO!

"Fine, Alice," I sighed. I pulled on my jacket and headed down to the parking garage. I drove the short distance from our condo to the new office that Jasper had purchased for Whitlock Technologies. We had about a year that was BAD after his divorce from Maria. She took him to the cleaners. She apparently was a silent share holder in his company and wanted all of our profits. Thankfully, with my father's help, she settled. Cost us nearly a year's worth of earnings, but we managed to keep the company.

Now we were flourishing and rolling in the dough. Jasper was the face of the company. I was the brains. With my IQ, I had to be. I also stayed behind the scenes. I wrote code, made financial decisions, and dealt with legal issues. I was still incredibly shy and didn't want to trust anybody. I could count on one hand the people that I trusted. My mother, Alice and Jasper. That was it. I had an assistant, but I was still leer about him. Eric Yorkie was brilliant in his own right, but I still didn't trust his judgment. All those years of being teased really pulled a number on my psyche.

If they could see me now…a millionaire.

And still a virgin.

I really am pathetic. Maybe I should call Alice and agree to meet this Veronica. Or Victoria. Or Vernacular…who the hell knows. All I wanted to do really was hang out online and read. I was a part of several online groups and I actually maintained conversations with these people. Intelligent conversations.

Is it sad that I get my socialization through the computer?

Yes, Edward. It is.

My name is Edward Cullen and I'm addicted to the internet.

Hi, Edward.

Where's the coffee and donuts?

Oh, right. I'm in my office in the Hancock Building overlooking the Chicago skyline. We have low-fat muffins. And Starbucks.

I logged into my computer, checking my email. Jasper strolled in and plopped down my desk, handing me my coffee. "Did Alice tell you about your date?" Jasper asked as he waggled his brows.

"Yes. And I'm not going."

"Your dick is going to shrivel up and die, Edward," Jasper snickered.

"I've survived 30 years without sex. I'm certain I'll live," I deadpanned.

"At least you jerked off. I was so proud of you," Jasper said as he wiped a fake tear.

"I did not jerk off. I spilled coffee on my crotch, idiot," I sighed. "Still a jerk off virgin too."

Jasper put his coffee down and spun chair to face him. He took off my glasses and held my face in his hands. I arched my brow and started to hyperventilate. He leaned in and I pulled away. "Jasper! What the hell?"

"You're straight. My lips are pretty kissable. Ask your sister."

"Oh gross," I said as I shuddered. "I do not want my first kiss to be from a guy who's kissed my sister."

"In addition to your dick, your lips are going to shrivel," Jasper said with a snort. "Do you still have that notion that sex needs to be about love and romance?"

"Yes. I'm sticking to it, Jasper," I said as I put my glasses back on. "Go do some work and not bother me."

"Admit it. You want to make out with me."

I looked at him and snarled. "Fuck no."

"Oh, he's really pissed. He dropped the 'f-bomb' and he didn't blush."

I grabbed my Nerf basketball and tossed at Jasper's head. He laughed and danced out of my office. The rest of my day was uneventful. I got a few texts from Alice, begging me to meet her and Victoria out for drinks. I flat out refused. After my morning with Jasper, I desperately needed some alone time. I shut down my computer at the end of the day and slid into my Volvo. I drove home and parked in the parking garage. I picked up the mail and headed up to my condo that I shared with Alice. I sorted it and placed her mail on the counter in the kitchen. I made myself a sandwich and headed into my part of the condo.

The condo was huge. It took an entire floor of the building that we lived in. The center of the condo was the kitchen, living room and dining room. To the right was Alice's wing. I graciously gave her the bigger bedroom, which in turn had the bigger closet. She was a fashion designer and loved her clothes. Her wing included a small den, en suite bathroom, huge bedroom and small office. Her style was distinctly feminine but with an edge. Dark woods and rich colors with flowy fabrics. On the left was my 'man cave.' While Alice got the bigger bedroom, I got the bigger office. I had a huge desk with four computers. One was the server to all of the computers in the condo. It helps that I am a tech geek and know how to set this up. The bedroom was smaller, but nice in its own right. The walls were painted a light maize color. My furniture was black and ornate. The bedding was cream and had an Asian influence to it. My mother decorated my room and she knew my love of anime. Obsession, really.

I'm geek. What do you expect?

I plopped down in my chair and woke up Boris. I typed in my password and scarfed down my sandwich. I perused my personal email account and paid some bills. I then headed into my one joy of the day. My chat rooms. The place where I can truly be me. Not be judged by my name. By my face. Just my profile. I was surfing a favorite chat site on classical music. The music today was horrible. We were discussing how it all sounded the same. One user was saying some interesting arguments and I wanted to hear more. I sent them a private message request.

PianoCompGeek81: Interesting thoughts you have there…

ARomanticatHeart86: Thank you. You too. I'm so frustrated with the musicians of today taking ANOTHER person's idea and making it their own. Ever heard of something called plagiarism?

PianoCompGeek81: Ah, the joys of sampling. It all started with that one rapper…what's his name? He took the Queen hook.

ARomanticatHeart86: Vanilla Ice. But it wasn't the Queen hook. Or so he says. He added a little extra beat to make it his own. HA! Right.

PianoCompGeek81: Minor technicalities. What's your favorite type of music?

ARomanticatHeart86: Today or TRUE favorite music?

PianoCompGeek81: Both. You share yours and I'll share mine ;-)

ARomanticatHeart86: I'm partial to Paramore, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Muse, Mutemath and Linkin Park for the music of today. I like the alternative style. In regards to my TRUE favorite music, I love the music from the Romantic era in general. Debussy, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Tchaikovsky…

PianoCompGeek81: Those bands are good. I really like Evanescence. Amy Lee's voice is so ethereal. I'd add Sick Puppies, Rise Against, Bon Jovi, Genesis, Disturbed, Beck and Aerosmith to that list.

ARomanticatHeart86: Not bad. Not bad at all... How about 'TRUE' music?

PianoCompGeek81: Anything Classical to mid 20th Century. Instrumental especially. I really like Claude Debussy. Rachmaninoff is great when you're in a pissy mood.

ARomanticatHeart86: I should be playing him now. I'm so in a pissy mood.

PianoCompGeek81: I'm sorry. Want to talk?

ARomanticatHeart86: If you tell me your real name. I can't justify spilling my problems to a faceless person on the computer with the name 'PianoCompGeek81.'

PianoCompGeek81: Understandable. My real name is Edward. You?

ARomanticatHeart86: Bella. Nice to meet you, Edward. Well, the cyber you. LOL

PianoCompGeek81: You as well, Bella. So, what has you so pissed off?

ARomanticatHeart86: A stupid fight. My sometimes boyfriend is making me feel uncomfortable about our relationship. He's pushing for more. I'm not ready and he doesn't get it.

PianoCompGeek81: More as in marriage or more as in physical stuff?

ARomanticatHeart86: Both. I think. He's so different from me. I don't really see us 'panning out.' I'm ready to cut my losses and move on. He isn't.

PianoCompGeek81: Different how?

ARomanticatHeart86: Well, I went to college. University of Arizona with a degree in English Literature. I'm currently working as an editor for a small publishing house in the Phoenix area. Jake, my whatever he is, is a mechanic and isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

PianoCompGeek81: Ah…intellectually, you aren't stimulated.

ARomanticatHeart86: You can definitely say that. His responses to my questions are monosyllabic grunts. He wouldn't even begin to understand our conversation. Jeez! He's one step up from caveman.

PianoCompGeek81: I'm sorry :-(. So, what happened? The fight, I mean.

ARomanticatHeart86: I wanted to go to this exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. Jake refuses to go. He doesn't want to get 'all dressed up.' When he doesn't wear his coveralls, he dresses up. I demanded he take me and if he valued our relationship, he would. Suffice it to say, he left. Right now, I'm downloading some Rachmaninoff and chatting with you. Enough about me. Tell me about you.

PianoCompGeek81: I'm pretty boring, really. I went to MIT with a degree in Computer Information Technology. I got a Masters from Keller Graduate School at Northwestern in Business. I live in Chicago and share responsibilities in running Whitlock Technologies with my best friend, Jasper.

ARomanticatHeart86: Holy shit! I have your security program on my computer! Don't you spend all day on the computer?

PianoCompGeek81: Ah, yes. And you're probably wondering why I'm the computer now?

ARomanticatHeart86: Yes, sir.

PianoCompGeek81: I can be me.

ARomanticatHeart86: Interesting… I would like to get to know you, Edward. You seem interesting. What's your email address?

I blew out a breath and stared at the screen. This woman in Phoenix was asking for my email address. Should I give it or pretend I lost the connection.

ARomanticatHeart86: I know you're there, Edward. Send me the damn address. Here's mine…

Bella sent her address.

"You can do this, Edward. It's not like she'll actually email you. No harm no foul," I said as I typed in my email address. My hand hovered the enter button before I hit it, sending my email address to my new 'friend?' Is that what Bella is? A friend?

ARomanticatHeart86: Was that so hard?

PianoCompGeek81: No. It's pretty late here and I have to work tomorrow. It was really nice talking with you, Bella. I hope we do it again soon.

ARomanticatHeart86: Me too, Edward. Have a good day at work tomorrow. xx

Bella left the room and signed off. I did the same and ran my hands through my hair. I felt something in my belly that I never felt before. I don't know this girl. This woman. Yet, I was experiencing some level of attraction. Was it because she 'kissed' me with her little x's? Was it because we carried on an intelligent conversation? I shook it off and remembered she had a 'sometimes boyfriend.' Unavailable. And lives in PHOENIX.

Ever hear of plane, Edward? Big things with wings? They fly you to different parts of the world. You can take one to Phoenix.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. She could be a serial killer with a dragon tattoo on her forehead.

My email indicated that I had a new message. I opened it up and it was from Bella.

To: Edward Cullen

From: Bella Dwyer

Re: Conversation

Dear Edward,

You seemed really sweet online. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you. Your knowledge about music is quite impressive. I'm also impressed that you are so accomplished at a relatively young age. I'll admit, I Googled you. When you run an up and coming tech company, you have info out there. But, I was actually looking for a picture. I wanted to put a face with the name and the brilliant man who was responding to me. Alas, no pictures of Edward Cullen.

Damn it.

Anyhoozle, I'm not sure if your mind works like mine. If you want to put a face to the name/person. So, I attached a recent photo. I hope that you can do the same so I can 'see' you. You could be five hundred pounds and balding and I don't care. I just want to have a visual.

However, if you're 6'2" and hot, EVEN better! Just kidding ;-).

I'm planning on being online tomorrow night if you want to chat. And I'm rambling. Sleep tight, Mr. Cullen.

Yours in music,

Bella Dwyer xx


I clicked on the attachment and downloaded it. The picture showed a young woman, about my age, perhaps a bit younger, sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon. She had long mahogany hair that had a slight curl. Her face was heart shaped. Her lips were pink and pouty. On her upturned nose was a pair of glasses that covered chocolatey brown eyes. Her smile was genuine and kind. Her body was petite and curvy in all of the right places. Her skin was alabaster and a slight pink tint to it.

My khakis grew tight and I never felt anything like this. I was physically attracted to this girl. This woman. She was beauty epitomized. Her name suited her and I was staring at her picture intently. With a few keystrokes, I printed out the picture and took it to my bedroom. Where I did something I had never done before.

I jerked off to Bella's picture. What have I been missing for 30 years?

A/N: So here's Edward's story…I hope you liked it so far. Our poor virgin Geekward. Up next will be Bella's back story. It'll probably start off in 3rd person like Edwards and then morph into first person. However, these two chapters will be the only ones like this. Leave me love! xoxox