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Chapter Two: Bella's Life

Forks: Forks Elementary School: Third Grade: 1994

A young girl sat in the library, engrossed in her latest novel. She idly nibbled on her sandwich and turned the page. Her pale face grew into a huge smile when the main characters kissed. A romantic, quaking in the knees kiss. "I want that," she mused.

"You want what, Bella?" Mrs. Cope asked. Mrs. Cope was the school librarian and Bella's confidante.

"Romance. Prince Charming. Love," Bella said with stars in her eyes. "Do you have that with Mr. Cope?"

"On our anniversary, dear," Mrs. Cope chortled. "You better be going. Lunch is almost over."

"Thank you for letting me come in here, Mrs. Cope," Bella said as she finished her lunch. She threw her rubbish into the garbage and darted to her classroom. She hated going there. Her classmates were jerks and teased her relentlessly because she liked to read. Bella walked into Mr. Banner's classroom and sat down in her chair. Lauren Mallory, the 'queen bee' of the classroom sauntered up to Bella's desk. Her long blond hair fell over shoulders in slight waves. Her bright blue eyes sparkled in malice.

"Where were you at lunch, Isabella?" Lauren asked as she fussed with her pink skirt.

"Library, Lauren," Bella answered as she took out her stuff for math. "I was reading."

"You read too much Isabella. Why don't you ever play or do your hair or look like a girl?" Lauren giggled. She picked up a strand of Bella's long brown hair. "You dress like a boy and kind of smell."

"I don't," Bella said, her chocolate eyes filling with tears.

"Yes, you do. Go back to the library. We don't want you here," Lauren sneered. "You're a waste of space. Not worthy of breathing."

"Lauren, please take you seat," Mr. Banner said.

"Of course, Mr. Banner," Lauren said sweetly as she walked back to her chair, bumping into Bella as she did. All through the lesson and the rest of the day, Bella's desk was covered with notes and pictures depicting her as a boy. Once the bell rang, Bella ran out of the classroom, stumbling as she did. She was nearly outside when Lauren held out her foot and Bella tripped over it. Bella fell to the ground, catching herself with her hands. She felt a sickening snap in her right wrist and she screamed out. Mr. Banner ran out and cradled Bella against his chest as Bella held her injured wrist. Carefully, Mr. Banner picked Bella up and carried her to the office. He darted off and went to get Bella's mom, Renee, from her classroom. Bella's mother was the kindergarten teacher in the school.

Renee ran down and found her injured daughter holding her wrist to her hand, bawling uncontrollably. "My Bella, what's wrong, love?"

"I…I…f…fell," Bella spluttered out. "On my hand."

"Oh my baby," Renee said quietly. "Let's get you to the doctor." Renee gathered her things and drove Bella to the emergency room. She pushed and pressed Bella to tell her how she fell. Renee knew that her daughter was clumsy. A trait that she unfortunately inherited from her. However, there was something deeper going on. After a few hours in the ER, Bella was diagnosed with a fractured wrist. Her arm was encased in a purple cast. Renee drove her daughter home and watched as her baby cried in her sleep.

The next morning, Renee left Bella with their neighbor, Sue Clearwater. Renee went and spoke with Mr. Banner about Bella. "What happened yesterday?" Renee demanded.

"Bella tripped and fell, Ms. Higginbotham," Mr. Banner said as he wrote up his agenda for the day.

"Who tripped her?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Mr. Banner said quickly.

"That's bullshit. I know Bella is clumsy, but that break was extensive. She was running from someone. Who tripped her?"

"I think Lauren is teasing Bella. She was talking to Bella before math yesterday. Afterward, I found these," Mr. Banner said as he pointed to a number of notes on his desk. "In Bella's desk. They were all from her classmates, I assume. However, Lauren is the ringleader."

"What are you doing to stop it?"

"This is a rite of passage. Kids get teased and bullied," Mr. Banner said. He was an older teacher who didn't relate to the kids. He was set in his ways and had a very laissez-faire attitude in discipline. Renee narrowed her eyes and thanked her lucky stars that there were only a few weeks left in the school year.

We're moving. Someplace sunny. And warm.

When Renee got home from school that day, she began researching getting her teaching certificate in Arizona.

Phoenix: Cactus Middle School: Eighth Grade: 1999

"Bellini, you are going to have so much fun at your eighth grade semi-formal," Renee said as she curled her daughter's hair. "You are so beautiful. Some boy, perhaps Tim, will ask you to dance and you'll fall in love."

"Highly unlikely, Mom," Bella said with an eye roll. "Tim Napleton doesn't even know that I exist. I'm just some random girl who sits next to him in math who slips him the answers when he doesn't know them."

"Isabella Higginbotham, you are not cheating are you?" Renee asked sternly.

"No, Mom. I slip him the wrong answers," Bella snickered. "He still doesn't get it why he's failing math. Obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed."

"Obviously," Renee said dryly. She finished curling Bella's hair and helped her daughter into her soft blue dress. Renee lightly applied some makeup on her daughter's porcelain skin and clapped when she was done. "You are so gorgeous, Isabella Marie!" Renee grabbed her camera and snapped a few pictures, much to Bella's chagrin. Afterward, Renee drove Bella to Cactus Middle School. "I'll be back at nine to pick you up. I love you, baby."

"Love you, too, Mom," Bella said as she left the beat up station wagon. She carried her ticket in her purse and looked at the large middle school. She hated this place. She almost wished to go back to Forks. The teasing she got at Forks was more overt. More obvious. Here, it was more cruel. However, Bella was stronger. She steeled herself and walked through the door. She gave her ticket to the teacher at the door and entered the semi-formal.

Bella adjusted her itchy dress and tossed her brown hair over her shoulders. The music of N'Sync was pounding through sound system. God, can this be more clichéd?She looked at her classmates and scoffed at their immature behavior. Bella went and got something to drink from the beverage table and sat down at an empty table. She moved along with the beat to the contrived music, appearing to be enjoying herself. Bella sat there for about half the dance when the form of Tim Napleton approached her.

He was the boy all of the girls swooned over. Bella couldn't stand him. However, she couldn't deny his looks. He was an attractive boy. Tall, about 5'8" and had dark brown hair. His eyes were ice blue and his features were mature for an eighth grade boy. His smile was wide and bright, teeth a blinding white. Tim sat down next to Bella. "Hi, Bella," he said in a smooth tone. "Having fun?"

Bella looked at him warily and nodded. "You?"

"I'd have a better time if a pretty brunette would dance with me," Tim said with a grin. "Care to dance?"

"Sure," Bella said skeptically. Tim stood up and led her out to the dance floor. A slow song was mixed into the music and Tim put his arms on Bella's waist. Bella put her hands on Tim's shoulders. They swayed awkwardly to the music. The song ended and Bella began to pull away.

"Where are you going?" Tim asked.

"The song's over," Bella rationalized.

"True. Do you want to go outside into the courtyard to talk?" Tim asked.

"I don't know," Bella floundered. Tim grabbed her hand and led her into the courtyard behind the cafeteria where the dance was being held. It was dark and no one else was out there. "I don't like this, Tim. Let's go back inside."

"Not before I do this," Tim said as he leaned forward. His head bent and Bella panicked. Tim smirked and yelled, "Now!" The girls that were Bella's tormentors came out and sprayed Bella with silly string and whipped cream. Tim took out his own bottle of silly string and began spraying it in Bella's face. Bella screamed and ran back into the cafeteria. She grabbed her purse and flew into the bathroom. With shaking fingers, Bella dialed her mother on the cell phone.

"Hello?" Renee asked.

"Mom?" Bella sobbed. "Come get me!"

"Bellini! What's wrong?"

"I was…just come get me!"

Renee hung up the phone and drove to Cactus Middle School. She slammed on the brakes and ran into the school. She looked frantically for an administrator. She found the principal, Mrs. Alexander, speaking with one of the eighth grade teachers. Renee stormed over to Mrs. Alexander and demanded to speak with her. Mrs. Alexander furrowed her brow and asked why. Renee told her that Bella called crying. Mrs. Alexander led Renee into the office and sent the teacher to find Bella.

Renee and Mrs. Alexander waited for a few moments until the teacher came in with Bella. Renee's beautiful daughter was covered in whipped cream and silly string. Her face was red from crying and her hands were wringing nervously. Mrs. Alexander demanded to know who did this to Bella. Bella's eyes filled with tears and she shook her head.

"Bella, you will tell Mrs. Alexander who did this to you," Renee demanded. Bella looked at her mother with sad eyes, but asked for some paper. She listed all of the people who were in the courtyard and who led the whole assault. Mrs. Alexander asked what happened and Bella relayed the sordid tale. Mrs. Alexander bristled, her lips in a tight line. Renee was crying next to Bella. "I'm taking my daughter home and she will not return until all of these students have been dealt with. Do I make myself clear?"

"I'm in complete agreement, Ms. Higginbotham," Mrs. Alexander said quietly. "I will contact you on Monday."

Renee took Bella home and drew her a bath. Bella soaked in the tub, not feeling anything. Afterward, Bella dressed and went to sleep. She spent all of the weekend in bed. Only getting up to use the bathroom and eat. Renee took a day off on Monday with Bella. About ten in the morning, Mrs. Alexander called. Mrs. Alexander said that all of the students that Bella implicated admitted to ambushing her. Their punishment was a ten day out of school suspension and they each needed to write an apology letter to Bella.

When Renee told Bella the punishment, Bella shrugged. She said that it wasn't going to change anything. They would still tease her. Still taunt her. Renee felt for her daughter. She wanted to enroll her in private school, but her salary didn't allow that luxury. She wasn't about to bring Bella's birth father into this. Bella saw her mother's anguish and told her that she would get through high school and go to college. Make a name for herself. Renee hugged her daughter and told her that she loved her.

Phoenix: McCain High School: Senior Year: 2003

"My baby is graduating," Renee said as she adjusted Bella's cap and gown. "I'm so proud of you."

"I'm proud of you, Mom," Bella said as she tapped her mom's engagement ring. "And a baseball player to boot."

"I know," Renee said as she looked at the sparkler on her left hand. "This is so big."

"When you get millions of dollars, you can get your fiancée a big ring," Bella chuckled. Phil, Renee's fiancée, slipped behind her and kissed her neck. "You did good, Phil."

"I should hope so. You helped me, Bells," Phil chuckled. Phil was the short stop for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was young. About seven years older than Bella. However, his eyes were only for Renee. It was love at first sight. Or so he said. "You ready to graduate?"

"Yes sir," Bella said as she smiled. "I'm so happy to be done with high school."

"It wasn't so bad," Renee said.

"Better than middle school," Bella said with an eye roll. They piled into Phil's Escalade. Eventually, the massive vehicle pulled up to McCain High School. Bella got out and went to check in. She hugged her best friend, Angela Weber as she walked past her. They were living together at University of Arizona in the fall. Angela was going to school to be a pharmacist. Bella to get her degree in English Literature. She still loved her romance novels. However, she focused on the classics by Bronte, Austen and Shakespeare.

Bella sat down in her spot with the graduates. Tim Napleton came up to her. He had grown and matured since 8th grade. He sat down next to Bella. His face was turned down in a frown. "Bella, I wanted to apologize for what I did to you at the dance four years ago," he said.

"Tim, you already did. Remember that letter?"

"I only wrote it because I was forced to. I wasn't allowed back in school until I did," Tim shrugged. "We were horrible to you and I am truly sorry."

Bella, never one to hold a grudge, accepted his apology. "I accept your apology but can you answer a question for me?"

"Shoot," Tim replied.


"I don't know, Bella. It was mostly because you were so different from us. So smart. You have this air about you that is almost superior. It's not a bad thing, but it was off-putting when you're in middle school. There is one thing that you should know. I wasn't lying when I said I thought you were pretty. You still are," Tim said with a shy grin. "If you ever want to go out, call me?" Tim handed her a slip of paper with his cell phone number on it.

"Thanks," Bella said as she blushed furiously. Tim got up and kissed Bella on the cheek. He sauntered back to his spot and Bella held her hand to her cheek. "I will not call Tim Napleton. He's an asshole." Bella ripped up the cell phone number and sat through the ceremony. She received her diploma, smiling as she got it. In the fall, she would enroll at University of Arizona and embark on a new journey. She couldn't wait.

Tucson: University of Arizona: Sophomore Year: 2005

"Damn it! Start you piece of shit," Bella grumbled as she tried to get her car to turn over. "Come on!"

A loud knock resonated through her car and Bella looked out the window. A tall man was standing outside her car. He was easily over 6'6" with tanned skin. His hair was long and black, pulled into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Bella rolled down her window. "Can I help you?"

"I was about to ask you that," he said with a chuckle. His voice was deep and resonant. "I'm Jacob Black. I'm a mechanic. It sounds like you're having problems."

"You could say that," Bella said nervously. "You won't mind?"

"Not at all. Only if you have dinner with me," Jacob said with a smirk.


"Yeah, dinner. It'll be fun," Jacob replied. "Pop the hood." Bella did so and Jacob rolled up his sleeves. He checked the car and tsked quietly. "Your radiator's cracked. I can call my buddy, Paul, and he can tow it to my shop. Got a cell phone?"

Bella reached into her purse and handed her cell phone to Jacob. He punched in a few numbers and held it to his ear. "Paul? It's Jake. I need you to tow a car for me," Jake said loudly. He rattled off the address and Jake handed the phone back to Bella. "He'll be here in ten minutes."

"Thanks," Bella said. "You from Tucson?"

"Born and raised," Jake said as he sat on the tailgate. "How about you?"

"I was born in Washington State but moved to the Phoenix area when I was in fourth grade. I've been in Arizona ever since," Bella said quietly.

"What are you doing in Tucson?"

"I'm a student at University of Arizona. I was running some errands when my car decided to crap out on me," Bella explained.

"What's your major?" Jake asked as he scooted closer to Bella.

"English Literature with an emphasis on British Literature and the romantics. I'm a music minor," Bella said.

"What do you play?"

"I sing. I'm forced to take piano lessons, but I'm not very good," Bella said, her cheeks turning pink. "What about you? You're a mechanic. What else do you do?"

"I live with my dad. He was a cop and was injured in the line of duty. He was paralyzed from the waist down. I am a co-owner of Black-Uley Automotive with a friend of mine, Sam Uley. I'm 22 and single. I would love to get to know you better," Jake said suggestively.

"Let's get my car fixed and then we're going to dinner. We'll progress from there," Bella chuckled. A large truck barreled into the parking lot where Bella and Jake were sitting. Paul hopped out and he began expertly loading up the car onto the hitch. Jake drove Bella to the shop in his small Volkswagen Rabbit. He chattered on about how rebuilt the engine from scratch. His only issue was finding a master cylinder. Whatever that was. Sam, his partner, inspected the car and said that radiator was cracked and he needed to order a new one. Bella groaned. That was money that she didn't have. She didn't want to call her mom for cash, but it was inevitable. Phil, her mom's husband, picked up the phone and said he'd transfer the required funds to her checking account.

Jake took Bella out for dinner afterward and regaled about the fine establishment that they were going to. Jake pulled up to Applebees and gave Bella a wink. Applebees…nice. They talked and enjoyed a filling meal. Jake drove Bella home after dinner and leaned in for a kiss. Bella pulled back.

"What's wrong?"

"Jake, I don't know you. I'd rather wait before we…jump into something," Bella said nervously.

"One little kiss?"

"No, not tonight," Bella said firmly. "Perhaps our next date?"

Jake's face fell and he enveloped Bella in a hug. "I look forward to it, Bells," he said as he kissed my forehead. "I programmed my phone number into your phone. Call me anytime, beautiful."

Bella blushed and headed into her apartment with Angela and Ben. They were wrapped up in a passionate embrace on the couch. Bella scooted past and ran into her bedroom. She showered and fell asleep. Bella surprisingly dreamt about the simple mechanic who rescued her from certain doom. Or rather, sweating profusely while waiting for another tow truck and going to another automotive shop.

Bella's car was fixed and she had had several more dates with Jake. She still never let him kiss her. The moment from eighth grade was in her mind, engrained in her brain of what would happen. Bella could tell that Jake was getting frustrated. One day, Bella was supposed to go out with Jake and he never showed. Bella got stood up. She cried but shrugged it off. Bella was attracted to Jake, but more the idea of him. The idea of a boyfriend. Not the boy himself. Forget about the boy, Bella.

And she did.

Phoenix: Twilight Publishing: 2010

"Bella, you are going to be working with a new, up and coming author," Jane Peterson, Bella's boss, said. "Her name is Rosalie King. Her alias is Rosalie Hale. She uses her maiden name for her books. She's coming to us from Penguin."

"Oh, cool," Bella said. "What does she write?"

"Supernatural romantic fiction. Vampires, fairies, werewolves, and witches," Jane said. "She's really good. You'll like her."

"Sounds interesting," Bella said. "When do I meet her?"

"Today. You're going out to lunch with her at one," Jane said, handing me a sheet of paper with the necessary information for the meeting. Bella nodded and walked back to her desk. She smoothed her cream blouse and black pencil skirt, grateful that she dressed appropriately today. Bella took out her most recent assignment and slipped on her reading glasses. With her handy red pen, Bella made corrections and suggestions for the author until 12:30. Bella got into her car, a present from her stepdad for her college graduation. It was a sleek silver Audi with tricked out rims that Phil insisted that Bella get. She drove the restaurant, a posh American grill and gave her name to the host. He arched a brow and smiled lasciviously. The host led Bella to a booth where a beautiful blonde woman was sitting. She was typing furiously on her iPhone.

Bella stood and waited for her to finish her text. "Hello. I'm Bella Dwyer." Bella had taken Phil's last name when Renee did. She hated Higginbotham as much as her mother. "I work for Twilight Publishing."

"Rosalie Hale, but everyone calls me Rose," she said with a smile. Rose was gorgeous. Her hair was long and blond. It looked like corn silk. Her eyes were bright and blue. Rose's skin was sun kissed and luminescent. "I'm so looking forward to working with you, Bella. You're the reason why I came to Twilight."


"You are an amazing editor. I have a friend of mine who recommended you," Rose said. "Tim Napleton. He explained that you were best writer in your high school and extremely smart."

That surprised Bella. Tim had maintained a friendship with Bella. They even went out on a few dates, but there was no spark. Bella never realized that Tim thought that highly of her. "Wow, I didn't know. How did you know Tim?"

"He works for my husband. He's a contractor for King Construction," Rose said. "Great with his hands." Rose arched a brow and smiled seductively. "And his tongue."

Bella spit out her water and looked at Rose. "You slept with Tim?"

"Of course," Rose said without shame. "My husband and I are on the outs. No love there. It was a marriage of convenience. He needed a trophy wife and I needed money. It benefitted us both."

"Wow," Bella mused. "I could not even imagine marrying somebody without being in love. Not that I've ever been."

"You've never been love?"

"No. I'm very romantic and old fashioned," Bella said with a shrug. "I've never even had a boyfriend. Been on dates, but no boyfriend."

"Tim was one of your dates, right?"

"Yeah. However, I have a hard time trusting him," Bella laughed. "Did he tell you what he did to me in 8th grade?"

"Yes, he did. He was punished for that. My flogger got a workout with that punishment," Rose said. "But you never kissed him?"

"We kissed. But, all of those emotions from 8th grade came rushing back and we decided that it would be best to be friends," Bella said. "He was my first kiss, though."

"Oh, honey, we need to find you a boyfriend," Rose giggled. "Hmmm, who do I know that's single?"

"Rose, we should be discussing your book," Bella said.

"Book, schmook. Getting you a boyfriend and some lovin' is more important," Rose said. Bella rolled her eyes and Rose prattled on about the single men she knew. All of them were from her husband's construction company. Bella didn't want a 'working' man. She wanted a man who was intelligent. Who was romantic. Who was good looking. Her very own Prince Charming.

Before they left the restaurant, Rose handed Bella her most recent book. Bella smiled and told her that she would have it edited by the following week. Rose and Bella traded phone numbers and headed their separate ways. Bella was almost to her car when she ran into a wall of muscles.

"Oomph!" she said as she stumbled. She looked up and saw Jake. "Hi."

"Bella?" Jake said, flummoxed. "Wow! You look great!"

"You too," Bella said. "You cut your hair. I like it."

"Thanks," Jake said as he ran his hand through his shorn hair.

"Anyhow, I have to go," Bella said as she went past Jake. "I have to get back to work."

"Bella! Wait," Jake said as he jogged back to her. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Bella asked.

"Being an ass. I should have been more understanding and not pushed you. I also should have grown a pair and called you," Jake said.

"It's okay, Jacob."

"No, it's not. You're a beautiful woman and I acted horribly. Can you forgive me?"

"Sure, Jacob. But I really need to go," Bella said impatiently.

"Can I get your number?"

"It hasn't changed since I lived in Tucson," Bella replied as she turned on her heel. Bella slid into her car and peeled away from the curb. Bella told Jane about her meeting with Rose. She also said that she had Rose's latest book. Jane told Bella to table her other books and begin Rose's book right away. We wanted to publish it right away. Bella nodded and packed up her things to head to her apartment. She picked up some Chinese on the way home and settled in to read Rose's book, Eternal Love.

Bella was about halfway through the first chapter when her phone shrilled. It was a number she didn't recognize but she picked it up. The gruff voice of Jacob resonated through the tinny speakers. He begged to go out with Bella. Asking for a second chance. Against her better judgment, Bella agreed and they made plans for Friday.

Friday came quickly and Bella met Jacob at the same restaurant that she met Rose. Jacob was wearing a pair of jeans and black button down. He looked uncomfortable, tugging at the collar. They were seated and discussed what they had been up to for the past five years. Jacob had left Tucson after his father died. He couldn't be there anymore. He opened up his own garage and it was doing well. Bella told Jacob about her job as an editor and her position at Twilight Publishing. When it came to the bill, Jacob picked it up and walked Bella out to her car. He kissed her on the cheek and turned away. Bella grabbed his hand and stood on her tip toes. Jacob leaned down and kissed her lips. His hot mouth molded to hers and his tongue traced her bottom lip. Bella pulled away and blushed furiously.

Bella turned and went into her car. She waved at a shocked Jacob on the street and drove home. What the hell did I just do?

Phoenix: Twilight Publishing: Present Day


"Jacob, I want to go to this Monet exhibit! Can't you take me?"

"Bella, it's stupid. I hate all that artsy fartsy stuff," Jacob grumbled from my couch. "I want to have sex with you. Can't you do that?"

"Jake, I'm not ready for that. I've told you that for over a year now," I said quietly. "I don't want to rush into it."

"Bella, we've been dating for a year. Trust me. It's not rushing," Jacob said. "I can't do the art thing. It's stupid and this whole I don't want sex thing is stupid. I'm going to go out for a beer. I'll talk to you tomorrow." He stomped out of the apartment and slammed the door shut.

"Ass," I grumbled. "I should really cut my losses. We have nothing in common." I picked up my phone and dialed Rosalie. She'd know what to do.

"Hey, Bells," Rose said. "What's up?"

"Should I dump Jake?" I asked.

"You know my opinion of the dog," Rose said icily. "So, yes. Dump his greasy ass. What did he do this time?"

"I want to go to the Monet exhibit and I asked Jake to take me," I explained. "But he said he hated the artsy fartsy stuff. Then he asked me why I wouldn't sleep with him."

"Bella, dump him. You can do so much better than Jacob Black. Tim's been asking about you. He's seriously crushing on you," Rose said.

"Not interested. Tim's a friend. And will only ever be a friend. I can't trust him like that," I sighed. "Okay, I'll dump Jake. Anyhow, I'm going to hope online."

"You are such a nerd, Bella. Where are you going tonight? The 'I Love Justin Bieber' forum?" Rose teased.

"Shut it, Hale," I giggled. "I hate Justin Bieber. But I am going to a music forum. So, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay. Find some smart, attractive geek and cyber with him. Virtual sex is better than no sex," Rose snorted.

"Say goodbye Rosalie."

"Goodbye Rosalie," she guffawed as she hung up the phone. I padded to computer and logged into a music site. I chatted with the other members but got a private message request from a PianoCompGeek81. I accepted it and we carried on a conversation about music. He mentioned listening to Rachmaninoff when he was pissy. I made a comment about how I should be listening to him now. He asked what was wrong and I told him that I would only respond if I knew his real name. He replied with Edward. Old fashioned. I like it.

I then told him about my issues with Jacob and his inability to be a mature adult. Edward said that I wasn't intellectually stimulated. I was being stimulated by Edward. That was for sure. He was sweet, caring and incredibly well-spoken. When I found out that he was one of the owners of Whitlock Technologies, I nearly fell off my chair. He really was a genius. We use their security program to protect our work computers. Then I asked him he was on the computer. He worked on computers all day. Shouldn't he be relaxing and do guy things? He replied that he could be himself online. Then I decided to be bold. I said I wanted to get to know him and I asked for his email address. He hesitated. I waited for several moments before I tried to ask him again. I sent him mine so he would know that I wasn't some psycho. He replied and I gave him shit. However, he did say that it was late and he had work in the morning. I checked the time and it was after ten here. It was well after midnight in Chicago where he was at. I bid him farewell and logged off.

I did a Google search of Edward and discovered his name was Edward Cullen. I searched for a picture of him and I couldn't find one. Before shutting down my computer, I sent Edward an email, reiterating how much I enjoyed speaking with him. I also attached a picture from a recent trip to the Grand Canyon that I took with Rose. I smiled and skipped to my shower. After I finished my shower, I laid down, pulling out a book. I couldn't concentrate on it, though. I kept imagining what Edward would look like. I didn't care. I was just curious. I slipped into a deep sleep and dreamt about a tall, handsome man with unique eyes. Eyes that smoldered through my very being.

If my dream Edward was anything as enticing as the real one, I'd be in trouble.

xx ANSOL xx

I met Rose for lunch the next day and told her about my chat with Edward. She was intrigued. She asked me about him and I told her what he told me. Rose said that he sounded sweet and very innocent. I retorted that he sounded romantic and chivalrous. When we left, Rose handed me her latest edit to her most recent novel. It was the sequel to Eternal Love which spent a year on the New York Times Best Seller list. It was called Forever Yours, Always Mine. It was hot. I got turned on as I read it.

I settled back at my desk and checked my email. I got a response from Edward. I smiled and opened his email.

To: Bella Dwyer

From: Edward Cullen

Re: Picture

Dear Bella,

I was pleasantly surprised when I got your email last night. I also enjoyed our conversation. You are extremely intelligent and also sweet. I fell asleep with a smile on my face recalling our discussion. I hope things went well with your predicament last night with your sometimes boyfriend. If you ever need to talk, send me an email. You can also call me. Here's my phone number: 773-555-1918. I hope you put it to use. I'd like to put a voice with the face and the witty typist.

Speaking of faces, I was blown away by your picture. You are also an incredibly beautiful woman. I've never seen such a beautiful creature in all of my life. If Jacob doesn't see it, then he's a moron. Anyhow, I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. I wanted to share my opinion.

I've attached my picture. You can thank my twin sister for the picture. I don't like to get my picture taken. I never have. I hope to hear from you soon and that things work out for you in regards to your 'issue' that made you want to listen to Rachmaninoff.

Yours in music, (I like that)

Edward Cullen


I bit my lip and clicked on Edward's picture. It loaded and I was shocked at the gorgeous man on my screen. He was tall and slender. His hair was the most unique color of bronze and copper. His jaw was strong and angular and he had high cheek bones. On his face was a crooked smirk. His teeth were white and straight. His nose was long and atop it was a pair of rectangular glasses that covered the most unique eyes. The eyes from my dream. The topaz eyes that smoldered. My jaw dropped at his beauty and I printed out his photo. I picked it up from my printer and stared at the photo, my heart stammering in my chest.

"Bella?" Jane asked.

"It wasn't me," I said as I jumped.

"It wasn't you?"

"Sorry," I laughed nervously. "I got Rose's most recent edit of her book. I'm going to work on it tonight. I'm hoping to have it read by Monday."

"Excellent, Bella. Speaking of Rose, we are going to start pulling together a book tour. We're going to set up a few book signings here in Phoenix, but there is going to be one in Chicago that is going to be huge. It's going to be in three months. The preliminary work has been done, but can you finalize a few of the details?"

Jane handed me a file and I flipped through it. "Sure, Jane. I know that some magazines are asking for some articles on Rose, perhaps we can schedule a photo shoot for the articles. I'm writing one for Glamour. Rose mentioned something about a photographer that works in Chicago that she really likes. Her name is Victoria."

"Add that to the list of stuff that needs to be done. Great suggestion, Bella," Jane said with a smile. "Make it happen and you'll get a huge bonus."

"Thanks," I replied and put the file into my messenger bag. My phone rang and Jane excused herself. I picked it up. "Bella Dwyer, Twilight Publishing."

"Bella?" Jake asked.

"What do you want, Jake?" I asked tersely. "I'm working."

"Um…can we talk?"


"Yeah, now."

"Like I said Jake, I'm working. Now is not ideal. If you are calling to apologize, save it. If you are calling to break up with me, well I'll beat you to it. We're through," I said, my face turning redder. "I can't handle the constant pressure for sex. You've never said you loved me and I can't be with someone who doesn't love me. So, lose my number and forget I ever existed." I slammed the phone down, not waiting for a response. I picked up my cell phone and removed Jake from my list of contacts. I then sent Rose a text with two words. 'I'm single.' Rose responded with a huge smiley face and a promise of getting drunk.

I finished my day and drove home. I nibbled on some leftovers that I made yesterday and went to my computer. I logged into my email and I got a chat request from Edward. I grinned widely and eagerly accepted it.

PianoCompGeek81: Hi, Bella! I hope you had a good day today. Better than yesterday?

ARomanticatHeart86: In some ways it was better. In others it sucked.

PianoCompGeek81: Okay, explain, beautiful…

ARomanticatHeart86: Well, my boss told me that I'm going to be put in charge of one my author's book tours. It means arranging meet and greets, book signings and interviews. I also suggested that we use the time to set up a meeting with a photographer in Chicago for several articles that are being written about her. I am writing one forGlamour.

PianoCompGeek81: Are you coming with the author? On the tour?

ARomanticatHeart86: Possibly. I've never been out of Arizona or Washington State. It would be fun.

PianoCompGeek81: Now, what happened that sucked?

ARomanticatHeart86: I broke up with Jacob. Actually, that doesn't suck. That's good news too. LOL

PianoCompGeek81: I'm happy for you that you are pleased in your decision. How did Jacob take it?

ARomanticatHeart86: I don't know. I don't care. He's out of my life. Time for me to MOVE forward!

PianoCompGeek81: You are surprisingly chipper for someone who dumped their 'sometimes' boyfriend.

ARomanticatHeart86: There better men out there for me. It's about time I realize that I shouldn't settle. You know?

PianoCompGeek81: Actually, I don't. I've never had a girlfriend…

I gaped at the computer, my jaw scraping the ground. That gorgeous man who sent me his picture NEVER had a girlfriend. What the fuck? I mean really? He's gorgeous. Intelligent. Sweet. I narrowed my eyes and typed my response.

ARomanticatHeart86: Are you serious? You are gorgeous, Edward. I've never seen a man as handsome as you.

PianoCompGeek81: I'm serious.

I blew out a breath and picked up my cell phone. I had programmed Edward's number into mine when I broke up with Jacob. I dialed the number and let it ring.

"Hello?" asked a velvety voice.

"Edward? It's Bella," I said. I can't believe I called him. What the fuck are you thinking, Bella?

"Um, hi," he said nervously. "I never expected you to call. But I'm glad you did."

"Me too," I smiled. "So onto this no girlfriend business…"

"You don't beat around the bush, do you?" Edward laughed.

"Nope. Spill it, Cullen."

"I am horribly shy, Bella. That's why I'm more comfortable online. I can think my responses before I type them out. I get so nervous when I speak and blush something fierce," Edward explained.

"You sound fine, now," I said.

"I know. It's weird," he chuckled. "But I'm as red as a tomato."

"Me too. I have the blushing disease," I said.

"But it works for a gorgeous woman. Not a grown man," Edward said.

"You think I'm gorgeous?"

"Yes, I do," Edward whispered. "You're the first woman I've been attracted to in my 31 years on the planet. I feel like I can trust you. And I don't trust easily."

"Ha! Me neither," I said. "That was part of the issue with Jacob and I. When I was in 8th grade, the boy that all the girls wanted asked me to dance. Then he led me into the courtyard of the school where I thought he was going to kiss me. Instead he and his friends ambushed me with silly string and whipped cream. I experienced my first kiss at the age of 23. Ironically, it was from the same boy who silly stringed me. We actually became pretty good friends."

"You actually kissed your tormentor? You must have an incredibly kind heart," Edward said. "I could never forgive anyone who would do that to me." His voice filled with sadness.

"Were you teased?"

"Horribly. Not by just the kids at school, but by my own brother and father," Edward growled. "I have three people that I trust. My mother, my twin sister and my business partner, Jasper."

"Hopefully, I can be added to that list," I said quietly.

"You already are," Edward said. "We've had two online conversations, shared emails and had one phone conversation and I feel very close to you."

"Too bad I'm in Phoenix," I giggled.

"Damn it," Edward laughed. "But you're coming, hopefully, to Chicago with your author?"

"If I get to meet you, I'll definitely arrange it," I said.

"I'm glad," Edward said. The smile in his voice was evident. "So, tell me more about Bella Dwyer. I want to know everything."

"I'm really boring, Edward. I live by myself in Phoenix. I work for Twilight Publishing as an editor. My main client is an author named Rosalie Hale. She wrote Eternal Loveand is working on her sequel,Forever Yours, Always Mine. The books are quite romantic and very erotic. However, the main characters are vampires. Well, the male character is a vampire and the female is a human. Read it. It's really good."

"I'll add it to my Nook," Edward said. "Have you written anything?"

"Some articles. I freelance. I'm actually working on an article, as I said before, for Glamour about Rosalie. She is an amazing woman. I'm lucky to call her a friend. Probably my best friend," I said. "What about you? Tell me about Edward Cullen."

"I'm pretty boring, Bella," Edward said. "I live with my sister in Chicago. I am a computer nerd. I build them. I fix them. I write code for them. Computers inundate my life. It's sad really. I also enjoy music immensely. I'm a classically trained pianist. I can also play the oboe and bassoon. I taught myself with those instruments. I also picked up the guitar and mandolin along the way. I can sing, but it's really not that pretty. My sister is my closest friend. We call each other 'Older' and 'Younger.' I'm older than her by three minutes. However, she always looked out for me. She was my protector when I was too chicken to do anything about it."

"Kids are so fucking cruel," I spat. "Why do they prey on the weak?"

"To quote my sister, 'because they're assholes,'" Edward sighed. "Anyhow, I can't dwell on the past. I'm the millionaire and my tormentor is in jail. I think."

"Your tormentor got his just desserts," I said. "Mine got the clap."

"The what?"

"Gonorrhea," I said. "He was a bit of a manwhore."

"Ah," Edward said. "I'm a bit naïve with the whole sexual experience stuff. I'm 31 and never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl… You can guess what I'm going to say next."

"Edward, I'm a virgin too. That was the main reason why Jacob was pushing me. I wouldn't have sex with him. I refuse to have sex with a guy just because it's expected. Jacob never ONCE told me he loved me. Why would I give him the most precious gift if he doesn't love me?" I asked.

"You don't. You made the right decision. He's the asshole in pushing you. And I don't usually curse like this, but he's a fucking moron," Edward said. "Being with someone physically is not something you should jump into lightly. My best friend, Jasper, insists that sex is just a release. I disagree. It is something that is beautiful and that should be shared with two people who love each other. Call me old fashioned. Call me a hopeless romantic. But that's how I feel. I'm surprised that I actually am talking to someone who feels the same way. Kind of, right?"

"I totally agree with you, Edward. Sure, sex can be fun, but it's more special when it's with someone who loves you. However, here's the irony. Two virgins discussing the emotional qualities of sex is quite humorous."

"Eh, what can you do?"

"Fantasize," I snorted. "Shit! I didn't mean for that to come out."

"Up until last night, I wouldn't have thought twice about it. But, fantasy is a powerful tool," Edward almost purred. There was a shout over the phone. Edward groaned. "Bella, I have to go. I would talk to you than deal with my psycho sister, but she's screaming through the door. Can…can I call you tomorrow? I have your number, now."

"Call me anytime, Edward," I smiled. "Talk to you tomorrow."

"Sleep well, gorgeous." Edward hung up the phone and I danced around my apartment, screaming like a wild woman. I suddenly remembered the picture he had sent me. I grabbed it from my bag and carried it to my bedroom. I bit my lip and went to the bottom drawer of my nightstand. Opening it up and pulled out something I vowed to never use. A pink vibrator. Rose got it for me for my last birthday. She said that every woman needs to experience an orgasm. Even if its self-inflicted. I'd never masturbated. So this pink monster terrified me. I looked at the picture and remembered his voice. His impassioned speech about making love.

My panties grew damp. I growled and lit a few candles. I removed my clothes and flipped off the lights. I closed my eyes and imagined Edward's face. His handsome face as he hovered over me, preparing to make love. To me. Together. I ran my hand down my breasts and lightly pinched my nipples. With my other hand I lightly stroked my inner thigh. Biting my lip, I moved my fingers to my core. I felt around and found my clit. My hips bucked involuntarily to the feeling. I circled my clit and moaned quietly. Pulling my hand away, I picked up the pink monster. I turned it on, jumping at its volume.

"Holy hell," I whispered. I gently rubbed along my inner thigh, shocked at its power. I moved the vibrating piece of plastic to my dripping center and rubbed my clit with it. "Oh, GOD!" I moaned. My body rocked against the vibrator and I moaned wantonly. I imagined Edward's hands and Edward's fingers moving and doing this to me. "Edward," I rasped as I got closer to something. My body was reacting in the most delightful way. I had a million butterflies floating in my belly. I moved the vibrator faster along my clit and my hips moved of their own volition. The butterflies moved faster and I thrashed about. My imagination, my fantasy of Edward was bringing me to the brink.

Then the butterflies broke free and I saw stars. My body arched off the bed and I let out a scream. I rode out my orgasm and collapsed against the bed. My body was slick with sweat and my breathing was erratic. "God damn," I muttered. I went to reach for my cell phone to set my alarm. I saw that I had a new text.

I enjoyed our conversation, gorgeous. I can't wait to actually speak with you in person. Hopefully we can meet when you're in Chicago. If not, I'm more than willing to fly to Phoenix. Sleep well and I'll talk to you tomorrow. – Edward

Can he get any more perfect?

A/N: The spoke on the phone…Jake is out of the picture…perhaps? Maybe? We'll see. Up next, Edward's take on their phone conversation and Alice's reaction to Edward's new friend. Also, dinner at the Cullens.