Chapter 1 - Push it

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Hand smacking Finn's ass, Kurt glanced towards the stands, his hips shaking, his face a cool mask of indifference. He caught the eye of Puckerman, who had a scowl on his face. Turning his attention back to the front of the stage, he continued dancing, singing along to the song, and ignoring the side of the gym the jocks were.

Leaving the auditorium, Kurt left the group of gleeks and walked into the boys' change room, ready to fix his hair. Closing his eyes briefly, he reached up to run his hand through his hair, ready to right the mussed hair.

Hands taking his hips, he opened his glazs eyes and stared into the mirror, meeting the hazel eyes of Puck. Jaw clenching, he closed his eyes again, feeling fingertips press into his hips roughly, Puck's breath hot against his neck.

"Did that get you hot, looking like a whore in front of the school?" he asked, biting at the nape of shorter boy's neck. Kurt shivered lightly. "Did it get you hot knowing what you were doing to me?" he asked at Kurt's silence. "Well?" he whispered harshly.

Kurt remained silent, eyes closed as he took in the smell of Axe, felt the rough slide of felt against his arms, and the grip on his hips loosen as Puck laid his forehead against his back. "You do things to me…fuck, Hummel…fuck…"

And then he was alone again, alone with the remnants of Axe clinging to his back, and the twinge of pain on his hips.


This is a mini-series I've started—I've got 4 more written—they progress after every performance Kurt's done that I (and any other Kurtsie, really) deem 'sexy' that Noah has been in attendance of.