Angela Montenegro tapped her hips quietly while waiting for the elevator. She was waiting for the elevator inside the FBI Hoover Building in Washington D.C. She was on her way to visit Special Agent Seeley Booth, who was working with her and her team on a murder. Booth was not expecting her, but Angela was having such a miserable day she needed someone to rant to. She was not very close to Booth, but knew he would listen to her rant.

After the ding of the elevator noise, the doors opened and Angela stepped inside. She clicked the button to go to the floor where Booth worked on. While riding the elevator, she felt the buzz of her cell phone in her pocket. Angela pulled out her cell and saw that it was her husband, Jack Hodgins. She stared at the phone for a second and put the phone in her bag, deciding to just ignore the call.

After the doors opened, she walked towards Booth's office while lost in her thoughts. She desperately wanted to go home, grab her son, get a huge tub of ice cream and sit and watch movies all night. Her horrible day started after not sleeping at all due to her son screaming bloody murder all night. When she arrived at work, her computer program that she used for reconstruction would not work all morning. After giving up on the program, the strap on her dress broke which could only be mended by using duck tape. Finally, Angela got into an incredibly heated argument about her son with Hodgins, which ended with Hodgins telling her to go to hell. After that, she had enough.

When Angela arrived at Booth's office, she saw Booth sitting back in his chair with an incredibly annoyed look on his face. He was staring out the window while holding onto a small black box, which resembled a wedding ring box.

"Hey," Angela stated," Can I just sit in here and think? I have had a really bad day."

Booth nodded, but did not take his eyes from the window. Angela slowly approached him and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Sweetie, I kind of have a sixth sense about things. I have noticed you and Tempe being really secretive for the past two months. She does not go out to the field as much and spends hours in the bathroom. So if I'm right…..she's pregnant."

Booth nodded and continued to stare out the window.

"Based on the fact that you are a good, you did what you thought was best and proposed. Tempe said no and now you are really hurt. I think it hurt more because I believe you really do love her. Am I right?"

Booth turned to her and muttered, "Yep, story of my life." He suddenly smiled and asked, "What happened to your dress?"

"Long story. Hey, do you want to go get dinner or get a drink or something. I got into a really bad argument with Hodgins and I need to just go somewhere and think," Angela stated.

"Well, if you want to wait a little, we can go get a drink. I have to go and ask the victim's parents a few more questions. It will only be like 20 minutes," Booth answered as he started to collect his things. He put the small box into his pocket and grabbed his keys.

"I could just come along, if that's ok."

"Ok, sure. Let's go."

"Aren't you going to call Tempe? You guys usually do that stuff together."

"No, like you, I need some time to think."

Back at the lab, Temperance Brennan was examining the victim's bones from the murder case they were currently solving. A young girl had been living in an abusive home before she ran away. Her parents were scientists and were so focused on their work, they had almost completely ignored the young girl her entire life. If the young girl had ever interrupted her parents work, her father would abuse her to the point where DCFS had removed her from the home twice. When the young girl ended up back with her parents, she suddenly disappeared and was not reported missing by the parents for seven days. After seven months, the remains of the girl were found in a park 12 miles from where her parents lived. Booth had suspected the father, but he needed Brennan to find evidence before he could arrest the father.

Brennan was examining the femur and the fibula when Hodgins came running from his lab on to the deck. He did not even swipe his card, which set off the alarms. Hodgins backed up, swiped his card, and ran up to Brennan.

"Don't touch any more of the bones!" He exclaimed.

"Dr. Hodgins, what are you talking about?" Brennan asked.

"I found traces a chemical known to be harmful to humans if found in big traces on the victim's shirt, which I thought was really bad and really weird. It is known from destroying the lungs and throat and can even kill within hours. I thought it was strange to get the chemical and no one in the area report it since it is transferred through contact. I then decided to call Booth and ask him what the parents researched on which turns out to be infectious diseases. He also said they were so into their work that they sometimes did their own experiments in their house. So I'm thinking that we need to call CDC and get them over to the parent's house to see if there are any traces of it in the parents' house. If so, we could prove that she was killed at the house and then dumped and buried in the park! King of the lab!"

Brennan stared at Hodgins for a second and then slid her gloves off without touching the outside. She motioned for her intern Wendell to do the same.

"You guys didn't touch any part of your skin- no scratching your nose, right?" Hodgins asked. Brennan glanced up and stated,"Of course not, why would I do that?"

"Ok, so we all need to get chemical baths and change and I think we should be good," Hodgins replied while Cam approached.

"What's going on?" she asked. She noticed the panicked look on Wendell's face and turned to Hodgins.

"No, worries Cam. Um, apparently the victim had a very small traces of a chemical that could be harmful to humans there are huge amounts of it. Miniscule at best, this is why the alarms aren't going off. I called CDC and should be fine."

"Ok….wait, what about Booth?"

"What do you mean?" Hodgins asked. He turned to see Brennan quickly dialing Booth's number on the phone.

"Booth was planning on going over to the parent's house to ask them a few questions! He could be in danger!"

In the meanwhile, Brennan kept trying to call Booth. She knew he had to be upset with her after she rejected his proposal. She was scared of moving too fast, especially due to the baby they were expecting a few months. She did not want to lose her best friend if marriage did not work out, but started to feel that she was beginning to lose him after he proposed two days earlier. He began to avoid her and did not answer her calls. When they interrogated the father, the day before, Booth had been very quiet while around her to the point where it almost frightened her. After two tries, he finally picked up.

"Hey Bones," He answered. He sounded sad, which broke her heart.

"Hey, Booth. I was just calling to let you know that you need to wait before going to the parent's house. Hodgins found a very small trace of a chemical that could be really harmful-"

Booth had begun to cough loudly on the phone, which cut her off. His cough sounded really bad to the point where it sounded like he was struggling to breathe. She could hear Angela wheezing on the other end of the line.

Angela gasped and yelled "Sweetie, we are already at the ho-"

Brennan could hear what had sounded like Booth dropping his phone. She could hear them both coughing and wheezing for a few moments before she heard nothing.