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How You Remind Me.

Written By; HarleyMac. Date Started; 04/06/2011.


Twin Flames (Twin Souls);

Twin souls are the other half of our soul. The soul mate that we are driven to find and rejoin with over often many lifetimes.

In the beginning the soul was one, it was complete and whole. At the point of the first incarnation to the earth plane the soul becomes split. One part of the soul experiences the journey of life while the other may chose to remain in spirit (often termed as the higher self). Occasionally both soul parts reincarnate into the same timeline on earth although in different bodies to experience separate and unique experiences until they are finally pulled towards each other.

This is not just about an intense romantic relationship between two people that can happen with a soul mate. Twin flame relationships are much rarer. It is the finding of the other soul part. The final reconnection of the male, female divine duality. It is a high spiritual relationship. The souls reconnect on the earth for a higher purpose.

The soul is constantly seeking unity with the self for the journey home and to finally end the constant circle of rebirth this can occur with the reconnection with the twin soul.

All her life – Natalie Carpenter had felt out of the loop; there was something about her life that felt dull and dead. When people came in contact with her; they would feel the fact that she was detatched from the things that were around her. They felt the way she was constantly searching – her need to find why she was here, why she had been placed on this earth.

When she was the age of 2 – her parent's had gotten the first indication of something not being right with their daughter. On her second birthday – she had started waking up screaming and sweating. Every night was the same, and no one knew why or what it was that was causing her distressed state. Nothing placated her – they tried everything; having them in their bed, her Mother sleeping in her bed, leaving the light on, getting a pet to try and calm her and the last ditch effort of giving her a security blanket, which was suggested by the therapist that they contacted when all other methods failed.

Nothing worked – every night was a living nightmare and it continued for the first 10 years of her life. Finally, when Natalie was able to talk, she managed to tell her parent's what was making her so terrified in the night. A dream; the same dream every night since she was 2 years old – the feeling of burning to death. From the way that she explained it – her parent's were horrified that she had been having this dream and they had been unable to help her or make it better for her. Natalie's Mother was particularly horrified to hear the details from her daughter; about how she could literally feel the flames licking around her ankles, the scent of burning flesh that would incapacitate her with the fear.

Being a first time Mother – it had proved too much for Ellen and when Natalie was 12 years old she walked out on Daniel and Natalie. It left the father and daughter in turmoil – Daniel was fighting to keep it all together, so when Ellen walked out – he had been terrified of doing something wrong.

The house had to be checked over every night before Natalie went to sleep – all plugs, and electrical appliances had to be taken out of the sockets, and all doors had to be closed, windows were left open and Natalie only slept for 40 minutes at a time. It was difficult for her because she wanted to have a full night's sleep but it wasn't good for her mental state. When she reached the age of 16 she started smoking, so it was easier for her to wake up during the night, to have a cigarette and then go back to sleep for the following 40 minutes.

At first, Daniel tried to keep the same routine but with a full time job, and a part time job in the local bar – he hadn't been able to continue the pattern. It had made him feel awful to think about it; he wanted to be there for his little girl, but he also had to keep a roof over their heads since they were now a single income home. Natalie had hated the thought of leaving it all to her Dad; she could see how hard he was working – and how much he aged over the span of 2 years after her Mother had left them.

When she was 16 years old, she had taken it upon herself to get a part time job in the local newsagent's shop, where she worked after school and on the weekends. Being that she couldn't part take in normal teenager sleep overs; she didn't have very many friends. It was a lonely life for her – but having her part time job; it gave her the interaction that she needed without having to worry about letting people down.

With her lack of sleep – it also went to making her a straight 'A' student – she would study whenever she wasn't at school or working. In her mind, if she could get good grades, that meant she'd be able to get a good job – hopefully with the chance to go to college and study through her work. However, the nightmares continued – she started to remember little parts as she grew up – the fact that she seemed to be in Victorian dress; and that there was a man in the dream who terrified her. Then there was the fact that she could remember that there were black wrought iron bars on the windows – making her escape impossible.

By the time she reached the age to leave school and get a job; she was so set in her routine that she had it down to a fine art. Getting her first job in the local council buildings – the court house, to be exact. That was when she met Ben – the gay security guard who always worked at the same time that she did. They bonded, but at first Natalie had been terrified of letting him close – mainly because she couldn't bear the thought of talking to him about why she was always so tired, or why she was so anal about safety measures. Ben kept picking though – he broke down the walls that she had errected from an early age and to this day – they are as close as 2 people could ever be. Ben now knows what Natalie's deep, dark secret is.

Unfortunately, no one had ever been able to tell Natalie why she was having this vivid dream, or what it meant. For her whole life; she had been suffering from this terrible nightmare, and there was no reprieve for her. It was a constant situation for her to deal with and it never gave her any indication that it was going to stop, or what it meant.

When she had turned 20 years old, her Mother got back in touch – apparently she wanted to make up for the years that she hadn't been there for her daughter. At first Natalie didn't want to hear it – she had been so bitter towards her Mother from the moment that she had walked out on her that it had been only natural that she had adamantly refused to give the woman the time of the day. But her Dad talked her into going to see her, Natalie gave in with the condition that Ben could go with her. Ellen agreed that it was fine – she was just glad to hear that her daughter had made a friend.

Once in Missouri, USA – Natalie and Ben fell in love with the place and refused to leave. Eventually Daniel moved out too, and to say they lived happily ever after would be a gross understatement and a tad bit too – 'Disney'. Ellen had remarried to the man whom was the love of her life, Jack Sutherland and they had a happy marriage, but Daniel was still bitter about the fact that she had walked out on him; leaving him to raise their daughter on his own.

Natalie eventually got a job in one of the law firms that was near the ranch that Ellen and Jack owned. It was a big firm, taking care of a lot of huge businesses in the area, farming, mining, and beer. It wasn't until Natalie had been working in the law office for 6 years that her life fell in to place – the thing that she had been blindly searching for; walked into the business and answered all of those unanswered questions that she had been desperately trying to find.

But if anyone thought that it was simple – they would be sorely mistaken. It was the beginning of something much bigger than anyone could have ever realized.