For Divakat and Beckilles... for holding my hand while I watched Killer App for the second time...

Love you ladies...

The Only

Would it be enough?

For him to crumble to her feet; to beg, to moan.

That he could wrap her legs around him and rub his scruff against the milky softness of her creamy legs?

That he could dive into her with tongue lashing, and envelope in her fragrance; her pleasure? To wrap himself entirely in the essence of her and drink from her nectar?

She was the one; the only. And he longed to dive in, to cherish; to thrust against her in fits of passion and get lost in the moment. To forget that time existed, that the world around him went by on small notice.

The world was her; was everything. Was the very breath he took. Was all he longed for. Was all he needed.

She was every heartbeat that resonated in his chest as he thrust long and hard into the warm, wet contours of her body.

She was the air that beat heavily in his chest as he fought for breath, as he heard her moan; as she called his name.

She was in the air around him. In the heaviness of her sex that pulsed beneath him as he ground heavily against her. As he pushed himself nearer to her pleasure; to her calling his name in ecstasy.

She was the one.

The only.