"Where do you think you're going?" Leo asks as May comes limping up next to him wearing her hard hat with the light on it.

"I'm going down in the mine with you. I need to survey the damage. It's my mine too. Can we just go please?" May says fiercely.

"Are you sure? I want you to be safe." Leo asks looking suspiciously at his girlfriend.

"Of course I'm sure. Just because my ankle is injured doesn't mean I'm not capable of going down in my own mine." May says firmly.

"All right. Come on let's go and for heaven's sake, be careful down there. I don't want to have to bring you up on a stretcher. I've already had to do that once." Leo says being protective.

"Don't worry about me. I have been down there before after a collapse." May says as she climbs into the mining elevator.

"Just stay close please. It will make me feel much better." Leo says climbing into the elevator.

"That's all you needed to say. Of course I'll stay close. I don't want to be injured. We'll go slowly through this and assess the situation carefully." May says as the elevator descends into the dark of the mine.

"Well, if I always knew exactly what to say to you we certainly wouldn't fight as often. As it turns out, however, I never know what to say to you. I just know I want to protect you forever." Leo teases May.

"Keep alert down here. I don't know what we're going to find and listen carefully. Things may still be shifting down here." May says as the doors open at the bottom of the shaft.

"I know that. I do know a thing or two about mining." Leo says as he and May step out carefully.

"I don't see anything yet. Let's move slowly down the shaft." May says sensibly.

Leo doesn't say anything but follows May down the mine shaft. In fact, the trip is fairly quiet. The atmosphere is heavy and Leo knows that May is feeling a lot of emotion about all this. May's been involved in this mine since its inception and moments of disaster for the mine make her worry. Leo can see the worry etched on May's face, even in the dark, though she doesn't think she's showing that to him. May stops suddenly and Leo bumps into her. "What's wrong?"

"I think we found the accident site." May whispers. She's scared of what she will find. She would hate to find bodies of the men she has hired.

Leo looks over May's shoulder and I shocked to see the devastation of the collapse. He notices tears trail down May's face. It's much worse than she thought it would be. There are injured men lying around. "It's alright, darling."

"It's not alright! Where the hell is the doctor? He needs to be here now. The men won't survive otherwise. I need help here now!" May cries breaking into sobs.

"There's nothing more we can do down here. Let's go back up and we can send the recovery team down" Leo says trying to soothe May as he puts his arms around her and bundles her into the elevator.