I'm coming home

by Linda

Beta reader: cute-nina

Genre: Romance, drama, and family

Warning: AU, yaoi

Parings: G27, past 27Kyoko

I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Chapter 1

It was a busy morning as usual at the Sawadas house. Tsuna was bustling around his kitchen, making breakfast and bento for his daughter, when he glanced at the clock. It was already seven o'clock.

"Suzu! Wake up! You have to go to school today," shouted Tsuna as he rushed upstairs to his daughter's room after lowering the heat on the stove.

"Suzu. Wake up," Tsuna shook his daughter, who slowly opened her eyes to look at her father with sleepy eyes.

"Good morning, daddy," mumbled Suzu.

"Morning, Suzu. It's already seven. You need to get up," said Tsuna as he pulled out some clothes for his daughter to wear to pre-school, "Can you brush your teeth by yourself?"

"Yes, I can."

"Good girl," Tsuna kissed his daughter on the forehead, "Wash up and change into these clothes. Then, come downstairs. I'll make it sunny side up for you." With that Tsuna ran downstairs again before anything got burned. Tsuna was preparing the breakfast on the table before he remembered he had to take out his garbage today.

Tsuna rushed around his house to gather all the trash, and put them all into the garbage bin. He was rolling it outside his house when he saw his neighbor. His neighbor was a pediatrician who was also his daughter's doctor.

He was about to greet him when he saw another figure with him. It was a blond girl, and Tsuna was pretty sure it was his secretary/nurse. She was a very beautiful lady with fair skin, long wavy golden hair, shapely figure, and long slender legs. But she was crying as she talked to the man in front of her. However, the man didn't do anything. He was just standing there with a slightly sad face, listening to her.

Tsuna couldn't hear anything but it wasn't an uncommon sight. His neighbor, Giotto, was a handsome man with gentle nature. So it was no surprise that there were a lot of people who liked him. What he didn't understand was why they'd never last long. Tsuna didn't know the details but they always broke up, even though Giotto treated his lovers well.

Tsuna was trying to sneak back into the house because even if this is a common scene, he didn't know how to act in such situation. But luck wasn't on his side because Giotto spotted him before he could get back inside to the safety of his house.

"Good morning, Tsunayoshi-kun" he heard Giotto say. A glance back told him that the woman had left and Giotto was alone now.

"Oh! Good morning, Giotto-san. I didn't see you there," greeted Tsuna before he slapped his mouth with his hand. There was just no way he didn't see Giotto when he came out of the house. So, it made it obvious that he saw him with the lady and was trying to avoid them. The air around them became awkward.

"Do you need help with that garbage bin?" asked Giotto suddenly, as he walked toward Tsuna's house.

"Hmm? Oh! No. No. It's fine. I can do it myself," replied Tsuna.

"Let me do it for you. It's heavy, that's why you couldn't pull it to the gate, right?" said Giotto as he pulled the garbage bin before Tsuna could protest any further.

"Thank you," smiled Tsuna, and awkwardly added "sorry" which Giotto dismissed with a wave of his hand. After successfully pulling the garbage bin to the front with Giotto's help, Tsuna went back inside to his house again to prepare the morning table.

"Oh... You're here already. Do you want milk or orange juice, Suzu?" asked Tsuna, making his three years old daughter looked at him questionably. He had been out for several minutes already, so actually, Suzu had been waiting for him in the kitchen and didn't seem to realize that. Still the daughter answered with "I want milk, daddy."

Half way through the breakfast, Suzu reminded her father that it was already 7:40 and that they were late. With wide eyes, Tsuna quickly finished his breakfast, rushed upstairs to change his clothes, and came back down to see that Suzu finished her breakfast.

He dumped all the plates and glasses into the sink, since he didn't have time to wash them, and cleaned the table. After locking the front door Tsuna crouched down in front of his daughter to give her a piggy back ride, and said, "Get on, Suzu. We need to hurry."

As the two jogged down the road, they heard the honk from behind. So they turned around to see Giotto in his car.

"You guys are late? Get on. I can give you a ride," said their neighbor.

"No. no. it's fine. If I jog, we could still make it in time," declined Tsuna, since he didn't want to make his neighbor late for his work too.

"Your cafe is near my office and Suzu's school is on our way. So it's no trouble, really. Just get on," came the reply from the blond.

"Then, thank you very much," said Tsuna as he and his daughter got into the car. Once they were settled, Giotto drove towards the kindergarten.

"Okay, you've got all the books you need in the backpack, and here's your handkerchief. And... bento. You've got everything. Right?" asked Tsuna to his daughter who nod her head yes. "Then, you're good to go."

"Bye, daddy. See you later. And thank you, sensei," waved Suzu as she went into the school.

"You're a good dad and so caring," said Giotto after Suzu disappeared.

"Thanks," replied Tsuna, "And... Umm... why don't you come to our cafe for lunch? As a thank you for the ride. My treat."

"I think I'll take up your offer." Giotto turned to smile at Tsuna and it was a gentle one.