chapter 1 of a story featuring and told from the point of view of an OC character. We can use OC's on here right? I haven't been using for long and don't really know much about it, but i didn't see anything in the guideines against having OC's be main characters so i figure it should be fine :) Also since this is my first story on here please feel free to give me any advice you have for anything lol Also I get cnfused with genres and lables and titles and such , so lease feel free to help out with those XD

unfrortunately there isn't much nny in the beginning but he comes in quite soon XD

I had 200 dollars, no where to go, was completely unfamiliar with my surroundings, had no one to help me, no one to rely on, nothing that I should do, and was completely out of breath.

And I was incredibly happy.

It isn't as if I had a bad abusive orphanage . . . I just didn't like it. when my parents died four years ago in that car accident I was completely lost. They were the only family I had, and I was never good at making friends so in all honestly, they were the only people in my life.

Until they died.

Then I was left relying on little ol' me.

Little, unusual, clever, "creepy, freakish, lame", eccentric ol' me.

Of course the orphanage gave me a place to stay and food to eat, However, it couldn't compare to a home. Home's are places where you feel loved and love others, where you can escape from any troubles and feel that everything is perfect. The orphanage may be a shelter, but it was far from a home. I was always told it would be best for me to stay there until I was an adult and had rights, and my care takers always told me that I should just wait for my 18th birthday before leaving. But I just turned 17 and I couldn't wait another month, let alone nearly another year.

So there I was waiting for a bus, with everyone staring at that girl with the dark purple, electric blue streaked hair, heavy eye make up and blood red lips, a black lacy mini dress, old black boots, red knee high socks and red and black striped fingerless gloves. I was just a girl not a street performer, I really wished that more people would stop their incessant gawking. I rode on the bus thinking about what i should do, where I would go and by the time I was the last person on . . . my mind was still void of ideas. I slowly got off the bus into the dark city and didn't exactly like the looks of where I was. I was in one of those typical shady areas that a person with no weapons of defense of any sort, such as me, did NOT want to be in. So I walked on aimlessly, letting my mind drift into deep thought as I usually do. So when I was roughly pulled by my arm and slammed against a wall, I was completely shocked and unprepared. I felt someone yank at my purse, and saw a tall hefty looking guy who was pulling it. "Let go!" I ordered roughly while trying to pull my purse back. as afraid as I was, I was not a person to go into "damsel in distress mode" where I would girlishly scream, or cry, or run away in fear. "Make me." the guy told me as he pulled my purse tighter, yanking me along with it. I kicked him hard between the legs and when he bent over in pain I immediately ran away from him. I didn't look back and focused on getting away but apparently this thug who was trying to mug me was faster than me. He pulled me by the back of my dress pulling me towards him roughly. I fell backwards onto the cold paved side walk, my poor head, breaking my fall. I swore I felt my brain shake with impact and the guy before me took my open purse and checked briefly inside to see what I had. He started getting hazy and everything was starting to get darker, but something kept me from loosing consciousness.

It was the utter shock of seeing a bloody blade pierce through the stomach of my assailant. the crimson red liquid trickled out of his mouth and was pooling on his shirt, dripping onto the pavement. My purse fell to the ground and this thief did also, with wide eyes. suddenly, the blade thrust upwards, slicing him in half from his stomach to his head. I hit my head really hard on the ground and the blackness at the edge my vision was beginning to take over. I was awake long enough to see the rest of my attacker torn in half, with is insides spilling onto the ground in between the halves. I was also awake just long enough to see a thin figure holding up the two parts tightly at the neck, shaking them about, screeching the words,


Then I was in dark oblivion.

"Ohh" I groaned as I slowly regained consciousness. I laid there thinking about opening my eyes. And picturing myself getting up and going on with dull painful life like I did every day. But then I noticed something rather unusual. I wasn't laying down in my bed. I peeled my eyes open and worriedly looked around and tried to analyze what was going. My arms were chained to the wall and my leg were too, so I formed a sort of star shape. I saw a few blood stains on the wood floor and a thin guy with messy inky black hair, wild and bright yet dark colored eyes, pale skin and dark clothing, sitting cross legged on the floor, staring intently up at me. If I were to see him under different circumstances, I would probably actually think he was cute. And being the brilliant me, the first thing I meekly said was, "those are my gloves." indicating my soft red and black striped gloves that were on his wrist.

"Yes, I like how they look." he stated, simply.

My second completely normal sentences ended up being, "Please tell me I'm chained up for torture not rape."

"OH I would NEVER commit the latter, what kind of beast would defile such a lovely girl that way."

"Lovely, right." I quietly scoffed. I hung there thinking about how in the world I ended up in that situation when I remembered the events of the past night.

"You were the guy who helped me aren't you!" I exclaimed while staring at the gothicly dressed figure before me.

"Why yes I was, no thanks are necessary. Especially since you won't be thanking me soon."

"What precisely do you mean by that?" I questioned this stranger who developed a crazy look in his eyes before jumping onto his feet.

"I need your blood! The creature from the other side of the wall will come out unless I paint the wall, and do so very soon!"

"What creature?" I asked while staring down at this lunatic.

"I don't know . . . I'm afraid to see what lies on the other side, and need to keep the wall nice and red so I don't have to!"

"Well, why kill me?"

"No reason exactly. . . I kept forgetting to keep someone alive so I could take them home. As you know, It was getting rather late when I found you." He squeaked as he looked everywhere nervously, clearly frightened at the thought of some monster breaking through his wall.

"Why haven't you killed me yet? Do you get some sort of thrill out of trying to make me scream my last breath?"

"Well yes. . . The pained screams of my victims are most delightful. But I was also curious about why you those cuts decorating your pretty wrists."

"huh?" I asked while looking over to my scarred arms.

"Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm not alive. I don't know if I'm here or why I'm here but . . . the pain of a blade slicing through my wrist let's me know I'm not yet dead. And if I'm not dead, it means I still have a life, and if I have a life, I must have something to live for..." I mumbled explaining my silly reason for all the marks I've given myself.

"You seem wiser and much more . . . special than anyone I've ever killed before." this psycho noted as he gazed at me inquisitively.

"I'm Violet-May, but I go by Vi." I told him introducing myself.

"Im Jonny but you can call me Nny!" he exclaimed cheerfully.

"Hey Nny, what do you say about letting me go?"

"I can't. . . just drink this. . ." he said while thrusting a bottle of some unknown liquid towards me.

"Why should I?"

"It'll knock you out . . . I've never used it for anyone before but ... This will allow me to kill you with out you ever noticing."

"Why would you want to do that?" I questioned.

"... I'm not sure." He admitted with a scowl on his face as he thrust the bottle towards me another time.

"Hey . . . can you at least show me this wall first? feel free to keep me chained up." I tried. Nny nodded his head and attached some new handcuffs to my wrists after undoing the old ones, and the straps on my legs. The new handcuffs were like a leash, with a stray chain end

held tightly in Nny's hands. He guided me through his dark dirty house to a room that had a single wall covered in dried blood.

"OH GOD IT'S ALMOST FREE!" He shrieked while staring at the unmoving wall."

"How do you know its evil?" I asked, humoring this psycho.

"I . . . I just do . . ."

"How about, you keep me in this room. It looks like it's about to bust out any minute. Leave this room, lock me in, and I'll face the monster from the wall. If it just wants my blood it will just kill me and return to the wall so you have nothing to worry about." I made up, sounding sincere.

"Very well then Vi. I'm locking you in here. but I need to get out!" He exclaimed with one last rushed glance towards the blood stained wall before dashing out of the room, and locking me in, since it was one of those outside lock doors.

I counted to 60 then said, " Oh God it's coming out!"

"Wh- where are you?" I asked worriedly. "I can hear your voice, and feel you here but can't see you! It doesn't sound like your speaking! It's like your talking to my mind!" I exclaimed. I took a long pause to pretend it was talking back to me.


"you are talking into my head?"

"A curse?"

"locked in the wall by some horrible boy who kept you trapped with fresh blood?"

"I'm sure he didn't mean to! He thought you were evil! he didn't know some evil being cursed you into the wall."

Another long pause.

"No! Don't kill him! I swear, he didn't know what he was doing! He was just afraid!"

"Really? Oh thank you! . . . uh-huh. . . . yeah . . . I'll let him know . . . good bye then! and thanks for not taking revenge on him."

"Hey Nny?" I called out through the wall, proud of my little performance. He then burst through the door and looked around wildly.

"It's really gone? Did I really hear what I just heard!" He ran over to the wall that never moved and began running his hands along it.

"I can't believe it was cursed! now i don't have to worry about ALWAYS getting new blood to paint the wall with anymore! Thank you Vi."

"Oh it was no problem." I told him as he released my wrists from the cold shackles.

"Well I suppose you would want me to drive you home now or something..." Nny mumbled while looking at his feet.

"Home. . . hmm . . . there's a funny thing about that..." I started, wondering if I should share my story with this cute yet clearly psychotic stranger.

To be continued . . .

. . . If people actually like it XD

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