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A strange figure stood tall on the mountain's edge, arms crossed, looking directly towards Cloudsdale. His slitted red eyes then glanced downwards, now looking towards Ponyville. He turned around and bent downwards, eyes moving up and down between two places, looking at them between his legs.

"So this is Cloudsdale, and that is Ponyville?" He scoffed. He then turned back around. "Before Lord Mons Drake even sets foot on this pitiful planet, I'm going to mess it up a little!"

He crossed his claws and began to generate some kind of energy which then formed into a large fireball. Uncrossing his claws, he released it with fury. "Meteor Bullet!"

The fireball was as fast as sound itself and it grew in size as it flew. Directly hitting Cloudsdale, it created a large explosion.

Somewhere in space…

A large spaceship loomed above the planet. It gave off an eerie atmosphere around it. Inside, two of its inhabitants were watching the event through a large monitor, projected from a sphere on the floor. The ship's interior design was as unique as the exterior, more advanced than anything in Equestria. They watched with full attention.

One of them had a blue color scheme on his body, which was covered in metallic armour of alien design. He somehow resembled a colt, having four hooves and an average body structure. The only thing a normal pony would not have were weird fins for ears, a horn that bent backwards like a beetle's, and a spike protruding on his right shoulder.

"Lord Mons Drake" The alien equine spoke. He trotted closer to the other alien. "Please do not let your guard down."

The alien turned towards the colt. Mons Drake has a muscular bulky body. Just like his name, he resembled an anthromorphic moth and was mostly green in color. His yellow antenna protruded elegantly backwards. His wings, which actually had an appealing multicolored design pattern, was really a cape tied together on a point under his neck. His eyes; the real eyes, were bright yellow in the form of slits.

"This planet, Equestria….is a bit different from the planets you have conquered before, Lord Drake."

It was Drake's turn to speak.

"Do not worry, Bladerun of the Comet. It should be fine. Like before, I will take all life from this planet and none shall stop me." He began to chuckle maliciously. Bladerun could only smirk.

The red alien gave a satisfied laughter upon seeing the destruction he caused. The burning debris of Cloudsdale was hurling towards Ponyville. As he was about to leave, a blast of energy hit him square on his back.

"What are you doing?" Spoke a new voice. It sounded feminine to his ears.

"What the?" He looked up upon recovering. There standing in front of him was a mare with bluish black coating. She had both a horn and wings. Her mane was in the shade of light blue. A tiara situated on her head. On her flank was a mark; a cresent moon with spots surrounding it that represented the night sky.

"Who are you?" The alien said as he stood up.

"Luna" The Night Princess simply answered, continuing to glare at the strange creature.

"Never heard of ya." He unleashed two smaller versions of his Meteor Bullet attack towards Luna, which she easily shielded herself from with her magic. The alien was surprised by her powers.

Luna charged at it and began to attack.


Everypony was in a state of panic. The debris from Cloudsdale impacted the town greatly. Since much of the city was made of magically solidified cloud matter, it felt like a meteor hit the town. The largest piece split as it hit the town, sending chunks of burning concrete and wood everywhere. One such piece hit the top of a large tree, which was also the town's library. "Quick, get some water!" Twilight Sparkle, the owner of the library commanded from inside. She was a purple unicorn with bangs and a straight styled mane. A purple and pink streak was visible on it. Her cutie mark was a large six pointed star with white smaller stars surrounding it.

Spike, her assistant was a two feet tall baby dragon with purple scales and green head fins and eyes. He quickly poured some on the burning book shelf. Twilight on the other hand was pouring multiple buckets worth of water using her magic. Her horn glowed as she continued to put out the fire that was burning the other parts of the library.

Soon, the flames were successfully extinguished. Unfortunately, some of her books had caught fire and were burned while others suffered from water damage, not to mention that there was a giant hole on her roof with chunks of cloud and concrete on her bed.

Instead of worrying about her home, she decided to go outside to check on the townfolk. Spike hopped on to her back before they made their way.

Most of the flames managed to be extinguished with the help of the pegasi and their rain clouds. However, there were only so many clouds in the area and too many fires.

"Help!" A voice cried out. Standing next to a house was a purple pony named Berry Punch. Her house was on fire. But that was the least of her worries right now.

"Help…*cough* Mommy!" A voice called out from the upper floor. Inside was a little filly, trapped under her bed. Tears continued to flow as she cried. She could not get out as the flames blocked the door and she was too afraid to jump through the window.

"Hold on!" A voice echoed.

The little filly stopped crying and looked around. "Huh?" From the fire, a pony leaped out, startling the little filly.

The pony looked at her and smiled. "It's going to be ok."

Berry Punch cried, hearing no more sound from her child. She covered her face, having horrible thoughts of her daughter burned alive. Her neighbours looked down, saddened.

As they mourned, the windows opened suddenly, causing them to look at it. Berry Punch looked at it too through her teary eyes. A pony jumped out of that window, carrying the little filly on her back. Everypony gasped. Berry Punch quickly trotted towards 'her' and retrieved her daughter. She cried again but this time it was of joy, and embraced her daughter. Everypony there cheered for the rescuer.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you, miss!" Berry Punch said in gratitude, giving the 'mare' a tight embrace. "Thanks for saving my little baby girl! Whoever you are!"

"My name is Alata and I-I'm a boy." The pony said, causing everypony to gasp. Even Berry Punch and her daughter were surprised.

Despite bodily appearances, Alata was 100 percent male, though many managed to confuse him for a mare and being new in town did not help at all. His coat was a nice shade of red like a cherry. His eyes were blue and his mane was purple, fashioned in a bowl cut style. Despite a couple of burned hairs and black marks, the colt came out unscathed.

He stared at them, confused seeing them staring back at him. "What?"

With the situation now in control, it was time for Ponyville to recover from the aftermath. From tending the injured to help clearing up the debris, there were quite a few tasks to fulfill. Most of the buildings were still standing but many were destroyed. The Mayor announced that those who lost their homes would be provided with shelter at the Royal Palace of Canterlot, courtesy of Princess Celestia herself until their homes could be rebuilt. As some ponies travelled there, other still required medical attention.

Another injured victim went into Ponyville's general hospital, kleaning on another mare. This one had a broken ankle and some burns on her skin. Nurse Redheart could only shake her head. She led the victim and her escort towards the ward. The place was not as fancy or as big as those in Canterlot and Manehettan, but it was satisfactory.

"Thank you so much….Mrs?" Nurse Redheart said in a questioning manner. She saw this pony before but didn't manage to get her name as she was a foreigner.

"My name is Eri!" She answered with a cheerful smile. The pony was pink in color. Her eyes were cyan and her purple mane was fittingly tied in a pony tail fashion. "And no problem, miss nurse!"

Some chunks of the debris managed to hit the Sweet Apple Acres as well, causing some damage to the land and crops. Apples littered everywhere and some trees had fallen over to Applejack's dismay. The Apple family quickly got all the help they needed; themselves and the townsfolk.

"Thafts it, kepp gouing…" Applejack's voice muffled by the rope in her mouth as she and Caramel pulled the broken tree trunk away. Some of the other ponies helped with other ropes.

Soon they came to a stop. They were done. "Well, that just leaves removing this an' replanting", Applejack said as she walked forward to the stump of the tree.

From behind her the sound of a wooden screech came to her ears. Applejack turned around and smiled. She was facing two ponies, one was a stallion and the other was a mare. They were carrying a cart full of apples; apples that were still in good condition of course.

The stallion had a black coating, which was a rare sight among the pony folk. His eyes were orange like amber and had a brownish spiky mane. His cutie mark was a metallic blue horse shoe smashing a rock.

The mare however was a normal yellow and her eyes were baby blue in colour. Her mane had a similar color to her partner's but it was fashioned in a more feminine style. Her cutie mark were plants sprouting from the ground.

"Thank you so much fer y'help, Agri, Moune." Applejack smiled as she looked to each in turn. They had weird names, but they were decent folk.

"No problem Applejack! Right bro?" Moune nudged her brother with her hoof.

"Yeah, no problem at all." Agri said with confidence.

Little rabbits scattered everywhere around the town. They came from Fluttershy's cottage, scared when they heard the explosion. The ponies were herding them to the town's square with Fluttershy's help. Her specialty of making friends with animals helped her find them. In every corner, in every bush, all of them went towards her like she was some sort of magnet.

"All right little ones, this way, this way…" Fluttershy cooed softly as she led them towards the town square. All of them gathered in front of her as she checked. During the check up, she noticed that one was missing.

"Oh my, where's Fluffy?" She began to search in the bunny bunch but to no avail. Fluffy was the littlest one of the bunch; just a newborn. The poor Pegasus began to panic.

"Excuse me!" Shouted a new voice, startling her. She glanced and turn towards the source of the noise; a blue colt. Fluttershy regained her composure and stood there, hoping that the colt was not calling to her.

"Ms. Fluttershy is it?"

Fluttershy gulped and her heart skipped a beat when she heard her name. Talking or communication with other ponies was not her strong point, especially when she had never seen them before. Seeing him approaching made her even more nervous.

He stood before her. From her observation, the stallion was as tall as normal ponies though he was much less bulkier then the ones she saw everyday. His mane was black and spiky and his eyes were emerald green. On his flank was his cutie mark, a fish fin with two gushing waters of different heights behind it. A moment of silence crept over them but the newcomer broke it quickly.

"Is this rabbit yours?" A baby rabbit poked its head out from behind his shoulders. It smiled. Upon recognising its guardian, it quickly jumped down from the colt and hopped towards Fluttershy and hugged her front hoof.

With a smile the colt said, "Well, I better be going." He then walked away.

"Umm…" Hearing the voice, the colt turned around, causing her to gasp again.

"W-What is your name?" She lowered her head meekly. "That is if you don't mind to tell…."

"Hyde." He replied simply. "Nice to meet you." The colt then walked away, leaving Fluttershy with the bunny.


In space…

Inside the ship, the aliens, along with the red alien from before, gathered for a discussion.

With a sigh the red alien spoke. "Seems like there won't be much resistance." He started to leisurely walk for a bit, stopping in front of Bladerun.

"She said she was Princess Luna, one of the two rulers of this planet. I sent her running though. Hehehe!" He boasted, rubbing his claws together.

"Indeed, Dereputa. Though her powers are slightly weaker than the other ruler; her sister. Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria during its daytime." Bladerun said, catching the attention of his two colleagues.

"Ruler of its daytime?" Mons Drake repeated.

Bladerun nodded. He then turned towards the console and pressed a button, turning on the screen's projection. It shows the pictures of the two Pony Sisters, in their castle.

"From what I gathered from the Bibi-Bugs, each of them rules the each day within specific time frame. Princess Celestia reigns during daytime and Princess Luna takes over at night."

Dereputa scoffed when the Night Princess was mentioned and turned to look the planet, unknowingly staring at the same land that she was observing.

Canterlot, Royal Palace

Princess Celestia navigated her way through the beautifully furnished hallway with grace, like usual. A smile plastered on her face. Ponies, not the ones who worked in the palace but commoners were walking towards the opposite direction with their luggage, giving her respective gestures as they passed her. She had just read a letter from her prized student, saying that most of the residents had settled in their rebuilt homes. Soon, she arrived in front of a fully decorated door. Her horn glowed with magic as she opened the door, and closed it behind her. Luna was there in the Princesses' private quarters, looking over the land on the balcony.

Celestia trotted towards her. She glanced at Luna's left leg, which was wrapped with a bandage and stained with her own dried blood. Standing next to her sister, she inhaled the night air.

"Hello, Luna." She greeted softly.

"Hiya sis!" Luna responded cheerfully. Private times like this were when the sisters could drop their regal stature. Well, Luna kept it down most of the time anyways, not that it affected her ruling ability. The sisters nuzzled each other.

"How are you feeling today? Better?" Celestia took a good look at her sister's face. She then raised her hoof to her mouth, trying to smother her unseemly laughter. The laughter then turned into a full chortle.

"Yeap! Feeling better and-why are you laughing?"

Celestia pointed a hoof at Luna's face, and the younger alicorn just scowled in annoyance. Her face was a wreck, though that might be a little bit exaggerated. A band-aid was stuck on the ridge of her nose, her right eye was blackened and slightly swollen and her mane was a mess. It was not very princess-like, but it still looked quite natural for her.

"You're still laughing at that?" Luna scrunched her face, making her face look sillier. Celestia continued to laugh.

"Can you be any more adorable?" Celestia teased as she gave her sister a noogie. The two of them laughed together and fell on the floor. Suddenly, a tingle came to their senses. It was powerful, very powerful. They stood up and looked around, frantically. The feeling came again. They looked at the Everfree Forest, where the force came from.

"You don't think…?" Luna said questioningly.

"I believe it is…" Celestia murmured. "I think it's…"

"The prophecy…"

Everfree Forest…

The forest was a safe haven during daytime, unlike its nocturnal side. Sunlight poured through the foliage and branches, creating beautiful scenery. Near a small lake, a group of ponies gathered.

"Wow…!" Alata and Eri said in full enthusiasm. They wondered through the forest, looking through the surroundings. Even though the forest was considered something alien to the ponies; being that its nature was not bound by the ponies' law, the two newcomers were too air headed to care.

While the two continued exploring, Agri and Moune were in a different part of the forest, having a race on the pathway.

"See who can get to the finish line first!" Moune said.

"You're on!" Agri responded.

"Remember to come back here by lunch time!" Hyde hollered, though the others were to far away to hear him. He just shook his head and sat on the ground at the lake's shore. From his saddlebag, he took out a test tube and using his mouth, took some of the water into it.

"I wonder what kind of water this is. Is it rainwater?" He muttered to nopony in particular.

Alata was happily skipping through the forest path, walking deeper into the Everfree. Eri was not far behind. She was busy looking and smelling the flowers; the ones that were attractive and not dangerous, at least. There were quite a few that did not grow in the lands controlled by ponies. After all that trotting, Alata stopped. He had stumbled upon the ruins of the Pony Sisters' Castle, former home of the Elements of Harmony. He wandered in, amazed by the sight. A large doorway came to his view. As he was about step inside, a beam of light suddenly appeared in front of him.

The colt jumped and fell on his rump. A beam of light appeared in front of him. When the light died out, an alien figure stood at the spot, with its back facing him. The alien chuckled as he approached the building.

"Guess I'll start with this." Using both of his hands, he began to pound the wall. The first hit created large cracks in the ancient wall while the second caused it to crumble. The creature chuckled, happy at the site of the falling bricks and walking on top of the ruins as they piled up.

"It won't even take half a day to find them!" His eyes flashed and the rock crusher on his belly began to spin, absorbing the pieces of rock inside. After taking in an appropriate number of crushed rocks, he released them. The small rocks gushed out of from his waist and formed into a ball of concrete, similar to a dung beetle's dung.

Back in the spaceship, the event was being monitored.

"That Scrabs, his speaking isn't very eloquent…" Dereputa commented.

Mons Drake continued, "But his handiwork is."

Bladerun just continued to smirk and look at the monitor.

On it, Scrabs laughed on the planet as he continued to crush the castle and turn the remains into concrete balls. Alata kept watch, unsure of what to do. He could just run and pretend this never happened. Or he could try and stop it, as foolish as it sounded.

"Stop it!" Alata said as he stood proudly.

"Hmm?" Scrabs turned around and came in contact to the colt's glare. "What are you supposed to be?" Scrabs decided to take a closer inspection.

"I'm a p-"

"Alata!" A voice yelled out from behind him. It was Eri along with his cousins, marching towards him.

"There's more of you?"

Alata's cousins looked at the alien up and down. They had never seen this kind of creature before.

"As I was saying, I'm a pony." Alata said.

"Ponies? You mean those weakling creatures?" He snorted. "Don't interrupt my work!" His eyes glowed yellow and scorching hot laser blasts came out. He blasted them towards the ponies.

"Woah!" Agri uttered. The Gosei ponies jumped away from the lasers' path, and they ended up hitting a tree, causing a small explosion. The innocent tree fell to the ground with a loud thump.

Scrabs continued to attack, with the ponies barely dodging them. All that jumping had tired them out.

"Looks like you're tired." Snickering from the obvious observation, the alien unleashed another laser attack. This time the ponies would not able to dodge. However at that moment, the ground shook briefly before it crumbled outright and the ponies fell. Their screams echoed as they went down. Seeing this, Scrabs just responded with a shrug and continued his work.

The soon-to-be Gosei ponies continued to fall until they landed on something wooden. The relief was short lived as the wooden plate began to slide downward through a pathway crafted from a hollowed tree trunk. A giant hollowed tree trunk. The ponies landed with a thud. They groaned as they picked themselves up, regaining their senses and taking a look around. Darkness was the only thing they could see in front of them. The only light they shone down from the hole they fell from. The dripping of water droplets was the only sound audible to their ears.

"What should we do now?" Eri asked. "What trouble have we got ourselves into…" She turned to look at her brother.

"We wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you." Agri said exasperatedly, crossing his arms before flopping down on his rump, giving Alata a grumpy look.

"We're stuck in here and there's no way to called to anypony for help." Moune said with a similar tone.

Alata put his hoof on his chin and rubbing it thoughtfully, thinking. "Hey…" Everypony turned to him. "How are we going to drive away the alien after we escape?"

Agri became irritated by Alata's words. "He's not listening!" He trotted towards the red colt.

"No," Hyde stretched his hoof over Agri's chest, blocking him from going further. "I've been thinking the same thing as Alata." He then added. "We need to find a way to drive him away when we escape…."

Moune suddenly spoke. "Umm guys…What is that?" She pointed forward where there were shimmering lights. Curious, the group trotted straight towards these lights. As soon as they arrived, the light disappeared and darkness crept in once more.

"What happened? Where did they go?" Moune said.

The group shook their heads in response.

A strange sound began to echo, growing louder and louder. It came from under their hooves. They took a few steps back as something rose from the ground. They were white, fully sculptured pedestals with designs similar to the ruins above. There were five of them and on top of each lay a strange object. The design was ancient. They seemed to look like faces, colored silver and framed with bronze linings.

"What are these things?" Eri asked, looking at the items.

Curious, Alata took one with his hoof. Nothing happened however.

Agri looked at him. "Hey! What are you doing?"

Hyde picked another up next, followed by Eri, Moune and lastly Agri himself. Suddenly, they began to glow. Even though no harm came to them, their hooves were stuck on the ground.

"What's going on? I can't move!" Eri said in panic.

They were engulfed completely by the light and disappeared.

Back on the surface, five pillars of light appeared near by the hole, attracting Scrabs' attention. The lights died out and the five Gosei ponies fell to the ground, bottoms first.

"Man, we're falling so much today…" Agri complained, rubbing his rump.

"You again?" He briefly walked forward. His eyes flashed, making his concrete balls come to 'life'. They rolled and hit the ponies like boulders, throwing them backwards hard. As soon they picked themselves up, the balls hit them again, causing them to fall a second time and they picked themselves just as fast. Seeing the incoming concrete balls for a third time, they jumped up to safety as the balls crashed into each other and crumbled. The ponies looked up to the alien in defiance.

"Hey, give up already!" Scrabs mocked and threw his hands on his sides. "You'll just suffer more." His eyes flashed again so the ponies prepared to dodge. Instead of lasers, small explosions occurred under their hooves. They covered their eyes from the sparks that flew from the blasts and jumped away from the attack..

As Alata recovered, an unfamiliar voice came to his ears. The voice sounded mature, alluring and spoke with a sense of grand authority.

"In your hoof, use it."

"What? Who are you?" Alata questioned, trying to find the voice.

"There is no time! Use the thing you're holding in your hoof." The voice ordered.

Alata looked at the object. Out of nowhere, a rectangular red light appeared in front of him and materialized into a card. He grabbed it with his mouth. On the card was a picture of a colt's head, wearing some sort of helmet with a black visor.

"Put it in." Spoke a new voice. It sounded younger than the first but with the same sense of authority. The bottom part of the object suddenly slid down, revealing a space shaped for that card. He tried to put the card in with his mouth but to no avail. Again he tried but this time, he stood on his hind hooves and managed to slip it in. Strangely, he didn't feel any discomfort standing like this, nor did he feel unbalanced.

"Press it up and shout 'Tensou'!" The first voice ordered again. Alata nodded and did what he was told.


A brief whizzing sound came from the item followed by a deep mechanical voice. "Change, Goseiger!" Alata was then engulfed in red light, and it materialized into some sort of suit. It was red from the top to the waist and white from there till near the hind hooves. All of his hooves were covered in red boots with black linings. A bronze belt was tucked under his stomach. A surge of energy ran his body, causing him to shiver a bit. A pair of wings grew behind him. They looked similar to an alicorn's wings but the feathers were shining white. But it was short lived; as they wrapped themselves around him, they dispersed into particles of light. A symbol appeared on his underbelly and glowed briefly.

A red silhouette of a dragon soon followed, appearing from behind him with a mighty roar. It engulfed his head, forming a helmet; the same one he saw on the card. The transformation was complete.

He gasped as felt strange powers surging through him. Everyone was looking at him with awe.

"What the?" Scrabs said, still gawking at the sight.

Alata turned to his cousins. "Quick! Do what I did just now!"

The group nodded, still shocked by what they had just witnessed. Like Alata, they stood on their hind hooves and used the item in the same manner, their own cards materializing in front of them.

"Tensou!" They shouted in unison

A similar light engulfed them as they underwent the same transformation. Stood there now were four ponies in similar suit that Alata had. They, however, were in different colors and the animals on their helmets are different too.

Eri's was pink and had a phoenix.

Agri's was black and had a snake.

Moune's was yellow and had a tiger.

Hyde's was blue and had a shark.

"What is going on here! This was not in the game plan!" Scrabs yelled.

The group inspected themselves, amazed by the suits and the new energy flowing through them from mane to hoof.

Scrabs jumped down from his concrete ball. "How impudent!"

The Gosei ponies stood on their guard. Like before, Scrabs shot them with his lasers. Fortunately, the power they gained let them dodge these attacks with ease, jumping out of the way without thinking.

"Woah…I didn't know I could jump that high!" Moune said.

"It's the suits." Hyde stated simply.

"Grr….Take this!" Scrabs fired more lasers at them with some explosion attacks in the mix. None of them hit their targets.

"We can't keep dodging forever!" Agri said as trotted towards the alien in full charge, evading incoming lasers. When, he stopped, he stood on his front hooves and slammed the alien with his back hooves in a fanck buck. At first he was afraid his kick might not be enough but he acknowledged the alien's cry of pain as it fell onto the hard ground.

"Awesome, Agri!" His sister cheered.

The others trotted forward, using the momentum as a tool to boost their jump, except for Moune who kept charging. Alata, Eri and Hyde landed behind the alien and bucked at him before he could pick himself up. Moune ran towards the alien in full charge, and headbutted him into mid air.

Scrabs groaned in pain when landed on the ground. "Darn you!"

The first voice came to Alata's mind again. "Use these." The belt on their stomachs opened up and another kind of card appeared in front of them. This ones have the pictures of their respective animals, albeit more mechanical in appearance. They stood up and put the cards in their morphers, and the whizzing sound came.

"Summon." The morphers spoke in unison.

"Dragon Headder."

"Phoenix Headder."

"Snake Headder."

"Tiger Headder."

"Shark Headder."

All of a sudden, the pictured mechanical animal heads flew out of a small portal formed in front of the morphers. The headers flew upwards before floating in front of the ponies. A cylindrical light appeared behind each of them, forming 5 weapons.

The ponies felt something new in their bodies, a hot strength as secret and personal as the most well-kept secret. A surge of energy flowed up to their heads and their eyes began to glow.

"Is this…magic?" Hyde asked upon feeling the familiar sensation.

"Use the magic in your hearts to power your weapons." The second voice ordered and Alata passed on the message to the others.

"Let's go!" Alata said. Hyde began the attack.

"Shark Bullet!" A stream of blue energy came out from the weapon.

"Snake Bullet!" Out came a purple energy stream.

"Tiger Bullet!" Out came a yellow energy stream.

"Phoenix Bullet!" Out came a pink energy stream.

"Dragon Bullet!" Out came a red energy stream.

The energy streams all headed towards Scrabs, combining into what resembled a spinning rainbow of destructive force.

"No way!" His crusher began to spin again. Instead of absorbing, he released the rocks that were crushed and blasted them towards the ponies. However the attack was useless as the energy streams turned them to dust easily and hit Scrabs square on the chest. He screamed in agony as the energy pushed him backwards. The multicolored force was too much for his body. The evil creature exploded into a cloud of flames.

"Woah…" They all said unison, continuing to watch 'till the flame disappeared.

A moment of silence crept over them. Suddenly, they were again engulfed by light and demorphed, returning back to their original state. All the powers that surged through their bodies were gone.

"What just happened?" Eri asked in complete confusion.

"We have the answer." Suddenly, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna appeared in front of them via teleportation spell.

The Gosei ponies gasped and gave respective bows for both of them.

"Congratulations on your first battle." Celestia said in an elegant and reserved voice.

Alata blinked. "That voice…"

"First battle?" Hyde asked. The Princesses gave a confirming nod.

"There's much to discuss. Come along." Princess Luna said.

Alata turned to Luna, the same expression still plastered on his face. "And that voice…"

With that, using their powers, the two Princesses activated their teleportation spells, winking both themselves and the Gosei ponies out of that battle-torn place.

The three aliens stood there, staring at their projection screen, dumbfounded.

"W-What just happened?" Dereputa asked Bladerun in frustration.

"It seems like there was a miscalculation in our plans…" Bladerun replied softly.

Dereputa snorted and walked away, not giving any more thought to the problem. Mons Drake however stood there in silence, preserving his cool demeanor.

He then spoke with overwhelming confidence. "No matter. I will still conquer this planet, for the cause of the Warstar Empire!"

Bladerun nodded in agreement. His mind however was thinking of something else.
"Those artifacts…that means that they are the ones…."

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