Written for Paris in December's Marry/Shag/Kill challenge on Megsy42's Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges forum.

"Given three characters, you have to choose one to marry, one to shag, and one to kill. (Simple, right?) Well, in this challenge, you get a fourth character, whose job it is to do the marrying, shagging, and killing. That's the story you write!"

My chosen character: Bellatrix Black

Marry: Lily Evans

Shag: Tom Riddle

Kill: Marlene McKinnon

The first chapter's pretty fluffy, but I promise it gets darker.


Lily Evans sometimes had trouble believing how lucky she had been. Little Mudblood girl, born to a family of no importance even in the muggle world, nowhere near top of any of her classes, not particularly popular, average in every way. And she had fallen in love with the last person she ever thought would love her back.

Bellatrix Black was four years older than Lily. She was the eldest daughter of the Blacks, the most prestigious Pureblood family in England. She had been brilliant in classes, and would have gotten full marks in nearly everything if she had turned up to lessons a little more often. She didn't have many friends, but people admired her. She was what every girl in the school wanted to be.

And she had fallen for the quiet, redheaded Mudblood, four years below her.

And that was why Lily had been lucky.

Bellatrix brushed her hand over Lily's face, kissed her gently. The two girls were sitting on Lily's bed in her muggle house, the sunset throwing crimson light over the room. Bellatrix had had to sneak out of Black manor to meet her girlfriend, but, as she said, that only made it more exciting.

"You, my Lily, are beautiful," Bellatrix whispered. "Perfectly, wonderfully beautiful…"

"I love you," Lily whispered back. She laid her head on Bellatrix's breast, eyelashes fluttering against her skin.

"I love you too, my Lily." Bellatrix pulled the neckline of her dress down a little further, and Lily ran her mouth over the pale flesh. "In fact…" She gently pushed Lily's head off her breast, and fumbled in her pocket for something. "Lily, my Lily… oh, I'm no good at this sort of thing…"

Bellatrix pulled out a small box, wrapped in brown paper, and handed it to Lily.

"A present? Oh Bells, thank you. What's the occasion?" Lily kissed her girlfriend and carefully undid the wrapping paper.

Bellatrix said nothing, only coiled one of Lily's dark red locks around her finger and watched as the younger girl opened the package.

It was a small, silver box that looked fairly old to Lily. She admired it, then opened the lid.

Inside was a diamond ring.

"Bells?" Lily looked at Bellatrix, her eyebrows drawing together. "What is this?"

"Well, it's… I mean… do you like it?"

"It's beautiful, Bella, but…"

"Well, if you like it, then keep it," Bellatrix said. She was closing off fast, doing something Lily had seen many times before, any time someone got too close to Bellatrix's emotions. "It's a present. Try it on, see if it'll fit."

"Bellatrix," Lily said, startling the older girl with the use of her full name. "Is this an engagement ring? Were you going to ask me to marry you?"

Bellatrix's face flamed. "No! Of course not! You know I don't go in for that sort of thing!"

Lily slipped the ring over her finger. It was a perfect fit. She admired the effect for a few moments, then looked at Bellatrix.

The tender woman that only appeared when Bellatrix was safe in her room with Lily was gone, replaced with the usual Bellatrix. Cold and aloof. Virtually emotionless. Lily knew full well that Bellatrix had had every intention of proposing, she had just lost her nerve. It had happened before, many times, Bellatrix had been on the verge of asking Lily to marry her, and then pulled back. Bellatrix would consider admitting that she wanted to marry Lily a sign of weakness, and she so prided herself on her strength.

"Bells, give me your hand," Lily said.


"Give me your hand," Lily repeated. She met Bellatrix's eyes, locked on them, as she carefully removed the ring from her finger, and slipped it on Bellatrix's.

"Bellatrix Black," she said, "will you marry me?"

Tears of happiness sprung to Bellatrix's eyes, and she flung her arms around Lily.

"I love you, my Lily," she said.

"Love you too, Bella," said Lily.