No Spark

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Sonny with a Chance.

Couple: Sonny/Tawni

Rating: M

Chapter 6

Hand Holding

'This is ridiculous… I can't believe she is making me do something so ehh…' Tawni thought to herself as blue eyes glanced to the side in order to see the brunette walking beside her, she wore that large smile that spread across her face like cancer. 'But she just looks so freaking cute with that smile and those little squeaky noises of happiness.' Letting out a sigh she cast her eyes downward where they landed on their linked hands. 'I guess it isn't that bad…'

"See this isn't so bad is it Tawn?" She asked, large brown eyes finding her friend's as her smile widened and she let out yet another squeak of excitement. She had never expected she would be able to hold the blonde diva's hand as they walked down the hallway. Sure she was still contemplating things with Chad and herself but at the moment she was more concerned with a future with Tawni.

"It's horrible." She groaned out dramatically as she let out a breath and focused on the hallway ahead of them.

"Oh it isn't that bad!" Sonny responded with laughter in her voice as she leant her head against the blonde's shoulder, taking note of the way that it caused the taller girl to flinch. It hurt her feelings, but she knew that it would take time.

'It really is kind of nice to be this close to her… she's warm and—STOP, it is not nice! You do not want this and you know it…' Even though her mind seemed to be at war she could not help but wonder if she really did not want this, then why on earth was she letting it happen. Tawni was not exactly the easiest person to talk into doing something that would not eventually benefit herself. 'So why?'

"Alright I think we need to step it up a notch!" Sonny said a little too loudly as her grin widened more, if that was at all possible.

"I think I'm going to be sick." She whined out in her high pitched voice.

"Oh shush!" The brunette said with a pout of her own as she bumped her hips against the taller girl's playfully, causing her to scowl down at her. Giving her an innocent grin she continued. "I think that we should go out on a date."

"A date?" Tawni practically screeched as she threw her friend's hand and immediately put distance between their bodies. Her blue eyes wide in terror and her mouth hanging open a bit. "I do not go on dates Sonny."

Sonny could not help but laugh a little at the other's behavior, finding it cute even if the words hurt her feelings. "Sure you do, I've helped you get a date before. Remember?"

"Alright, let me reiterate." The blonde said growing serious before stating. "I do not go on dates with you; I do not go on dates to fall in love. I go on dates to increase my social status, to increase my popularity, for some sort of praise, or because I am lonely and want to have sex. I do not want any of those things from you." Pausing a smirk formed on her pink 'coco moco coco' lips as she added as a side note "Except for sex, I would gladly take sex."

Ignoring the way that her heart started pounding in her chest as she watched beautiful blue eyes darken with desire she blushed brightly and looked away in order to regain her composure. "Well, you will not be getting that from me any time soon."

"Which is a shame." Tawni said biting down on her bottom lip as she contemplated a date with the other girl. 'Would it really be worth it… I mean am I really worth it… I'm just going to hurt her like I hurt everyone else…' "What would a date consist of?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow and crossing her arms. Relieved to see the smile and sparkle return to Sonny's eyes as she asked the question. It was adorable.

"Well I was thinking you should plan it out!" She squeaked excitedly.

"Sonny I've never planned a date out in my life!" The blonde exclaimed throwing her hands up in frustration with the situation. Now she would have to actually put thought into it. Even the dates that she went on, the guy usually did all of the thinking, she never had to do that part.

Moving closer to Tawni she smiled, placing her hands on the other's crossed arms. Trying her hardest not to blush as she felt the spark from the skin on skin contact. It was amazing how much "spark" the two of them had; she never felt this with Chad. "That is kind of my point." When the diva only raised an eyebrow at her, Sonny let out a soft sigh and explained. "I want to see what your idea of romance is, I want you to show me what your idea of a date is Tawn. I want you to woo me so to speak."

When she said the ending of the sentence her brown eyes widened and her facial features took on a dreamy appearance. It was obvious to both of them how much of a hopeless romantic the brunette was, but that was not Tawni. "I'm not really into the romancing Sonny, I usually just suffer through the date to get to the fun—" She paused as she realized those words wiped the smile clean off of her best friend's face and she let out a loud over-exaggerated whine before again throwing her hands up in frustration and saying between grit teeth. "Fine."

"Oh yay! I can't wait!" She squeaked out jumping across to her friend wrapping her arms around her. Surprisingly this time the blonde did not flinch, but instead hesitantly hugged her back. 'We're making progress…'


Authors Note: You guys still are amazing! Adding this chapter for an amazing person who reads and reviews all of my fics and sends many awesome rambling messages. Cain. :p I hope that it is not disappointing for I have been on a Glee kick… but I wanted to add to this!

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