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Chapter 9

Beyond stepped out of the cab. L shut the door behind him then rolled down the window and handed him a wallet.

"Huh? Aren't you coming?" Beyond asked.

"No, the reason I took you all here was for business, was it not? So now I must get to said business. Everything you need is in that wallet." The cab driver started making rushing movements to L, hoping to cut the conversation short.

"You can't do this! Tell the kids you'll spend a day with them then just up and leave! It's not fair, I mean, it's not like you're ever there any other times for them!" The older man responded to the rant by rolling up his window and having the cab driver start off towards their destination.

Beyond sighed, his shoulders dropping. He could understand it, though, because if he was in charge then he was bound to the kids, and thus wouldn't have any time to do anything "fun." Life just wasn't fair sometimes.

"Found Fluffy," Near said, then corrected himself with "I mean Beyond. I found Beyond." He pointed to the tall teenager walking towards them.

"Where's L?" Mello asked.

"Probably doing whatever he came here to do. Anyways, he probably figured that Beyond's 'mommy-instinct' will cause him to take over and so he won't have any time to reap havoc," Matt stated.

Mello turned to him, clearly hurt. "Ryuzaki wouldn't do that."

"It all fits though, doesn't it?"

"Hey, kiddos," Beyond said, walking up to the group.

"See, there's that mommy instinct," Matt pointed out.

"What? Wait, what?" Beyond stuttered.

"You do this. You're insane, but then all of a sudden you're our mother. It's a little creepy, man."

"You're the same way, Matty-kins," Mello said.

"Anyone's mother instincts would strike up around you. A dalek would even feel responsible for you after a while," Matt protested.

"Guys," Near piped up.

"What is it, Snow White?" Mello asked, clearly annoyed to have a conversation about himself interrupted.

"Well, the line to get in seems to be getting long, and, well, none of us are very good with social situations, so…."

"Exactly, littlest one, I already worked that out. It'll be harder with you kids tailing about, but it'll still work," Beyond responded.

"B-man, don't pretend you don't know our names, you've already called us by them," Matt pointed out.

"Wait, Fluffy, what exactly is this 'plan' you have in mind?"

Near didn't say anything. In fact, just the thought of following a plan made up by Beyond Birthday had sent him into shock.

Beyond looked at the bricks on the wall carefully. They had approached from the back, and between the wall and the park was an electrical fence. "Here," he said, tapping the stones. "You two stay here, got it? Matty-boy, come with me." Matt nodded.

"So….now what?" Mello asked once they left. Instead of answering, Near started playing with his pale fingers. Mello noticed the action. "Hey, Snowy, do you know Slide?" Near shook his head. "It's a hand game, here, let me teach you."

They played until the electrical fence made a shorting-out sound, at which point Mello hoisted Near up to help him get his footing on the brick, before climbing the wall himself. Once there, he helped the younger boy over the not-so-electrical fence.

"So, this is it," Mello said. He turned to Near expecting a response, but the boy was just looking at his surroundings with eyes full of wonder. "Um, Snowy, you do know this is just the garden storage area, right?"

Matt stood in line behind a girl with tight blonde curls. She was roughly his age. He reached up, grabbed a curl, pulled it down and released. He kept repeating it until she turned around.

"Hey, get your dirty hands off me," she said, stomping her foot.

"You asked for it, curling your hair like that. Someone was bound to pull it," he said matter-of-factly.

"Most people aren't freaks like you. Where are your parents anyways? Did they leave you because you're a little creep?" Matt lost it at this time, throwing her a left-hook. The girl screamed and started crying. The parents called a security guard over.

"She asked for it, she's a little bitch!" Matt tried.

"You little twerp! You're coming with me!" A security guard said.

"No, you filthy pig! Get your dirty hands off you, pedophile!" He screamed, squealing as the man handcuffed him.

Matt was dragged into the park.

"I'm calling your legal guardian, and the cops, and you- hey! Shut up so that I can tell you what's going on!" The man yelled over the boy's screams.

"You're not going to do anything with me, you child molester! Help, someone help! I don't know this man!" Matt shouted as he was directed down a path separate from any of the other park guests.

Soon enough, he was thrown into one of the two chairs in the otherwise empty room. "You'll be here for a while, buddy. I'll need your parents' number."

Matt opened his mouth and the security guard began to reach for his pen, but instead of talking Matt let out a high-pitch scream. "Help! Help!" He repeated.

"Shut up, kid!" The guard yelled, slapping Matt and effectively shutting him up. "Good, now tell me the number so that I can call your parents," he said nervously, and looking slightly guilty.

Matt's lip trembled as he gave the man ten digits.

"No, he's not my son," Beyond said into his cell phone…."No, no, this is right, I'm Matt's legal guardian. He was given to me after our parents died-"…."Yes, he's my brother-"…."I'm actually not in the park. He's there with his friends and their parents, but I don't know their names. I've met them before, though-"…."No, sorry, and I realize it was irresponsible, but I'm just down the road if you'd like me to come get him-"…."Yes, my name is Johnny Smith-"…."Different father's, so different last names-"…."Yes, I'm very sorry for how he acted. I'll be there in a minute to come get him, don't worry."

Beyond jumped out of the tree he was waiting in, and started walking down the road back towards the park.

"Excuse me," Beyond said when he got to the person at the front gate. "My name is Johnny Smith, my-"

"Yes, Mr. Smith, we already know the situation, if you'd just step through this scanner."

B walked through the scanner with a stride. Scanners never picked up on him.

"Right this way, Mr. Smith," a guard said.

"Johnny; please, call me Johnny."

"And you can call me Travis. Your brother's just in the holding area. We have already stuck a deal with the family who accused him, and we won't press charges," Travis said as he walked.

"That's very kind, thank you-"

"But there is one thing. I'm telling you now before emotions run wild, but one of our guards, who is now on unpaid leave, took his job a little too far. Too put it bluntly, Johnny, he slapped your brother. Since we're not pressing charges we'd appreciate it if you'd pay us the same courtesy."

Beyond started laughing. "Yeah, yeah, Matt's a handful. Just between us, did he sock the man back?"

Travis cracked a small smile. "Left a nice shiner, that boy did. I don't know how you put up with him."

"Our parents left us a lot of money, if you see where I'm going here."

"Well, Johnny, you're a good kid. Wish I could say the same for your brother, but he has spirit, which comes in handy. I'll leave you here, the guard there will let you through that door and then you tell the person at the front desk that you're here for Matt. Good luck."

And Beyond was alone in front of the door. Well, he wasn't alone yet, but he would be in a few seconds.

He turned to the guard at the door. Without hesitation he jammed his thumb into the back of the man's neck, causing him to pass out. Once the man was down, B quickly pulled his uniform over his own clothes. He had to roll it up around the ankles and sleeves, of course, because it was so huge on him. He saw a security camera but didn't worry about it. He walked in the door, and nodded to the lady at the front desk.

"Did you find that Smith kid yet?" She asked.

"Yeah, but he had some trouble in security so I was told to just bring the kid to him at the front." The lady at the desk nodded and pushed a button behind the desk, unlocking yet another door. Beyond walked through it and found a long corridor filled with doors. "This place is filled with doors," he muttered under his breath.

"Room 13 B," the lady shouted as the door was slowly shutting behind Beyond. He smirked, wondering if it was fait's way of showing him that what he was doing was okay, since it was for the kids.

"Oh, another guard, jeeze, I feel like you're going to try to recruit me," Matt said, rolling his eyes. Beyond just chuckled lightly and grabbed the boy by his handcuffs.

"I'm surprised they're not colourful and covered in Disney characters. Truth be told, I'm a bit disappointed. Oh well, little man, we gotta get you over to the control room. It's about a five minute walk, and then we're home free."

"Home? What a strange expression to use right now."

Once at the control room, Matt worked his magic. He deleted any trace of the video of B breaking helping himself to the real guard's clothes (or knocking the man out in the first place, for that matter). While he was at it, he found an old video of two boys that looked very much like B and himself leaving the park from a few years back, and inserted it to that day's slot. He had to make a few small changed (the colour of their shirts, and the exact shade of Matt's hair), but he figured no one would read that far into it anyways. Even the security guard probably thought he had just passed out do to heat exestuation or dehydration.

"Presto," Matt said, turning off the electric fence. "And we're in."

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