This fic is written for people who have read the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels and the Railgun manga, thus will include many references to the events in them. If you have not read them then you might want to skip this fic as spoilers beyond the anime will be present.

Besides that, while I've labelled this fic as 'Touma and Misaki' related, I'm not necessarily going to have the two end up together – merely that this is their story. I haven't made up my mind on how the various relationships will end up, so don't take any pairing for granted. In addition, as information comes out about Shokuhou Misaki I will incorporate it into the fic, but before more is revealed I will be taking liberty with some aspect of her character and maybe ability for the time being.

Minds, Memories, and Misfortune


"Again with those rumours…" Shokuhou Misaki murmured.

The 5th ranked Level 5 of Academy City, 'Queen of Tokiwadai', and ruler of the largest clique inside the most prodigious middle school in Academy City sighed in annoyance. The 'rumours' she is referring to in this instance is one that has already raised its head once earlier, before she personally put a stop to it herself.

The rumour Misaka Mikoto, 3rd ranked Level 5 and 'Ace of Tokiwadai' is starting her own clique. While Misaki knew the rumours are most likely false, knowing how Mikoto is not really interested in politics and such of the school and Misaki have already warned Mikoto once not to infringe upon her own territory.

Nonetheless, the rumours are getting more persistent day by day. Even knowing that these are ultimately baseless mutterings from those who don't know better, it is bothersome to listen to her own subordinates bring up the topic time and again. While it is true based on rankings alone, the 3rd level 5 can amass a great amount of support but it is unlikely she can maintain the same influence the 'Queen' can – and this isn't about Mental Out's own ability to convince others either. Merely the fact Shokuhou's own clique has been around longer meant the connections between their members, and to other organisations that cooperate with them, is at a level that no newly made clique can match. Something her own followers seem unable to grasp, as they continue to harp on how much of a threat Misaka Mikoto can be if she puts her mind to it.

Really, why can't the Railgun do something about these rumours herself? Like making it 100% clear she's not interested in such things so these rumours can just die down?

Very well, Misaki thought, if I have to put up with baseless rumours she can deal with the same. Let her suffer as well. Maybe then she'll take a more active approach to stop rumours before they get out of hand. I'd stop rumours about me becoming an annoyance to her if our position is switched.

Now what to use that will annoy her to no end…?


Now wasn't there something about Misaka Mikoto having a boyfriend? On August 31st, they had a rendezvous right outside the Tokiwadai dorm, no less. The rumours were afire from that meeting, and the Shirai girl that follows Misaka around went into a state of shock if Shokuhou's sources are correct.

Yes, what Misaki's about to do is petty, but she does that sometimes. Just as important as her calculating part that allows her to grasp control over Tokiwadai's students, is the mischievous part of her that plays around and completely disregards how other people feel about being involved in her schemes.

And thus begins another school-life romance(?) comedy with possibly disastrous results.

*End Prologue*