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Uzumaki Naruto..

All I knew was his face, name and where he sat in class. He was always surounded by friends, always smilling and it seemed like he was always talking.

We never spoke as friends, only when required in class. And I never thought of him in any way, shape or form either than 'human' and 'loud'.

Im only attending his funeral to be respectful. So here i am, dressed head to tow in black, looking down at his bright whisker faced picture thats surounded by Black Baccara Roses. Aparently they were his favorite.

After the funeral is over i find my self as the first to leave. I start heading to the door, but i stop when something catches my eye.

'...What is that?..' I blink to make sure im not going insane... Nope he's still there. A tall blond boy hiding/peeking around the far corner wall. But... he looks freakishly familiar. I glance behind me at the photo once more... 'yup, i've gone insane.' Looking back at the boy i see him smiling at me now... but not the same smile as in the picture.

'A ghost?...ya right, ignore it Sasuke you're hallucinating.' Giving a glare at the blond boy i turn and continue out the door...

And I ignored him ...untill my paranoia took ahold of me when i got home 10 minutes later. 'I can't stand it any more! He's following me! Maybe i should say something?' "It can't really be him right, i mean... he's dead." I didn't realize i voiced my thought's till it was too late. "Well you're right about that." I stop the urdge to jump 5 feet in the air from the voice from behind me, insted i turn around, ready to glare at who ever is playing these stupid tricks. But my glare disapers when i lay eyes on his face...

It really is him, in all his blond glory. Uzumaki Naruto, a dead guy as of Tuesday the 17th, standing infront of me. I open my mouth to say somthing but nothing comes out, i realize my face is probably showing more emottion than it has in years.

He stares at me with the bigest blue eyes i've ever seen. "I am dead, just not gone ... you know, it's kinda complicating." He says in a much to cheerfull tone. I raise an eyebrown in quetion since my mouth isn't working. "..Well you see, I'm not acctualy human." And it was only then that i noticed it. A pair of fluffy orange animal ears atop his head and glancing off to the side i notice a bushy tail slowly swaying behind him. Taking a stedy step backwards i open my mouth again, "..T-then what are you?" I mentaly congartulate myself for voiceing my thoughts. "A fox demon..." he said. Sudenly i find it harder to hold myself up and... is it geting dark?

The last thing i remember was a pair of warm arms around me and a soft voice whispering in my ear... "Don't worrie, i'll take care of you... Sasuke.."

'I dont believe in ghosts... right?'

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