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sasuke's naration/thoughts to the readers

This fanfic is based on the yaoi manga called "beyond my touch" and that credit goes to it's writer: Tomo Maeda
i do NOT own it nor do i own Naruto.

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When I passed out, i woke up around 20 minuets later and found myself on the couch wraped in a thin blanket. At first i thought maybe the whole this was a dream but that idea was tossed out the window when a familliar tall blond came walking into the living room with a plate of rice balls and a glass of cold tea... But i still continue to ignore him.

And now it's been 4 days since the ghost followed me home and it's the same thing every day.

I come home from school to a very loud ghost in my face telling me how lonely he was and that he want's me to buy him ramen.
I ignore and ignore...and ignore. I keep my emotionless mask on and don't say a word. I heard him talking one night at the dinner table and some of the stuff he said, i won't lie, interested me (even though i made no move to show it).

Apperintly his name is Naruto.. and he's a fox demon. Says he has been watching his soul mate for years now and that soul mate is supposedly me. He said that he can't cross over because he regrets not kissing me when he was alive. I had glanced at him from the corner of my eye when i was sure he wasn't looking, the swirling emotion and honesty i found on his face made my chest hurt. I don't know why though.

Over all, i think he's bothersome. And it's Definatly easier when im alone..

But dispite that... his smile, his loud happy way of greating me every morning, day and night. It's...


'Hmmm, i guess i could make curry for dinner. But i'll need curry paste.' I thought to myself while walking home one day from the acadamy. 'i'll pick some up at the corner shop..'

Entering the small shop i nod a greating to the man at the front counter and head straight in, walking with purpos. 'Get in and get out. No need to dodle' Grabing what i need i walk up to pay at the front but stop when something catches my eye.
There on the shelf, instant rammen noodles.
I grab a cup. I don't know why. But i pay for it and leave swiftly.

It's geting kinda dark out now as i head up to the Uchiha mansion. I open the door and emediatly sence it... somethings wrong.

Has it always been like this? This dark before..?

'Welcome home sasuke!...'

'How was school sasuke?...'

'Ah! did u get me the ramen?...'

It's quiet... very quiet. 'Why?'

"Hey..dobe..?" I ask the empty room, i get no answer.
"Whats up? Aren't u home?" ... "Hey! Naruto?.."

I start to panic.

'He was here just this morning! Where'd he go!'

"hey... HEY! .. where'd you go!" My body starts to tremble and i can feel tears scratching at my eyes. "NARUTO! NARU-"

"huh? What's wrong sasuke!"

Im cut off by his voice from infront of me. I Lift my head and open my eyes (not sure when i closed them so tightly) to see his bright, smiling face just 2 inches from mine.

"oh, well i just went for a walk but i guess i can't go too far now, iv'e been living here too long you see. I was roming around when i heard your voice and-"
"y-...YOU MORON!" *WHAM!* At that point i couldn't hold them back anymore and i felt the fist tear roll down my face.

"I-ita! S-sasuke. why all of a sudd-..." He's looking up at me now, i turn away, my back now to him.
"Ah! s-sasuke!.. whaaat? Why are you crying?"

'I scared my self there' Lost in emotinonal thought, i find i can't stop myself from asking now..

"Why are u here?..,WHY? Why did u!" I don't give him time to answer
"If you're goning to disappear anyhow- Don't bother showing up in the first place!"

I've had to stop myself this whole time from say 'hello' or 'good moring' I've tried so hard not to say them..

"Why..do you bug me?..
just leave me alone. You say that you love me.. What the..? You don't even know me!"

He'll disappear anyway...

"You're-... You're.."

I'll be living alone again- with no one to talk to...

"You're going to leave soon enouph!..."

What am i doing..?

"You'll disappear, leaving me behind, i know it!"

How embarrasing... shouting and all..


I should just stop thinking... If i don't notice im lonely.. then.. i'll be fine.

Suddenly i feel a pair of arms around my shoulders... they're strangely warm..

"Sasuke.. im so glad, sasuke." He whispers in my ear, his arms tightening around me. "Seeing you cry, and get upset like that, it makes me feel strangely happier."
"..What do you mean?.." i ask, my face hiden in the bangs.
"For a long time... it bothered me thinking that you were holding everything in. When i looked at you carefully i noticed that your beautiful face was like that of a lifeless doll. That's why.. i wanted to know what you'd look like if you got angry or cried. It didn't matter whitch.. all i wanted was..for you to do that with me and for me.." He sat down lower at my level on the floor in front of me, my breath caught in my througt when i saw all the shining emotion in his eyes... that emotion that was for me.

"You know Sasuke, i'll never willingly leave you alone. I'll always be here for you when you want me... so don't forget that.." I felt his breath on my lips and just before they met i stubbornly brought my arm up to push him away. I felt my face heat up and i looked away. "I realy can't let my guard down around you, can i dobe?" He looked up at me from his spot on the floor and whined childishly. "W-why? we were heading in the right direction right?"

In that moment, i thought about it a bit and imagined it...

"Geez.. dobe. You'll disapper once you kiss me won't you? but i don't like that. Just give it up." I stood and left to the kitchen, i heard naruto move around behind me before he spoke. I quickly changed the suject "ah, damn im hungry."

...and i understand.

"You don't like what? kissing or... making me disapper?"

Some day he might dissappear and i'll have to live alone again, but...if the time we share doesn't disappear.. the loneliness i feel will be diffrent from what i felt before. There will still be some remnant - something invisible- a part of him will still remain.

I quickly changed the suject "ah, damn im hungry."

"Ahh Sasuke! i knew you cared!" he said grabing the cup ramen from the store. I watched amused as he waited not-so-paticently for the noodles to cook, only to figure out he can't eat it.

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