Title:Forbidden (1/?)
Authors: adarkerheaven
Pairing: House/Chase
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, graphic sex, underage Chase.
Spoilers: None.
Word Count:3,564
Disclaimer: Not mine. The characters of House md belong to David Shore and Fox Television.
Summary:Dr. House is dating Jelena Chase, the ex-wife of the famous doctor Rowan Chase. Jelena moved with her son, Robert Chase, to New Jersey to start a new life after the divorce. Chase is a very troubled, promiscuous teenager who spends his nights partying and sleeping around. However, Chase begins to develop feelings for his mother's new boyfriend despite their age difference. After Jelena overdoses and falls into a coma, Chase finds himself wanting him more and more...
A/N: This story was originally written as an RPG, which explains any shifty POV's. This chapter is not beta read. Feedback is appreciated!


Chase didn't know when or how it had happened exactly. After all, having a huge crush on your mother's boyfriend who is twice your age is defiantly something that just sneaks up out of nowhere.

Jelena Chase had gotten pregnant young. Even though she had a teenage son, she was still in her early thirties and still had her super model good looks. Her beauty along with a sizeable alimony and child support check from her ex husband, the famous Rheumatologist Dr. Rowan Chase, Jelena was living the good life.

The house Jelena bought was in a high scale neighborhood not too far from Princeton. It wasn't as big as their mansion in Melbourne, but Chase's mother hadn't wanted to attract too much attention. Chase attended St. Joseph's Catholic school with the rest of Princeton's spoiled children, and the boy found himself bored in all his classes even as he aced all of them.

They had been living in New Jersey for only a few months before his mother announced she had a date. Chase didn't think anything of it really, because his mother 'dated ' all the time, if you could really call casual sex with a different man every week dating. When Chase found out the other man was a doctor, however, he knew there would be trouble. His mother had a thing for doctors, and she seemed more interested in this one than any of the others. There was no way in hell Chase was ready for a step father. He had enough issues with his real father and he hoped this was just a phase for his mother.

But that didn't seem to be the case. Jelena and Dr. House had been dating for weeks now and even though Chase barely saw the other man (his mother always stayed over at House's), there was something intriguing about him. It was in his eyes and the way he seemed to be able to see right through a person.

Chase found himself shying away from those blue eyes. Anytime he heard the roar of a motorcycle, signaling his mother's arrival or departure, Chase hid up in his room until he was sure the couple had left. It wasn't until one morning about a week ago that he realized why he was avoiding the other man.

Chase's current fuck buddy, Jason, had decided he wanted to get high. Chase was out of everything so he decided to sneak into his mom's room and raid her prescriptions. It wasn't until he was already halfway in the room that he realized his mom had company in her bed. She had actually brought Dr. House home to stay the night, and both were sleeping silently under the covers. Chase hesitated, almost running back out of the room, but something stopped him. Something in him decided to continue his search and just keep quiet since it seemed both adults were passed out cold.

Not finding anything good in his mom's stash he looked around the room and spotted a prescription bottle on the bedside table on House's side. He crept over as silently as he could and reached out for the bottle. Before he wrapped his hand around it, however, he spotted House's cane propped up in the corner and a wave of guilt hit him. How could he take from someone who actually needed their meds?

He pulled his hand away and snuck back out of the room, but just as he was about to shut the door, he heard House mumble sleepily, "Good Boy."

Those two words were all it took. Chase never got praised for anything, so hearing that from a virtual stranger did strange things to him and suddenly he realized why he had been avoiding House. He wanted him. As if his life with an alcoholic mother and absent father couldn't get more complicate, fate had to add this.


House woke late that night after he heard someone walking around the kitchen. It was a big house, but whoever was downstairs was making a big enough racket to wake him from the sex coma that he was presently in. He turned his head to the right to see that the clock said one in the morning and that his sleeping girlfriend was passed out cold. Whether it was from the amazing sex they had or the handful of pills she took before they went at it, he could not tell.

He looked at his own pill bottle and smirked. He remembered someone trying to sneak into his room to steal his Vicodin and he wished he had not been too tired to open his eyes at the time. He always wanted to know what the mysterious son of his girlfriend looked like up close. Jelena never said a word about him, and of course, House never bothered to ask. That was what he liked so much about his new girlfriend. They were personal on a non-personal level. They both did not ask anything of each other that the other could not give.

House heard his stomach grumble and he wondered if whoever was fooling around in the kitchen could fix him a late night snack. As he lay there, his curiosity eventually got the better of him and he slipped on a pair of sweat pants and walked out of the bedroom half naked.

He slowly made his way down the stairs, wincing each time he had to maneuver his lame leg, and to the kitchen. When he walked into the room and saw the boy rummaging through a cabinet, he knew it had to be him. He was even prettier than she was, with a slim, toned figure and soft features. His hair was light blonde and a little messy from sleep, or sex, he thought with a smirk.

"What are you tryin' to do, wake the dead? No wonder your mom loves her sleeping pills," House chuckled.

Chase jumped when he heard a voice and dropped the jar of peanut butter he had been holding. "Shit!" he cursed and tried to control his blush when he saw House in nothing but his sweat pants. "Sorry, I'm not used to having to be quiet," he confessed as he put the jar on the counter. They hardly ever had food in the house and Chase had been lucky to find it.

House knew next to nothing about this boy and that automatically made him extremely interesting. He leaned against the wall and stretched luxuriously as he yawned. "Does your mom know you steal her pills and sneak girls into your bedroom? Or boys, for that matter?" he raised an eyebrow. He had seen an extra car in the driveway and heard the hushed voices of two boys earlier. And looking at Chase, House knew there was no way someone that pretty could be straight.

Chase grabbed some celery out of the refrigerator, turning his face to hide his reaction to House's words. "She doesn't care who spends the night, but she might get upset if she finds out I borrowed anything of hers… Are you going to tell her?" he asked carefully, looking House in the eye for the first time as he placed the celery on the counter next to the peanut butter.

House laughed softly. "If you make me a sandwhich, I won't," he shrugged, because he had no intention of tattling to his girlfriend about her son almost stealing his pills. "How old are you, anyway? Twelve?" He knew he was not that young, but the boy had a baby face and House suddenly wanted to provoke him.

"Old enough," Chase said haughtily, "Why are you here, anyway? Don't you usually fuck my mother at your place?" he asked crudely. He pushed the peanut butter towards House. "That is all the food we have in the house. Mom fired the housekeeper last week so no one has been around to buy groceries."

"Don't you know it's exciting to fuck in different places? Keeps 'em interested," House snickered, and grabbed the peanut butter from Chase along with his spoon and ate a mouthful. "And if you're 'old enough', then why don't you buy the groceries?"

Chase snorted at the thought. "Have you ever tried to get money from that woman? It's like pulling teeth." he said, watching House closely as he licked the spoon clean.

House grabbed a stool at the kitchen island and sat down, still hoarding the peanut butter. His leg was beginning to hurt and he regretted coming down without his cane. "Oh, please. Like you aren't a snobby, rich, spoiled brat. I'm sure it's easy to get money from Daddy."

Chase didn't say anything to that. He hadn't spoken to his father in months and it hurt that Rowan hadn't even called him to make sure the move was okay. He nibbled at his celery stick and looked at the floor. "Of course... I should get to bed. I have school in the morning," he said, feeling lame. At least he had a warm body waiting for him in his bed. "You should try to keep the sex noises down," he added.

House liked this kid's attitude. "I will if you will," he proposed with a grin as he watched Chase walk away.

"I can't, I'm a screamer," Chase replied over his shoulder as he walked out of the room, feeling giddy from his first real conversation with the older man. He got back to his bedroom and crawled into bed with Jason and kissed up the other boy's naked back. He suddenly wanted to make sure House heard for himself that he was a screamer.

Jason smirked when he felt Chase get back in bed. He did not know this new boy very well, but he knew he was the best fuck he had had in a long time. "Why'dya take so long?" the other boy complained.

Chase had left the door to his bedroom open in his haste to get back to bed. "Was getting something to eat," he answered between kisses, "Wanna fuck again?"

Never one for romance, Jason smirked and kissed Chase back deeply. "I always wanna fuck you again," he said, his cock already hard and ready.

"Wanna do me this time?" Chase asked, for some reason actually giving the other boy the option. Then he remembered what House had said about doing it in different places. "Wanna fuck me on the couch?" he proposed.

Jason became even more excited at the thought of Chase bottoming for him. He had been trying to get him to do it for days now. "Yeah," he smirked before he realized what else the other boy had said. "Uh, I mean, you sure that's a good idea? What if your mom or her boyfriend wakes up..."

"They won't wake up," Chase promised quickly as he took Jason's hand and led him through the hallway that led to the living room. He kissed and teased and taunted Jason the whole way until they got to the couch.

Jason had remembered to bring the lube and a condom down with them, and when they finally reached their destination, he wasted no time before he rolled the latex on and pushed Chase onto the cushions. "How do you want it?" he whispered in his ear and licked up his neck.

"Like this," Chase said as he wiggled out of his sleep pants. "You don't have to stretch me. I like it to hurt," he whispered huskily.

Jason nearly came just from hearing Chase say that. Knowing that the other boy liked it rough, he shoved him further onto his back and grabbed his hips to lift them. "That's so hot," he smiled as he positioned himself and shoved forward to impale him deeply. "God, you're so tight..."

Chase let in a sharp intake of breath from the pain but he breathed through it. "Stop talking and start fucking," he said through clenched teeth.

House thought that even the hottest sex was not worth these horrible stairs. With all the money they had, could they not afford a damn elevator? He was halfway up stairs when he heard it. The soft moaning, the rustling of clothes and skin together. And finally, a moan. He did not know what made him stop dead in his tracks instead of rush up those stairs, but he found himself paralyzed as he listened intently.

Jason knew he should probably take it slow if Chase did not bottom often, but the boy was begging for it and he could not deny him. Hoisting one of the boy's long, toned legs over his shoulder, he pounded into him, sweat sliding down his naked chest as he watched his expression as he took it.

Chase tried to zone out like he usually did during sex and not think about anyone in particular. But bright blue eyes and strong hands kept invading his thoughts and a few minutes later he was coming hard with a scream and not even a touch to his cock.

Jason paused as he felt Chase clench down around his aching cock and shout out as he came. His own teenage body could not hold off much longer as he grabbed Chase's hips and thrust into the tightness of the lithe body underneath him as he cried out and spurted his seed into the condom. "That... that was so good," he panted as he pulled out of Chase and slipped the condom off his spent cock.

Chase hummed in agreement and just stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before he finally caught his breath. "Go throw that away in the trashcan in the kitchen," he told the other boy as he pulled his pants back up. "I'm going back to bed. You staying the night?"

Jason shook himself out of his blissed out state and disposed of the used condom. He did not know what had suddenly gotten into Chase to make him this horny and this eager to bottom, but he liked it. "If you want me to," he shrugged, "Maybe we can have morning sex before school."

"If you stay you risk running into my mother, and that's probably not something you want to experience." Chase admitted honestly.

"So... you want me to leave?" the other boy asked tentatively. He knew Chase's reputation of promiscuity, but had grown very fond of him anyway. It had something to do with that thick accent and his soft, round ass and those big aquamarine eyes that could get him anything he wanted.

"Yeah, you better. But I'll see you at school, okay?" Chase said, not wanting to piss the other boy off. Jason was an easy lay, after all.

Jason smiled. He could never quite figure the other boy out. "Alright. I get a kiss, right?" He stepped up to him with a seductive smile as he asked.

Chase smiled back and pulled the boy into a deep kiss before abruptly pushing him away. "Good night," he said, fully dismissing the other boy.

House heard it all. He told himself he had stood quietly on the stairs with his back against the wall only to keep quiet so the boy would not think he was listening in on their fucking session. When it was all over and the other boy had left, House quietly snuck back upstairs even as his leg screamed in pain every step of the way and a huge hard on like he never had before disabled him.

House never really considered him straight, just the way he had never really considered himself gay. He quite simply was too complex for such labels, and believed that sex was sex, no matter who it was with or what they were. But he did know that getting turned on while listening to your girlfriend's young son fucked on the couch was pretty fucked up, so he sank back into bed and stared at the ceiling, trying to starve off his erection. But the boy's moans echoed in his head.


The next morning, Chase came down the stairs dressed in his school uniform. The dark dress pant, white oxford shirt, tie, and sweater vest made him look like a good little catholic, except that his shirt tails were hanging out of his pants.

His mother was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. "I have a guest, be nice," she warned her son without even looking up from her magazine.

House took his time coming down the stairs and knew it would be for the last time. He certainly would not be doing it again, not when his leg was this bad. "We've met already," House announced when he finally reached the kitchen and took his cane in hand. He looked over in Chase's direction and smirked at the good-catholic-boy look he was sporting.
He certainly could pull it off with his angelic baby face and innocent eyes.

There was something about it that sent House on edge and he tried to shove it out of his mind.

"Oh really?" Jelena asked with raised eyebrows, and Chase explained. "I needed a midnight snack and your boy toy just happened to be up." His mother just looked amused. Chase looked over the older man and brought him a cup of coffee, knowing the other man was in pain, despite him not showing it.

"You are one to talk about boy toys," Jelena laughed, "Was that not the Mayor's son I heard sneaking out early this morning? Why do you always pick the worst closet cases, Robbie?"

House had to laugh at that, even as he eyed his coffee suspiciously. He did not really understand the nice gesture from Chase. He tried not to look over at the couch, knowing all too well what had taken place there.

Jelena smiled at House. "My son has the ability to turn any straight boy into a closet case," she said as she put down he magazine.

"It's a gift," Chase shrugged sarcastically as he sat down at the table with coffee of his own.

House snickered, and when Chase looked away, he leaned forward and whispered into his girlfriend's ear, "You have some gifts of your own," he teased.

Jelena smiled at House seductively and reached under the table to lay a hand on his thigh. "I know," she said, not bothering to whisper, and Chase rolled his eyes.

"I gotta get to school," Chase mumbled and got up from the table.

That was when his mother's hand shot out quicker than he anticipated and Jelena grabbed his hair and yanked him close to her. "I'm missing a bottle of Adderall from my bathroom," she said in a low voice.

Chase winced in pain. Damn, he always forgot how deceptively strong she was. "My name is on the prescription, not yours," he tried to protest even as her grip tightened on his hair and he held back a whimper.

House raised an eyebrow and remained frozen. He sometimes wondered if the only reason his hot, younger girlfriend dated him was because he was a doctor who could give her any prescription her little heart desired. The sex was so good, however, that he did not think about it too long. It's not like he was in love with her or anything.

"Let go, Mum," Chase pleaded, and Jelena finally released her grip on his hair.

Chase tried to make a hasty retreat but Jelena's voice stopped that. "Give your mother a kiss before you go," she said, sounding suddenly like a doting mother. Chase hesitated, but obediently bent down to kiss her cheek.

House nonchalantly followed Chase to the door, and when he knew Jelena was out of sight, he grabbed the boy by the arm and swung him gently back to him. He looked at his scalp as any doctor would. "She hurt you?" he whispered as his grip on his arm tightened.

Chase was confused and shocked simply because no one had ever cared before. Most people turned away from Jelena's abuse. He relaxed in House's hold as the doctor looked him over and he found himself lost in his eyes even as House's were busy examining him.

"No, she wouldn't really hurt me."At least, not in front of anyone else. That part went unsaid.

House laughed at that, knowing that if his girlfriend was angry enough, or drunk enough, she could do some bad damage no matter who was watching. He narrowed his eyes and looked closer, seeing red marks where she had pulled far too hard on his beautiful, thick blonde hair. He noticed a bruise on his neck that the boy had unsuccessfully tried to cover up with makeup. House narrowed his eyes as he reached to touch it.

Chase frowned and pulled away. "I'm going to be late," he hurried, using school as an excuse to get away as quickly as possible.

"Fine," House shrugged, and patted his rump teasingly before he turned to walk back to the kitchen.

Chase let out a very unmanly squeak when House unexpectedly patted him on the backside. He watched House leave and it took a few moments before he came out of his daze and quickly walked out the door.

When he closed the door behind him, he smiled.