Title: Forbidden (8/8)
Authors: adarkerheaven
Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: House/Chase
Rating: Overall NC-17, this chapter R.
Warnings: Slash, graphic sex, underage Chase.
Spoilers: None.
Word Count: 2,321
Disclaimer: Not mine. The characters of House md belong to David Shore and Fox Television.
Summary: Dr. House is dating Jelena Chase, the ex-wife of the famous doctor Rowan Chase. Jelena moved with her son, Robert Chase, to New Jersey to start a new life after the divorce. Chase is a very troubled, promiscuous teenager who spends his nights partying and sleeping around. However, Chase begins to develop feelings for his mother's new boyfriend despite their age difference. After Jelena overdoses and falls into a coma, Chase finds himself wanting him more and more. (House is in his forties, Jelena is in her thirties, and Chase is seventeen.)
A/N: This story was originally written as an RPG, which explains any shifty POV's. This chapter is not beta read. Feedback is appreciated!


The next morning, Jelena woke alone and cold in House's bed. She slipped on an oversized robe and followed the silence on bare feet throughout the apartment. At first, she could only stare at her boyfriend as he lay sprawled on the couch bed with one hand rested on his sore leg and the other around her teenage son. Chase lay with only a thin sheet covering the lower half of him.

"What the fuck is this?" she yelled. Her screeching woke Chase immediately with a start.

At first, House only half stirred awake and grumbled. He was used to hearing Jelena's screeching interrupt his peaceful dreams. It was only when he shifted and felt the hard pokes of the mattress that he realized the gravity of the situation.

Jelena had found him in bed with Chase.

They were not intertwined. He knew this because he could not feel his body against his. But it still would disprove nothing. He knew not to panic, so he took his time waking up and told the first lie that came into his sleep hazed mind. "My leg hurt too bad last night to get to my bedroom. I slept on the couch," he told her, not bothering to move.

Chase sat up and made sure the blanket was covering his nudity, but Jelena's sharp eyes saw everything. "With my teenage son! Get the fuck up, Robbie!" she shouted, and Chase moved fast to obey. He thought of nothing to say as he slipped his boxers on quickly before jumping off the couch.

House knew he was screwed the second he realized Chase was naked. How could he be so stupid as to fall asleep here? It was almost as if he had asked for it. Like he wanted it to happen. If it did, then Chase would be taken away from him and he would never know the pain of the boy growing older and leaving him for someone he actually deserved. He would never grow out of him. Chase would never get the chance to break him. Perhaps this was his plan from the beginning, and he hadn't even admitted it to himself until now.

He still had sweatpants on when he stood painfully and limped heavily to the kitchen to nonchalantly begin a pot of coffee as if nothing was wrong. "Fine. You caught us," he shrugged, knowing there was no saving this. It was out of his hands, now, and there was no denying anything.

Jelena glared at House, knowing there was nothing she could do to hurt him. Her son, however, was a different story. "You little whore," she spat at Chase. "You and your daddy issues have finally caught up with you."

Chase didn't say anything to defend himself. He didn't want to make the situation worse. He didn't know whether to be mad at House or at his mother or himself.

House knew that it was in his own best interest to keep quiet. He knew he should continue brewing the coffee and allow Jelena to verbally abuse her son. But he could not control himself when he slammed the mug on the table and gave his soon to be ex-girlfriend a vicious glare. "And who is to blame for that?" he demanded accusingly. This was not Chase's fault. It was his. He was the one responsible. He was the one that deserved all of the abuse.

Jelena turned her anger quickly back to House. "I could press charges on you!" she snapped, even though they both knew it would never happen. Not without Jelena going to jail herself and not without Chase being taken from her and placed into foster care.

They were all surprised when Chase finally spoke up. "I seduced him. And don't act like you're any better. You fucked one of my friends last year, and he was younger than me."

House made eye contact with Chase for less than a second before he focused on his bottle of Vicodin. Nothing mattered anymore. His life was falling apart, and he was the one to blame. He couldn't fix this.

"Let's not play the blame game. Now you two are even. You can move on," House grumbled.

"Get your stuff," Jelena demanded of her son as she ignored House. "I said get your stuff now!"

"I'm not leaving," Chase said, trying to sound defiant, but his voice lacked confidence. He looked to House as if he were seeking guidance.

House sighed. "Go," was all he said, almost too softly for him to hear and hoping that Chase would just listen and not make a scene. Though it killed him, it was for his own good. He knew it would hurt less this way.

Chase looked like that one word from House crushed him. A moment later, however, it was as though a mask had slipped into place and there was no more emotion evident in his features as he began to gather his belongings.

House watched him as Jelena gripped her hands into fists and tried to find an outlet for her anger. "You fucking sick bastard..." she barked at him. There was fire in her eyes as she stormed away to the bedroom to gather up her own things.

Good riddance, House thought to himself. He would not miss her. But he could not say he regretted the short amount of time they had together. After all, it had brought him Chase.

"We are leaving this minute!" she called out from the bedroom.

Chase probably didn't know that House was approaching him until he was a few inches away. Catching him off guard, the older man shoved the boy against the wall and kissed him like he never would again, because he didn't expect to. His hands sought out his body as he tried to possess him, tried to own him, tried to make the boy never forget them. When at last he broke the kiss, he muttered, "If you still want me, find me in eight years."

And with that, he walked away.

Chase doubted House ever knew that this kiss was what got him through the next few years of his life. Jelena moved them back to Australia the first chance she got, and Chase graduated early with excellent grades and applied to college and then medical school just to get away from her. It was the first time he ever felt free in his life and he never planned on going back. He got through medical school with only one thought in mind.

His first instinct had been to go back to House as soon as he was eighteen. But House had given him instructions. He had resented him for that at first, but resentment fell through to longing and longing fell through to determination. He knew why House had done it. He had wanted to give him a chance to find his own way.

During college, Chase freely slept around with both girls and boys. He partied and drank and experimented with drugs. He did all the things that he knew House expected him to do and maybe even wanted him to do. But none of it filled the void that was growing larger and larger.

Eight Years Later

House hated interviewing interns.

One was always even more boring and mundane and ordinary than the other, and by the end of the day, House was crushing their pathetic hopes and dreams just for the thrill of it. Now, he only had one left and he knew Cuddy would be on his ass because he had turned down each and every one of them.

But he was not an ordinary man, this was no ordinary job, and he needed a team of interesting, intelligent, free thinking people. He didn't know why everyone in his life left him. All his interns will always end up leaving him, and he had no one but himself to blame for it. If he didn't chase people away, he would not be doing this right now.

He sighed and leaned back in his office chair, flinging his tennis ball into the air and catching it effortlessly. Maybe he should pick a few applicants and make them fight for the position like a reality show. He smiled up at the ceiling in amusement at the thought.

"Dr. House, I'm here for the intern interview."

House sighed, about to tell the last kid to go away before he even stepped into the office, but something in his voice stopped him. He knew that voice. It had transformed slightly, but the accent was thicker and deeper than ever and there was something else in his tone that told him he shouldn't turn this one away.

He looked down slowly, and with a look of pure amusement, he studied him. Chase was taller, his hair shorter and well groomed, his suit expensive and tight fitting. He was gorgeous.

And he was here, eight years later. If this was a Vicodin dream, he hoped that it would never end.

This boy was a fool, House thought to himself, and his angry, cold heart swelled with warmth. Ever so slowly, his lips breeched into a sly smile. He stopped throwing his ball.

"Got any experience?" he asked.

Chase's lips twitched into a knowing, playful smile. "Probably not as much as some of the other interns you saw today," he admitted, playing along and handing House his resume. He had graduated top of his class and then pissed off his father by joining the Red Cross for a year. He had no actual experience in a hospital setting, but somehow, he wasn't worried.

House took his eyes off of Chase only long enough to glance down at the paper. Had he done all of this just for him? It was impossible. He was twenty-five now and he should have nothing to do with him. But yet, here he was in his office, handing him a resume. But it was so much more, and they both knew that.

"Australia, huh?" House asked with a slight teasing tone. "Why are you here in the states, then?"

"For true love. Why else would anyone come half way around the world?" he asked as he leaned a hip against House's desk and crossed his arms over his chest.

House laughed softly at that and leaned back in his chair to relax his legs on his desk. "How romantic," he replied sarcastically. "And what makes you think I am going to hire you? You have no experience, you are unprofessional, you're cocky, and you are far too pretty to be smart. You have obviously gotten through life only because of your father's name."

"If you didn't have glass walls, I could show you some of my other skills," Chase replied as he raised an eyebrow challengingly.

"That's why God created curtains," House told him plainly with a smirk as he lounged further back in his chair.

Chase's was suddenly done with this game. Eight years had been too long. "I've missed you," he told him softly, wanting to reach out and touch him, but too afraid that House had moved on.

House remained where he was as he watched Chase's expression and tone change. "This much? You missed me enough to come all the way back? Or do you just want the job?" he asked. He was always going to have trust issues. And both of them have changed.

"I could care less about the job. I was happy helping orphans in South Africa," Chase told him honestly. "I came here for you."

House laughed out loud when he thought of Chase, the spoiled little rich boy, helping the little starved, sick African orphans. "You're an idiot, then," he told him, though his tone hinted at more teasing. "What makes you think I still want you?"

"I don't think you do, I was just hoping that you did," Chase admitted.

House looked up at Chase as if he were searching his face for the truth even when he kept his own expression as neutral as possible. He knew he was telling the truth. He could see Chase in Africa, sun kissed and beautiful, the sleeves of his white oxford shirt rolled up as he administered medicine to the ill village children. He could see him here now, desperate for him. He knew that he had never stopped wanting him.

And he had never stopped wanting Chase.

"You're a moron," he told him again, but there was no accusation in his tone, only adoration. He reached out to him, grabbed his jacket, and tugged him closer.

Chase went to him easily, making himself comfortable on House's lap as if he belonged there. He didn't give a damn who saw. He brushed his lips gently against his questioningly.

House didn't waste much time before he roughly brought him closer and kissed him deeply, diving into his mouth and dominated him in every way as if he had been starved for this exact moment. And he has. His hands explored his body wantonly.

Chase moaned and kissed back just as desperately. His hands cupped his face, preventing him from pulling away as he felt the other man's hands grip his ass.

House broke the kiss for only a moment to whisper, "You're hired. But only because you're pretty. And only if you come home with me." He grinned devilishly.

"That works out well for me, considering I don't have a place to stay and I'm in need of a good fuck," Chase smirked.

House smiled and squeezed his perfectly round ass tighter and giving it a few solid pats. "Come on, then," he urged. "Let's get out of here before I give you what you need right here with the whole hospital watching."

Chase kissed him again before finally climbing off his lap. "Take me home," he demanded.

The End.