"Professor Snape?" Draco asked, approaching the formidable Potions Master.

"Yes, Draco?" Severus said wearily, looking over in his direction and noticing he was stood with the child version of Granger.

"Do you know how to plan weddings?" Draco questioned.

"You're too young to get married." He told the children.

"But Blaise and Pansy got married!" Draco argued.

"No. They did not." Snape told him, watching as a silver cat appeared in the library—McGonagall's patronus.

The children gazed in wonder as the cat relayed its message.

Snape nodded once, standing up once the cat had finished. "You two," He said, pointing at the small children who had just wanted to plan their wedding. "go gather the other children and meet me by the door in five minutes, understood?"

"Yes, Professor." Hermione said obediently, taking a scowling Draco by the arm.

Severus watched the bickering students for a moment before shaking his head in exasperation and walking in the opposite direction to round up students.

"Finally Seamus. Merlin, you were horrible at marrying people." Pansy said disappointedly.

"Sorry." Seamus said, looking rather depressed.

"I though you did fine Seamus." Blaise said awkwardly.

"Blaise!" Pansy chastised. "I'm your wife! You have to agree with me!"

"Oh." Blaise said nodding. "Okay. Sorry."

"You three!" Draco snapped, walking down their aisle. "Come with us!"

"Where are we going?" Asked Seamus.

"To find the others." Hermione said. "So did you get married then Pansy?"

"Yes," Pansy said nodding proudly. "Me and Blaise are married now, Seamus married us."

"That's nice." Hermione commented.

"Well me and Hermione are getting married." Draco bragged.

"Really?" Blaise asked, looking sceptical.

"Yes." Draco said stubbornly as Hermione let out a long suffering sigh.

The rounded in to the next row of shelves, checking for any more children, when Hermione let out a horrified scream.


Severus approached the other end of the library with a dark look on his face. Children were horrifying, he had decided. Blunt and uncouth. He was never going to be on entertainment duty again.

He approached the laughing group of boys, who abruptly stopped as he came near, he could have sworn he heard one of them say 'creepy'.

"Longbottom! Thomas! Weasley!" He barked, causing them to squeak and Neville to start hyperventilating once more. "Follow me."

The boys scrambled out of their seats immediately, falling into step behind Snape's billowing robes.

They had made it to the next aisle, where Daphne and Harry were talking quietly, when they heard a horrified scream come a few rows down.

Snape quickly left, the children hot on his tail.

"AAH!" Hermione yelled, surveying the destruction Crabbe and Goyle had created. "WHAT DID YOU DO!"

Crabbe and Goyle looked at her dumbly for a moment, shuffling their feet awkwardly in the pile of books that surrounded them.

Pansy was twirling her hair around her finger, humming lightly, Blaise was watching with mild shock on his flawless features, Seamus was grinning at the destroyed books, and Draco was shaking his head superiorly.

So this was the sight that Severus met when he rounded the shelves, practically snarling in rage, he brought his wand out and swept at the books; causing them to fall neatly in place, before beginning to yell at the tiny (well, tiny-er) Crabbe and Goyle, who were looking more terrified by the second.

"You idiots!" He snarled. "Do you not understand how many years these books have been here? How many students and people need the knowledge they can gain from reading them? No! I don't suppose you would since you have never managed to read a word in your life!"

"Professor." The timid Harry Potter said quietly, looking at him with sad green eyes. "I think you're scaring them."

"I will handle situations how I see fit, Potter!" He scowled, as a number of the children began to cry at his ferocity, though Potter just continued to keep his big green eyes trained to his. Severus sighed in annoyance, before motioning for the children to follow him and sweeping angrily from the library with them in his wake.

"That was really brave Harry." Ron told him, Daphne and Hermione nodding in agreement.

"Oh." Harry said, feeling his face turn hot. "Thanks."

The continued down the corridor after Snape, passing several interesting paintings, including one that depicted several drunken monks who waved cheerily to the children, then proceeded to go up several floors.

They stepped off the stairs finally, meeting a stern looking Professor McGonagall who led them to a tapestry that seemed to show a slightly insane looking man surrounded by a number of trolls in tutus, 'barmy' muttered Ron.

Snape and McGonagall muttered between themselves for a moment, saying things about a potions, which didn't really interest any of the children except for Harry and Hermione who watched the adults curiously, and after a few minutes Snape swept away, glowering when he heard the children's relieved sighs.

"These are to be the quarters you will stay in." McGonagall informed them, and the children watched excitedly as she turned to walk past the wall three times, apparently focusing on an important though if her expression was any indication.

The five year olds gasped excitedly as a door appeared from nowhere, and eagerly clamoured in as McGonagall opened it for them.

They entered into a large brightly colour room, filled with a number of beds—not unlike the infirmary, toys, and books. It was clearly separated into gender halves, as the boys all had blue or green beds while the girls were clearly pink or purple.

"I WANT PINK!" Pansy immediately shouted, leaping onto one of the bed enthusiastically.

"Green!" Draco said, strolling to his bed leisurely, sweeping his fingers over the smooth bedcovers.

This seemed to urge the other children to select their own bed colours, leaving McGonagall to look on with slight amusement.

They had managed to find the Room of Requirement through Professor Sinistra , who had told them, laughingly, about Professor Trelawny's habit of hiding her sherry bottles in there, and how she had decided to investigate.

Albus decided this seemed like an excellent idea and immediately walked to the room, walking beside the wall and transforming it into a suitable room, beaming at the sight of the nursery that had been created.

"You will stay in this room tonight." She told the laughing students. "Do not leave."

She watched as the nodded solemnly, pursing her lips slightly, sure though she was that the wards Dumbledore had set up would automatically inform one of the teachers of wandering students and of the fact that no one but her, Albus, Severus and Poppy would be able to enter this room.

She dimmed the lights, leaving only a soft glow so the children wouldn't be scared by the darkness, and motioned for them all to get into bed, and with a quiet goodnight (and a few more severe warnings) she left the children to sleep.

Immediately once she had left, Daphne, of all people, sat up straight, a mischievous smirk on her face,

"Let's go explore!"