Just a short, meaningless oneshot. I own nothing.

Luna Lovegood knows how others view her and that the labels they affix to her are not always kind. It's not that she doesn't notice, it's just that these things really don't bother her; what does it matter what someone else thinks of her, honestly?

With the serenity of a silver moon Luna lines the labels up one by one. 'That odd girl.' 'Loony Lovegood.' 'Mental, that one.' 'Bonkers.' 'A bloody lunatic.' 'Dreamer.' 'Will never get anywhere.' What interesting observations; Luna will have to write them down. They're hardly surprising but they're rather creative, some of them.

It doesn't matter. None of it matters. The thoughts of others about her aren't important. Luna knows her own body and she knows her own mind and she knows that even if she's wrong about some things it's not the end of the world.

Pity no one's ever told Hermione Granger that.

Luna knows Hermione would feel so much less stress and so much less weight on her shoulders if she would just realize that it's not the end of the world to be wrong. She takes every bit of criticism as a personal attack. Luna's not sure but she thinks she's seen the older girl hyperventilate once or twice after reading a note of well-meaning criticism from a professor on her homework.

Luna subsists on her own. The only opinion that matters to her is her own; she acts and reacts internally and can smile through life serenely because the only thing she chooses to see are the smiles and acceptance of her small group of friends.

Hermione relies entirely on the opinion of others. She can't survive without the goodwill of others and she is hurt so easily by their criticism, by their insults. The way she reacts to Ron Weasley's off-the-cuff jibes against her only emphasizes this.

It's sad, Luna can't help but think. No one should have to live on eggshells because they're so terrified of having someone else disapprove of them.

Maybe this is why we met. Maybe this is why I'm her friend.

Luna supposes this might be why she and Hermione might have become friends, for Luna to somehow show her that it's alright to be wrong, it's alright if others think less than kind thoughts about her.

For illumination, Luna supposes.