I'm BAAAACK! haha, ok this is my first attempt at a Nikita fic. I absolutely LOVE Michael and Nikita, they are perfect together!

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Story: My take of the end scene of 01x17 - Covenants.

"You were right," he whispered softly. The amount of empty space in the loft echoed his statement, allowing Nikita to hear him. With a deep breath, she took a few more steps toward him.


"Yeah," Michael interrupted. "You were right." And they both knew it. He closed his eyes momentarily, trying to gather his thoughts, and when they opened, she was standing right in front of him. Her eyes were filled with concern. Worry, guilt, sorrow. Forgiveness. After everything he had put her through, she didn't walk away. She still trusted him.

And that made him the luckiest man in the world.

Neither one of them trusted easily. With all the bad hands the world had dealt them throughout their lives, they both resolved to keep to themselves. Then Nikita had been recruited at Division, Michael being her trainer. Time passed and he began to care for her more than he should have. And everyone else noticed. Protecting her from Percy's doubt, comforting her after her 'sessions' with Amanda, and defending her in the field. They both knew each other better than anyone else and as a result, began to fall in love.

The only thing was that Nikita began to question the Black Ops group, and Michael was as loyal to them as ever. That and Division's number one rule: no relationships. If they got caught, they'd both be cancelled and dying was not in either's five year plan. Michael, being Division's second-in-command, did not allow anything to transpire between them. And when Nikita had gone rogue, asking him to go with her, he said no. He couldn't leave Division, he had thought. It was all he had left.

So a broken-hearted Nikita left his apartment, disappearing for three years.

"If I had just listened to you five years ago," Michael continued, making Nikita look at him in slight confusion. His eyes trailed over her face, guilt consuming him at the sight of the bruises she'd received earlier. He had sent her on this mission, he knew it was dangerous. Yet, he allowed his anger to consume him… and she paid the price. "Things could've been different," he finished, looking down.

Had he continued making eye contact with her, Michael would've seen the hurt in Nikita's eyes. She thought things had already changed, that they were already different. Finding out that it was not Kasim who killed his family, but Percy- the man he swore his loyalty to- had to have changed things. Realizing at last that Division was a lie and corrupt was supposed to make things different. It seemed like it hadn't though…

Nodding slightly, Nikita swallowed roughly, looking at him. "Things will be different," she promised, heart torn the same way it had been when she ran away three years ago. Michael glanced up at her just as she was turning away; he couldn't see her expression, but he could hear it in her voice. The hurt, the disappointment, and the surrender. She was giving up. On them. She had waited for him for five years and his words made it seem like there was no hope for them. No possible future where they would be together.


He would not let her walk away, he wouldn't lose her the way he did three years ago. She wasn't getting away from him, not again. After two years of longing, three of loneliness, and nearly another of angst, they could finally have each other. And Michael would not let that opportunity go. Not without a fight.

Before she took a step away, he closed the space between them, pulling her face back towards him and attacking her lips with his own. The kiss, filled with such passion and fire, lasted only three seconds but said an eternity of words. Nikita pulled back, gazing into his eyes with an awestruck expression. And, as always, their eyes spoke a multitude of words to each other.

I'm sorry.

I know.

I should've listened.

It's in the past.

I'm here now.

Don't ever leave.

I love you…

Their lips met again, slower this time, as if savoring the moment, committing it to memory to remember forever. But the gentleness could not, and did not, last for long. The same passion and fire returned, stronger than ever before. Hoisting her up, Michael pressed her against the wall, not breaking contact. Things were going to be different, but not that much than they already were.

Michael and Nikita had loved each other for a long time. The only thing different about yesterday and today was the fact that they actually expressed that feeling. And it was about time.

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