"My Luka!" Rin tugged on her salmon haired friend's right arm roughly, causing Luka to stumble in that direction. Len, who had a death grip on Luka's left arm, was pulled along into the stumbling.

"No, my Luka!" Len argued back as soon as he recovered. He tugged the arm he was holding just as roughly, watching with glee as his twin sister tumbled to the ground, having lost her balance.

Luka tried to get a word out, but her mumbling fell on deaf ears as her arms were being ripped apart from her body.

After countless attempts at claiming their second favorite older sister (Miku was their absolute favorite, but she had some sort of leek-eating competition to go to. She always won, earning the Vocaloid household a large sum of money. Not that she was fat, of course, for this position was held by Kaito, who enjoyed stuffing himself with tons of ice-cream), Luka brushed them both off with ease.

"I'm sorry, but I promised Gakupo to a date. You know how annoying he gets with that wimpy whining," she explained, combing her fingers through her beautiful locks.

And so, their second favorite older sister rushed out of the house, leaving the twins the only humans in the house. Well, Kaito was still inside, but with the amount of ice-cream he ate, they didn't really count him as a human.

Len and Rin both agreed to spend the rest of the afternoon, sitting next to each other on the ground, plotting a certain samurai's bloody demise.