Disclaimer: I don't own FFVII nor its characters. I also don't own the ideas taken from Love Monster.


"Cloud I want you to listen to me. From now on you are a crane ok? Just like mommy, you have black tipped wings just like mommy."

"Why mommy? Don't you like my wings? Is it because they're not black like daddy's?"

"No honey, your wings are beautiful, but to stay safe you have to be a crane ok Cloud? Can you do that for mommy?" Cloud glanced back at his wings and slowly, the ends of them started turning grey, but then stopped at that colour.

"I'm sorry mummy, they just won't turn…" He felt arms wrap around him as his mother pressed her face against his neck.

"That's good enough Cloud… Just remember, from now on you are a crane ok?" Frowning, Cloud just nodded his head. He wasn't sure why but if it was what his mother wanted, then he'd do it for her.