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"Arms in front of you as if you're trying to protect your face. Move your legs apart. Not that far. Keep them firm on the ground, you won't be using them until you get your arms right so just focus on keeping yourself stable. I want you to be stable enough that even a behemoth can't knock you down."

Cloud couldn't help the sarcastic voice in his head that was telling him that a behemoth could probably just pick him up with little effort but held his tongue as Angeal instructed him.

"You know a behemoth could probably just lift him in the air and throw him around like a rag doll without even breaking a sweat." It honestly didn't help that both Genesis and Sephiroth were sitting there observing them both and Genesis seemed to be taking every opportunity to put Cloud down despite the looks that Sephiroth and Angeal kept on giving him every time he opened his mouth.

"Gen." Angeal also seemed to have had enough of Genesis' comments. "If you've got nothing helpful to say then why are you here?"

"Aren't you and Sephiroth the ones that wanted me here so that you'd have an outside opinion on anything that the little atrocity does. I was merely stating my opinions."

Angeal pressed his fingers against his forehead in frustration and Sephiroth finally got up from his seat. "I'll take over for now and teach him some sword work since you two aren't really getting anywhere. Angeal, you go hang out with our wayward lover and try to keep him out of trouble."

"I heard that." Genesis glared and Sephiroth merely stared back at him as if it was just stating the obvious and Angeal started making his way towards Genesis.

Cloud on the other hand just stood there like he wasn't sure how to deal with the situation.

"Come on then wayward lover. We need to have a talk before this gets any worse than it already is. You've already got the puppy angry with you." Angeal wrapped his hand around one of Genesis' wrists and started tugging him towards the door.

"The puppy wouldn't be angry with me if it wasn't for that disgusting little…"

Cloud didn't get to hear the rest of what Genesis was about to say because the door closed behind them. Sephiroth cleared his throat and Cloud almost jumped in surprise. He had almost forgotten that the other General was still there.

"Come on then. We'll start with your stance and work our way up from there."

Cloud allowed Sephiroth to wrap his arms around him from behind so that he could control Cloud's hands. He felt a nudge at his feet and he started moving his legs as well as Sephiroth used his own to direct them. He was glad that Sephiroth couldn't see his face at the moment because he was sure that all the blood in his body had rushed to his face.

"Sir?" Cloud began as an attempt to distract himself from their current position. Sephiroth hummed to indicate that he was listening. "Do you honestly condone this whole thing with Zack? I mean you and General Hewely seem to be alright but General Rhapsodos…"

"You agreed to it didn't you cadet?"

"Only because the Lieutenant was so persistent…"

"You'll learn cadet that Zack always gets his way no matter what. For some reason he saw something in you and decided that he wanted you to be his student. Since he's on a mission right now, he even took the initiative to get Angeal and I to train you. In my opinion, you being here is making him become more responsible, though I'll admit his affection for you is somewhat disconcerting I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust that he won't do anything questionable to you."

"I would never…"

"I'm more concerned that he'd try to take advantage of you than you trying to steal him away from us… Though I wouldn't blame him if he did try something." The smirk on Sephiroth's face sent shivers down Cloud's spine and the Halfling hoped that the general wouldn't notice. "Concentrate cadet. This is how you're going to have to hold your broadsword when you're actually able to hold it."

"I thought that I was going to learn how to hold one of the smaller blades first."

"You are. I just thought it would be better if you knew from the beginning how you're going to be holding all of your swords." There was the sound of metal sliding out of a sheath and Cloud soon found himself with Masamune in his hands while Sephiroth was supporting his hands from behind so that he wouldn't drop the weapon.

"S… Sir…"

"Drop it and you won't want to know what the consequences are cadet." Cloud was pretty sure that Sephiroth could feel him shaking now. "Now normally I wouldn't hold Masamune like this but I'm going to take you through the motions of how you're meant to use a broadsword…"

A few hours later Cloud was face down on the couch in Zack's apartment. He had to force himself to take a shower despite his aching muscles. After his lesson with Sephiroth the general had told him that he had the rest of the day to recover while he, Angeal and Genesis spent some time together.

With that thought in mind he quickly surveyed the apartment. He was careful to search every wall, every plant and the insides of all the desks before he made sure that the front door was locked and he pulled all the curtains. When he was sure that the room was secured he settled himself on his stomach on the couch before unfurling his white wings. He stared at them for a few moments and reached out his hands, pulling his wings closer to himself so that he could run his fingers through his feathers.

It had only been a few weeks since he had last seen his wings, for the sake of Reno's plan to get into the Turks, but it had felt like years since he had been able to actually look at them. A good half an hour later of Cloud just relishing in the feeling of his wings, he could feel himself getting tired and he wrapped the appendages around himself before curling up on the couch and shutting his eyes.

To say that he was pissed off was probably an understatement. No, Genesis was livid. He didn't see what was so great about this Halfling that Zack was so insistent on training. Not only did the little eye sore have to get Sephiroth and Angeal to babysit him when the wolf was away, but he was useless. He couldn't throw a punch even if he tried and probably couldn't even lift up a dagger. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes he would have thought that the charlatan would have been terrible with materia.

Either way when Angeal had taken him to his room he had a good lecture about how he should treat other people and that he was going to have to get used to the fact that the brat was going to be around for a long time. Well if he had anything to do with it, the little Halfling wasn't going to be around for much longer. Since both Angeal and Sephiroth had gone off to let him cool down, as they said. He was going to get rid of that brat while they weren't around to stop him.

He stopped at Zack's door and swiped his spare card through the sensor before reaching for the doorknob. He was surprised to find that it was still locked shut. Maybe the Halfling was somewhat competent since he knew to make sure that the manual lock was set in case someone had the key for the electronic lock. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know that most SOLDIER's were quite competent at picking locks.

Inside Zack's apartment Cloud could hear something in the back of his mind. Almost like someone was trying to open the door, but he had locked it, so there was no way that anyone could get in. Before his mind could properly register what was going on, there was a small click. His eyes shot open and the door was flung open and Cloud was faced with the auburn haired General. The two stared at each other in surprise for what seemed like an eternity before two words left Genesis' mouth.

"White… Crow."

Congrats to everyone that guessed right. I'm quite surprised at some of the guesses. Quite a lot of people thought it was going to be one of the Turks or Rufus. Also those that were anxious about finding out what Cloud was… You've got it now… Hope I didn't disappoint anyone too badly.