'Hey Super SEAL are you there.' Detective Danny Williams came barging in the house of Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. He was met with silence so he shouted again. 'Hey Rambo where are you.' When he shouted that he stood with his back against the backdoor where there a figure appeared. 'Here' The short reply came from no one other than the guy Danny was searching for.

Danny jumped up and was direct in one of his rants. 'Steve how many times do I have to tell you that it is not a good idea to scare somebody who has a gun. And even if they don't have a gun it still isn't wise because you can give them a heart attack with those freaky ninja skills of you and then you have to call the hospital for an ambulance and then they have no insurance and then we have to pay for them. So please use your ninja thingies only on the bad guys ok? Not one the good guys like me.' All this time Danny breathed only twice and Steve was watching him without interfering. 'You finished, Danno?' At his nickname Danny rolled his eyes and said. 'For now yes. And only Grace can say that nickname, or are you also 9 because you sure act like it sometimes.'

All the while bickering like an old married couple they walked to the Camaro of Danny. 'I drive.' Steve said. 'Why should you drive it's my car and by the way you always drive my car. You really should do something about your control issues.' 'And we are back to that again' Steve sighed and continued 'I drive because 1. I like to drive. , and don't even think to bring rain man in to this conversation, and 2. I'm the better driver and the last I know the roads.' At that Steve stepped in to the car and started the engine. 'Danny, are you coming or not?' Danny stood for a minute before he was too seated in the car. 'How many times do I have to tell you this, some of these so called roads of yours aren't roads and do you want me to tell you why they aren't roads? ' He didn't wait for an answer and just continued 'Because they don't have asphalt like normal roads. And you can't ride on it with one car going past you. These so called roads are normally called dirt roads.' While he talked he made many hand gestures. 'So to make a long story short. They are roads because dirt road has the word road in it. And we are at the office.'

Hawaii Five-0 .,.,., - .,.,., Hawaii Five-0

'Hey boss, Danny' Kono Kalakaua said. She was the rookie of the team from four and the cuisine of the oldest member of the team, Chin Ho Kelly.
'Hey Kono, where is Chin didn't saw his bike out front.' When Steve said this Danny looked at him strangely. ' Didn't know you were paying attention to that. I certainly didn't' ' I know you didn't Danny but I can do two things at the same time. Block out your rant and watch my surrounding'
At this Danny huffed and waited for Kono to answer the question about Chin. 'Ow he had problems with his bike so he will be later but no worries Brah it happens to his bike a lot.'
'Oke mystery solved, did we catch any cases.' Danny found that he sounded like a whining 8 year old but everything was better than more paperwork. 'No sorry. No calls came in so we just have some more catching up on our paperwork.' They all left to their one private office but before Steve and Danny split up Danny heard a grumble coming from the ex-SEAL what sounded suspiciously like. 'If we don't get a case soon. I will murder somebody and make that our case.' Danny made a mental note to watch Steve for the next couple of days.

Until the afternoon it was only boring paperwork. Chin came in a half hour after Danny and Steve and he was pointed to the showers because his clothes and hands were under grease from his bike.
Steve had finished most of his paperwork , that was for him a whole achievement because he never did any paperwork unless they had days without a case and this were the first couple of days without a case in the last 5 months so all his paperwork had build up to an expressive pile of paper.
Around four everybody was finished and they all just sat at the computer table in the middle of the office. They were playing cherades until a guy came in and asked : ' Is here a Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett?' When the stranger spoke they all looked up and saw a guy in uniform. The uniform was the same as that from Steve.

Steve stood up. 'That is me, Sir' He gave after that a perfect salute and waited till he was addressed.
'Commander, We need your help. The President of the United States asked personally for your expertise in this mission, sir.' Steve looked deep in thought and said after a while. 'Captain, do I have a choice.'
'Sorry Lieutenant Commander, you don't have a choice.'

Hawaii Five-0
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