Chapter 3

Steve stepped out of the vehicle and touched the vinyl seats for a moment. He looked up and saw one of his old superiors when he was just a junior lieutenant. Steve looked at the ranking on the uniform of his old leader and saw that it was the sign of admiral. When he looked in to the commanders eyes he saw the hate burning in the grey eyes of the man. 'Admiral Adam Jacobson, I can't say it's a pleasure to see you again. So I won't' Steve smirked when he saw in the corner of his eyes that the admiral clenched his fists. Steve knew he was by the private airport of Hawaii because he smelled gasoline and there where not enough planes to be the main airport.

'McGarrett your wise cracked jokes are not appreciated around here.' Steve and the admiral looked both at the same time at the public airplane. 'I thought I was going to be briefed on the plane. Isn't that a little hard with passengers on board.' Steve found it a little weird to have an passenger plane fly him to Colombia. 'We don't have to worry about other passengers because we have for a lack of an better word rented it for the moment. We wanted to blend in before we got hit by missiles by the drug cartel.' After this the admiral walked back in to the plain with his goons following him. Steve was still flanked with the 4 Russians. He felt under his shoes the stones lying on the asphalt and the soft sea breeze he felt on his face came as an relief because it helped him thinking.

Hawaii Five-0 .,.,., - .,.,., Hawaii Five-0
At the headquarters.

'Kono can you start an search on the 4 Russians? I want to know every player in the game as soon as possible. Chin, you can inform the governor for now. Go in personal maybe she knows something. I will call Catherine.' Danny looked at the two members of – for now – his team and waited for conformation. He got two nods from the cousins. At this moment he was glad that he had the number of McGarrett's girlfriend otherwise he would never have answers. He heard the telephone go three times before she picked up. 'Hello Detective, to what do I own the pleasure?' He heard the suspicion in her voice. 'Catherine, I can call you Catherine for the moment, can I? You can call me Danny. I need a favor for your boyfriend.' He heard her breathe deep and it sounded like she tried to calm down. 'Why can't he ask it himself?' He swallowed for a moment. He knew the question was coming. 'He isn't here at the moment. He was taken by a captain for a mission.' At the sharp intake of breathe he knew there was something wrong. 'What is the problem Catherine?' 'He shouldn't be called back in. Only when they needed his expertise.' She responded.

'Catherine can you tell me what was his expertise? I only know that he was good in wor..' He was cut off by her voice. 'Not over the phone. I can come to you in the morning with the helicopter.'
Danny thought for a moment and found it not an bad idea. 'Is good but can you search for someone?' Danny crossed his fingers because he knew it was wrong to use the navy as source.
'I can. Who do I need to search?' 'An Captain Jeremy Nicholson.' He didn't get a reaction and he wondered if she hang up already. 'Yes I can. I will take the results with me tomorrow.'
'Thank you Catherine.' And with that they hung up.

Danny was finished with his phone call when he looked up and found the office so empty. Even when Kono was still here he just felt an Steve-less void.
He looked at his watch and saw that it was already half seven. He found himself asking the same question as this morning. 'Where are you?' And this time he wasn't met with an answer.

Hawaii Five-0 .,.,., - .,.,., Hawaii Five-0
By Steve

Steve looked around in the plane and immediately he saw the bad fabric of the seats with the balls and the squires. He smelled also and made a note not to do that so deep again. It smelled like bad flight food, scotch and candy. He walked to where the admiral was seated. He stepped on his way in to some gum. And when he was finally seated he tried desperately to scrape it of his sole with no luck. 'I know we have our little differences.' Began the admiral. 'Sorry Sir but I don't call our past situation differences. I don't call letting your own soldiers under your command getting tortured a little difference. I don't call running away from the ambush and your team a little difference. I don't call telling the navy some fantasy story's about how you survived all of it a little difference.'
Steve said finally venting his anger from his first years in the navy.
'I was also talking about your betrayal to me.' Said the admiral his anger heated after the story of Steve. 'I didn't betray you. I only told the navy what you did. They didn't even believe me.' The admiral snorted. 'What did you think would they believe someone who was just a year in the navy or someone who was already 4 years in the navy and already on the rank of lieutenant.' The admiral switched from their past to the present. 'This had nothing to do with your new mission. We need your expertise to kill 4 terrorist. We have already send a team but they were found out and killed. So we thought that sending a one man team in was the best choice and who better than you?'

Hawaii Five-0 .,.,., - .,.,., Hawaii Five-0
In the headquarters.

Danny knocked on the glass door of Kono's office.
'Kono do you have any hits?' He wanted to know.
'No hits but I think I know why. They aren't in the database. This are government soldiers. People who do something for their government in exchange for money, food and a roof above their heads without tax. Most of the time they were mercenary's from an other country.' Kono told him. 'So do we have any idea why they were hired?' 'It looked like they just needed the muscle.' They both nodded at the same time. 'Thanks Kono. Catherine is coming tomorrow to talk about Steve's expertise.'

When Chin was back he was updated and he told him that the governor didn't knew anything and she is searching for the files.

'Danny don't you need to call someone about the files?' Chin asked. Danny looked at him with a puzzled expression but that changed quickly in one of recognition. 'Do any of you know that Tyler guy?' Kono shook her head but Chin answered. 'Yes he is a friend of Steve. A big computer geek. He lives on the island. He lives at the north side in Haleiwa.' 'We can ask him tomorrow.' They exchanged knowing looks because it was already two in the night and he probably wasn't awake.
Hawaii Five-0 .,.,., - .,.,., Hawaii Five-0

The next morning was the meeting with Catherine. She came o the office around 8 o'clock.
'Hello Catherine.' Danny said. 'Hey Danny, Chin and Kono. Nice to see you in person, wish it was under different conditions.' Catherine replied and after this they got direct to business.
'Ok. Catherine, first I want to know what is Steve's expertise because I thought he was a sniper. With the whole working the other side thing.' He stated.
'I want to know that you don't tell anyone want I'm going to tell you.' She waited until everyone agreed. 'Ok. Working the other side is an expertise that is very dangerous. It means that you will do anything to complete your goal doesn't matter if you're on the doorstep to heaven. There comes the name from; the other side of live. Death. So if you're so close to that dead that you can go on.'
At this they looked a little confused. Kono asked 'Why would that be an expertise?' 'Well if your team is captured or ambushed and everyone is either dead or injured that can the one with the training still go one and complete the mission even on his own. The training for this expertise is the hardest of them all and there are only around 20 people with this expertise. Steve is the best, so I think that is why they called him in. They want somebody who doesn't give up. No matter what condition he is in.'